This Manhattan Loft's Owner Took Big Swings With Its Wall Coverings — Just Wait Until You See the Powder Room

Filled with wow factor walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and unusual sculptural pieces, this home makes a bold statement with its design

Bedroom with floor to ceiling windows, glass table, statement wall and lamps
(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

In the Flatiron District of New York City, a loft apartment in the building that was once the headquarter's of Tiffany & Company is pretty much guaranteed to impress. But this homeowner, a zesty 29-year old professional involved in fashion and technology, had a bigger vision for this property, and enlisted the help of renowned constructors Complete Construction NY to achieve it.

Together, they have created the perfect space to entertain large crowds and compliment the homeowner's effervescent lifestyle. Oozing with character, and with nods to the homeowner's love of blue tones, this modern home packs a punch and is the perfect example of how to introduce personality into your space and put your own spin on all the current interior design trends. 'I really like the owner,' says Praq Rado, president of Complete Construction NY who was the contractor and took care of the renovations. 'He has great energy and a very positive outlook,' he adds.

The double-height ceilings and enviably vast walls in this apartment are the perfect backdrop to showcase statement art pieces. But our favorite feature has to be the walls that become the art, with swirling patterned wallpaper, unexpected textures and bold licks of daring paint.

Patterned wallpaper

A wallpapered bedroom with window, bed and cupboard

(Image credit: Photograph: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

This bedroom boasts a neutral, marbled wallpaper which lifts the interior and offsets the deep ebony toned flooring. While a wallpaper choice like this, especially for the whole room in a space like a bedroom, may seem daunting at first- it's the perfect pick for creating a calming space without relying on boring grays or whites for your walls. Here, the solid paint color for the ceiling and cupboard compliment the airy space, perfect for relaxing in after a long day.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

A bright living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and statement furniture

(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

Throughout the space, floor-to-ceiling windows flood the apartment with natural light and let in panoramic leafy park views. In the living room, the original arched Tiffany window frames are exposed, and deconstructed steel columns are framed in a glass curtain wall. Dating back to circa 1868, the inclusion of these window frames is an apt nod to the history of the building, and the way that old features can be given a new lease of life to usher in fresh and new design trends.

Bold book shelves

dark toned living space with dark wallpaper, black book shelves and large window

(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY.)

Bookshelves might not be the first aspect you consider when designing a statement wall, but here the towering dark wood bookshelves, carefully curated with piles of dark spine books and pops of abstract art, elevate the space and reflect a masculine, home office vibe. These work particularly well alongside the geometric, wood textured wallpaper, which compliments the polished wood flooring and studded leather sofa set.

'Our client is in his late 20s and loves to host good parties. Therefore, the texture of the walls with wallpaper is very important as it can set the mood,' says Praq Raqo, President of Complete Construction NY. 'We decided to go with a metallic texture for the wallpaper — this is further enhanced by the light fixture from Mooi which compliments the space perfectly.'

Textured walls

A blue velvet bathroom with marble sink, statement mirrors and hanging light fixture

(Image credit: Photography: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

Of course, our favorite room of the apartment has to be this velvet-adorned powder room. It's unlike anything we've ever seen before! The walls, which are upholstered in lavish velvet, gorgeous mirrors, marbled vanity and statement lighting all work together to create a striking space. 'This was one of the most used bathrooms in the space, and we wanted to make something different that hadn't been done before,' Praq explains. 'The velvet wallpaper is a perfect choice as it elicits the space and looks elegant. The light fixture, and the marble custom-made vanity really stand out.'

'It's a great feeling to be surrounded by the velvet texture wallpaper,' Praq adds. 'It's calming yet muscular, and the elegant aesthetic is really appealing. Plus, we were relieved to know that the wallpaper is durable enough for long-term use.'

This powder room is a perfect example of how to inject uniqueness and flair into your space by letting texture take centerstage- sometimes you just have to think outside the box!

Statement marble

A marble tiled bathroom with freestanding bath

(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY.)

This dreamy spa-like bathroom was refurbished in stunning slabs of veined marble, which are not only practical but look great too. The matching countertop harmonise with the mosaic tiling on the floor, which was updated with historical European patterns, whilst the huge mirrors expand the room. The walk in shower and freestanding bath also create a sense of pure luxurious heaven- perfect for unwinding in. 

Mirrored walls

A mirrored kitchen with hanging light fixtures, island, stools and dried plant

(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

Throughout the apartment, Complete Construction NY installed custom tinted mirrors to expand the depth of the space and ceiling. In the stunning open-plan kitchen, the mirrored wall and island reflect the abundant natural light from the floor-to-ceiling windows and open up the room to create an expansive feel. It's also a great way way to make a small kitchen feel bigger!

Complimentary colors

Bedroom with velvet headboard, yellow sofa and abstract light fixture

(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

In the master bedroom, a plush oasis is created, whilst the dramatic wallpaper cleverly creates a three dimensional effect, using four different block colors. The remaining wall is painted with an eye-catching teal blue shade, which nods to the homeowner's love of blue tones and creates a soothing space.

The yellow sofa perfectly offsets these colors, with a clashing ochre feature that's easy to recreate in your own space. Think accent cushions! The oversized headboard also adds to the effortlessly cool vibe, and the rich material is echoed in the sumptuous rug.

Finishing touches

A bright entryway with circular mirror, artwork, light fixture and console table

(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

The loft renovation makes use of sculptural pieces throughout, and this entryway lighting fixture is a great example of how unusual pieces can totally transform a space. Inspired by Calder's Mobiles, this Papillons Swag LED pendant by Sonneman innovatively lights up the space and accentuates the entryway.

An abstract lighting fixture

(Image credit: Photographer: Ilir Rizaj. Construction: Complete Construction NY)

This abstract lighting fixture, used in the master bedroom, creates a cool, industrial feel, with dynamic blown glass lightbulb fittings. It's the perfect finishing touch to the bedroom, and exudes a modern, masculine vibe.

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