"It Makes Me So Happy" — Meet The Viral Kitchen Appliance You Didn’t Know You Needed

It's like a Keurig coffee machine, but for cocktails... Shop the viral kitchen appliance along with style editor-approved barware essentials

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Dispensing Machine.
(Image credit: Target)

Around the Livingetc office we've been talking about what the perfect kitchen needs. Countertop space, drawer space, a cooker. They all top everyone's lists. But once you get into the equipment and appliances part, well, literally no one had "cocktail making machine" on their list. But I think, perhaps, we all should.

Because to my delight, cocktails, even with their innate complexities, can now be created by a machine. Keurig has corned the market on a slimline take that can mix a Manhattan at the press of a button.  Known as being one of the most affordable and best coffee maker brands, Keurig's cocktail machines aren't exuberantly expensive either — surprisingly affordable, in fact.

And as I've seen all over Tiktok, they're going viral too — for good reason, it seems. It makes me so happy to know that after a long day you can get a mixed drink at a button press, or at a dinner party you can just keep the cocktails coming. So here's why I think every modern kitchen should have one.


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TikToks like these began going viral during the holiday season. Dubbed the ‘ultimate hosting accessory,’ cocktail machines make it so easy to be the perfect host. Rather than play bartender all evening, this novel genre of kitchen appliance expertly accommodates everyone’s drink orders, pleasing even the pickiest of guests. 

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Dispensing Machine

Viral Bartesian cocktail maker

(Image credit: Target)

Garnering a near perfect 5-star rating on Target’s website, Bartesian’s Premium Cocktail Dispensing Machine is the best on the market. No more complicated ingredients; all that’s needed along with cocktail pods are spirits like whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, or tequila.

Simply insert one of Bartesians’s many cocktail capsule varieties, like Whiskey Sour or Margarita, select your preferred drink strength, and viola! Behold your bar-quality cocktail. 

If you’re concerned about a pod failing to achieve the same nuance found in ordinary craft cocktails, rest assured that each of Bartesian’s cocktail flavors were developed by experienced mixologists. According to satisfied customers, they taste on par with or better than bartender made drinks. 

Bartesian Premium Cocktail Dispensing Machine, now $369.99.

Bartesian Cocktail Pods

The gorgeous sparking drinks shown in the above TikTok were made with Bartesian’s ‘Great Gatsby’ and ‘Witch’s Heart’ cocktail capsules, both of which you can shop at Bartesian.com. Discover additional drink varieties below.

Style Editor-Approved Barware

No cocktail is complete without the proper barware! You won't need any shakers or stirrers, though you can still elevate your drink order with the following cocktail accessories. 

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