Colors that go with sage green – 9 perfect pairings for this on-trend shade

These are our favorite colors that go with sage green, from warming tumeric to cool, crisp white, to neutral shades of brown

a kitchen with sage green tiles and a red range cooker
(Image credit: Emily Followill. Design: Atelier Davis)

There is a multitude of colors that go with sage green, the on-trend shade that is having its moment in the spotlight. Muted and calming, sage green can transform your home into a peaceful haven for relaxation, can provide a neutral backdrop for artwork, and a lick of sage green paint can go a long way to freshen up tired white walls. 

A color derived from nature, this tone of green works beautifully with natural and earthy materials and textures, from rattan and jute, to all different types of wood. The color is versatile and works for all different rooms in the home too. 

In the kitchen, sage green brings a spring-like quality and lushness, reflecting the energy of a busy space. In the living room, it can add warmth and atmosphere, encouraging you to retreat indoors and cozy up on the sofa. In the bathroom, sage green brings a calming presence for a spa-like sanctuary. But its real power comes from the color you pair it with. Here are our favorite colors that go with green in this particular shade of sage. 

What are the best colors that go with sage green?

It's fair to say sage green is having a bit of a moment. 'I love a minty, sage green color,' says interior designer Jessica Davis of Atelier Davis. 'It feels like a fresh take on the more brown-green tones of the mid-century, but still an homage to the past.’

These 9 colors all go perfectly with sage green, from subtle, understated combinations to bold, unexpected pairings. 

1.  Sage green and dark stone

a kitchen with dark countertops and sage green walls

(Image credit: Lundhs Real Stone)

For a dramatic contrast, sage green pairs well with dark stone, making a statement without overwhelming the space. In particular, this pairing works well as a kitchen idea, where stone can be used on counters, islands and cabinetry. 

‘The color combination will suit any manner of styles from rustic to the more contemporary,’ says Hege Lundh of Lundhs Real Stone. ‘Sage green is one of the most popular color requests in the kitchen at the moment. It can add a refreshing touch to a kitchen and dark natural stone splashbacks and worktops make for a sleek and modern look with just a touch of color,’ she adds.

 2. Sage green and earthy brown

an earthy tone bedroom with sage green walls and bed linen

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair. Design: House of Grey)

Sage green is one of the many colors that go with brown. Bring out the silvery tones of sage by pairing it with a neutral hue. Together, the colors can work to bring a sense of calm to a room. Interior designer Louisa Grey, and founder of the eponymous design firm, House of Grey, invites serenity to this room in a London home and uses the combination to provide a sense of place. 

‘To complement a sage green shade, I would combine it with an earthy brown or light ash neutral tone. These palettes work particularly well when we’re designing a city dwelling as it provides a grounding connection to the natural surrounding environment, and a sense of being outdoors in an organic landscape,’ she says. Using remnants of naturally dyed fabrics, House of Grey worked with artist, Tessa Layzelle on a modern take on the patchwork quilt for the piece above the bedstead.

3.  Sage green and jet black

a sage green kitchen with black accent stools and cabinets

(Image credit: Slic Design)

For a touch of industrial drama to your interiors, a jet black and sage green color combination makes for a dynamic space. 'Sage green and black can be a very powerful color combination to use when designing a home,’ says Sara Cukerbaum, principal designer of Austin-based SLIC Design. 

In this South Austin townhouse, Sara has added this contrast subtly, including jet black bar stools and a painted beam that crosses the ceiling. This green and black kitchen idea is painted in Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball which became the accent color. The waterfall island is accented with black vintage Post-Modern stools. The countertops are Calacatta Vagli Marble from Aria Stone and extend up the wall, creating a backsplash. The black cabinets are complemented with brass hardware from Ged Kennett. The faucet from Watermark is made of the same brass finishings, also complementing the Thermador appliances. A slim horizontal window is featured between the countertops and cabinets, bringing in natural light to the space. ‘The black keeps it modern and the sage keeps it feeling clean and fresh,’ says Cukerbaum.

Jessica Davis of Atlanta-based design studio, Atelier Davis is also a fan of the pairing. ‘Black is really a neutral and a sort of backdrop that allows everything else to shine from the hardware and the stove to the tiles.'

 4. Sage green and warm orange

a sage green living room with a grey couch and rust throw

(Image credit: Design: COAT Paints)

Used on its own, sage green can have a moody and sultry quality, but by pairing it with pops of orange or terracotta, your sage walls will instantly brighten. ‘A bit of turmeric can go a long way to add some contrast and warmth’, says interior designer Daniel Hopwood

Instead of going all in on a green and orange living room color idea, consider dotting objects of a turmeric or orange tone around the room or purchase soft furnishings in this shade to bring an added warmth to the space. Here, a simple terracotta throw works wonders as a color that goes with sage green. 

5. Sage green and white

a white kitchen with green cabinets and a brass faucet

(Image credit: Design: deVOL)

Sage green walls work to create a timeless and classic look when paired with bright white, bringing a calm and fresh feel to a space. This color pairing is an easy way to add interest to your walls without having to drastically overhaul your interiors and the scheme can go far to make a room feel brighter and lighter, reflecting light in the summer months. 

In this white kitchen idea created by deVOL, a simple way to achieve this is with sage green painted cupboards, while in the living room a feature wall can give a focal point to the room and makes a great backdrop for artwork. 

6.  Sage green and mustard yellow

a dining room with one green and one yellow accent wall

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Working together as two bold colors, yellow is a good choices to offset in terms of colors that go with sage green, and can be used to highlight architectural features, such as painting above or below a dado rail, the ceiling roses and cornices, as seen in this example. 

Here, the golden hue, ‘Mortlake Yellow’ from Little Greene is used as an accent wall idea, highlighting the detail on the ceiling. ‘This shade of yellow works alongside the sage to bring warmth to a serene and natural scheme,’ says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene

7.  Sage green and pink

a dining room with checkerboard floor and sage green walls

(Image credit: Design: Annie Sloan)

Green is definitely a color that goes with pink. Green and pink is a combination that has been popular in the world of interiors for sometime, marrying the growing trend for indoor houseplants with a millennial fondness for pink. From bolder cherry pinks to light pastels, sage and pink work particularly well as a balancing act, with pink softening the sage and stripping away any harshness, while the green warms up the pink. 

Try a muted combination of the two colors for a scheme that soothes and inspires. In this Annie Sloan-designed room, pink flowers and a single pink candle soften the color scheme.

 8. Sage green and red

A red oven against sage tiles in a kitchen

(Image credit: Emily Followill. Design: Atelier Davis)

For a primary pop of color to liven up a space, bold red works as one of the colors that go with sage green. Decorating with neutrals can include sage green, as this color can act as a great canvas for a more dynamic color to really shine. In this Atelier Davis-designed kitchen in a 1960s mid-century family home, the bright red of the stove really stands out against the pared-back sage green tile work.  

'The red and sage are a really natural combination, even if initially it seems unexpected,' says the studio's founder Jessica Davis. 'They evoke colors found in nature - greenery and berries and since they are on opposite sides of the color wheel they complement each other nicely.'

9. Sage green and aqua blue

a sage green bedroom with an aqua blue cabinet in the corner

(Image credit: Kensington Leverne. Design: Daniel Hopwood)

If you’re looking to go daring with your color scheme, sage green is one of the colors that go with blue, and the neutral tone of the green can be brightened with a lick of aqua blue paint. The two work together in harmony because of their similar base tones. 

‘Turquoise energizes sage green and yet keeps it moody at the same time, says designer Daniel Hopwood. In this space, Hopwood has added a touch of marine blue in the form of a striking wardrobe and a subtle nod in the form of a colored glass vase on the bedside table. 

Why is sage green so popular?

With strong ties to nature, sage green mirrors the newfound enthusiasm people have for greenery in their homes. Greenery and houseplants are everywhere, says Helen Parker of deVOL Kitchens. ‘Conservatories full of exotic plants and cacti, or just some simple spider plants hanging in a woven plant hanger. Everything has a very natural and slightly seventies vibe at the moment and painting your kitchen green just seems to confirm that love for natural things, in particular living greenery. 

‘It started with cane and wicker coming back and this has moved into a more all-consuming look and so from a few odd pieces of cane we now have whole rooms and even whole apartments full of greenery, growing from walls, hanging from ceilings and making us feel more at one with nature,' she says. 

'So green is definitely going to be a top color choice for people who love this look or even if they can’t face the care required to look after plants they can still feel the positive vibes of such a fresh and vibrant color which reminds us so much of nature and the outdoors.'  

Oonagh Turner
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