We Tracked Down the Most Beautiful Berber Style Rugs — Shop Our 12 Favorites

Designers love Berber-style rugs for the way they bring a subtle hint of pattern and aged beauty to a room. Here are the best 12 that add a note of personality

Best berber rugs, according to a style editor.
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Ah, the iconic Berber rug. It might be hard to believe that these classically stylish rugs have been around for 1,000+ years, but they sure have — and it doesn't look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. Berber rugs, or Berber-style rugs, are a familiarity on many a magazine page, and they're popular as ever on our Instagram feed. 

And who do we have thank for this look becoming one of the best rug styles around? Who do we have to thank for these gorgeous rugs and their unique designs? According to interior designer Courtney Cole, “Berber rugs are from the tribes in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco,” and are alternatively known as ‘Beni Ourain.’ The rug style has become a fan favorite due to its softness and unmatched versatility. “With their neutral color palette, they can easily integrate into various decor styles, from minimalist to bohemian,” explains the designer, adding, “Their patterns are usually either geometric or abstract and they are perfect for adding a subtle yet engaging visual interest without overwhelming a room's aesthetic." How to spot the real deals from interpretations?  Real, original Berber rugs boast a wool construction. While they're pretty hard to come by, they also carry an expensive price tag. On the other hand, Berber-style rugs are usually 100 percent polyester or polypropylene, and some of the best are actually quite purse-friendly. 

For those who are yet to notice, we have a penchant for Berber style rugs  — especially these ones below. Carry on scrolling to peruse our shopping edit of the most stylish Berber-style rugs that you can buy today, from inexpensive yet luxurious piles to large decorative designs. Whether you're styling a sizeable living room or sprucing up an otherwise plain hallway, a Berber rug will add a slice of cozy to your space — and a lot of fun. We challenge you not to fall in love with these designs...

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The Best Berber Style Rugs

Thankfully, these days, you don't have to book a flight to Morocco just to get your hands on a Beni Ourain rug. We've found plenty of Berber style rugs that are just a click away. 

Best Geometric Berber Rugs

Best Patterned Berber Rugs

Best Minimal Berber Rugs

Best Classical Style Berber Rugs


Originally from Morocco and surrounding areas of Northern Africa, Berber rugs — or Beni Ourain as they are also known — were popularized by designers in mid-20th century Europe. Seeking inspiration from further afield, they imported these luxurious piles in their thousands, taking the expertly handwoven works from the Berber tribes of the Atlas mountains, to the sitting rooms of Paris, London and New York.

We owe these beautiful Berber style rug designs particularly to the nomadic women of the Beni Ourain tribe, who passed down their looping techniques and secret family patterns for generations. But there's more to these rugs than meets the eye. The patterns aren't just beautiful, they are symbolic too — the lozenge, chevron and diamond shapes representing femininity and fertility.

And, like fingerprints, the original Moroccan Berber rug patterns were as unique and individual as the weavers who created them. The colors, patterns and woven designs were all inextricably linked to the isolated villages where they originated — which we think gives these rugs a new dimension beyond aesthetic. While you can still get your hands on authentic Berber rugs through rug specialists or perhaps bringing one back from Morocco itself, there are also lots of rugs emulating the style beautifully available online a little closer to home.

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