Baz Luhrmann’s NYC Townhouse is for Sale, and It Features One of 2024’s Most Popular Wallpaper Trends

You'll fall in love with this house one room at a time, and it's not only because it used to be home to this directorial legend

Baz Luhrmann
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Having directed iconic films like The Great Gatsby and Elvis, Baz Luhrmann is best known for the unique directorial style that's ever-present throughout his work. Unsurprisingly, Baz's eye for style is as apparent off-screen as it is on, and so when we took a virtual tour of his NYC townhouse, we were not shocked to find a beautiful home designed to be comfortably chic.

Currently on the market for $15.9 million, the five-story Anglo-Italianate row townhouse is a feast for the eyes. While each room of the house has its own winning facets, we simply couldn't get enough of the bathroom, and it can all be owed to the stunning mural wallpaper draped across the walls.

Since wall murals are one of the bigger trends this year, we spoke to some design experts to get their thoughts on this serene space (as well as the rest of Luhrmann's fabulous home). While you take a look, we'll be trying to rustle up the funds to afford such a beautiful space.

Elegant wallpaper for a chic bathroom

Baz Luhrmann's townhouse bathroom

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If there's any space within a home that should be bright and airy, it's the bathroom. It needs a light atmosphere and the best ones always give off a spa-like bathroom feel. It's meant to be a tranquil space made for you to unwind and that's exactly the ambiance that Luhrmann's bathroom sets, and one of the key features that plays a role in doing so is the beautiful wallpaper that greets you as you step into the space, as seen in the listing images at

It's neither overwhelming nor boring and the subtle dose of color makes it a wonderful focal point to the space. If you're looking for a bathroom wallpaper idea, it's worth taking a leaf out of Baz's book.

Interior designer Elana Mendelson also found the mural wallcovering to be an especially charming addition to the space. 'It adds a very different aesthetic to the home and adds an element of surprise to the rest of the public spaces,' says Elana. 'This particular, whimsical, botanical wallcovering coupled with the warm natural stone floor has a way of transporting one from the busy streets of NYC to a beautiful, sunny tropical island in a faraway land.'

Nature-themed mural wallpaper for bathrooms

According to custom home designer Nina Lichtenstein, the bathroom is a true highlight of the home as it exudes a calming ambiance thanks to its beautifully subdued, neutral tones. Nina notes that the mural wallpaper, featuring delicate depictions of nature with splashes of yellow, acts as a living canvas that breathes life into the space.

'The choice of soft, organic hues lends a serene feel, transforming daily routines into a meditative experience,' she says. 'Surrounding this focal point, the bathroom is cloaked in a palette of neutral shades with soothing creams and warm tans that enhance the calming effect of the wallpaper.'

If you're giving your space a refresh and you've been wondering if you should wallpaper your bathroom, consider this a green light. It's a great way to add a designer's touch to the space, and it has the approval of celebrity designers like Nate Berkus, too.

The rest of the space

Baz Luhrmann's townhouse living room

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In general, a living room is supposed to be a space made to relax in and sometimes that can lead to a comfortable space that compromises on style. Luhrmann's living room is no such space. It's the ultimate example of a cozy living room that is as dreamy as it is comfy. Elana tells us that this focal point is one of the many rooms that makes Luhrmann's home an absolute showstopper. 'The bright white walls coupled with the warmth of dark hardwood floors and earth-toned furniture create a fresh, crisp, and inviting interior,' she says.

A collage of soft textures and restful hues, this is the kind of living room that will have guests feeling right at home as it envelopes the space in a calming atmosphere. Nina points out that the living spaces, with their high ceilings and ample windows, are designed for both relaxation and entertaining giving the new owners the best of both worlds.

Baz Luhrmann's townhouse dining room

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Another room that's the key to a great entertainment-friendly home is the dining room. We think that whoever ends up making this home their own will be happy to find such beautiful large windows that brighten the space alongside the soft white tones blanketing the room.

Nina notes that the townhouse continues to impress with its harmonious blend of transitional and modern elements. 'The interiors are characterized by bright white walls that provide a clean, airy backdrop, while the warm hardwood floors infuse the home with a sense of warmth and comfort,' she says.

The balance of light and dark in the dining room is so perfectly matched with the brighter hues cheering up the space while the moody tones on the tableside fireplace and the wall art bring forth a touch of drama.

Baz Luhrmann's townhouse bedroom

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If you thought the other rooms were incredibly curated, wait till you get a sneak peek at the primary bedroom. Fresh light is clearly a big theme in this home and with the bed facing the large row of windows, we think this room might just make us morning people.

The botanical wallpaper theme carries on from the bathroom into the bedroom, except this particular print displays brighter colors and a more detailed finish. The bedroom also features a fireplace that is located by the foot of the bed, making it easy to feel the warmth by the bed or even by the lounging section alongside the windows.

When it comes to the decor of the room, it features similar elements dotted around the rest of the home including vintage drum stools, minimalist table lamps, modern wall paintings, and ornate ceiling lights. Nina tells us that the townhouse is far from monotonous, despite its predominantly neutral palette. 'Eclectic furniture and decor pieces infuse each room with personality and character,' says Nina. 'From antique finds to contemporary art, the inspired mix adds depth and interest, ensuring that every corner of the home tells a story.

If the walls could speak, we have a feeling this home would have plenty of whispers to share, laced with fabulous stories of dinner parties and such. Now that it's for sale, we like to think that the new owners will have their own dreamy memories to fill the space with. And if you're like us and you've fallen for the home but it's out of your tax bracket (for now), take a look at our top buys below that'll give your home a decorative look that's reminiscent of Luhrmann's gorgeous home.

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