Stylish Space-Saving Galley Kitchen Ideas

Stylish ways to make the most of your space

Named after the narrow kitchens on ships, galley kitchens rooms may be tight, but they’re also known for using what little space there is very efficiently.

But having a small kitchen doesn’t have to mean making style sacrifices.

From contemporary monochrome to calm Scandi-inspired looks, we’ve rounded up a few stylish galley kitchen ideas that have made it into the pages of Livingetc.

Galley kitchens were originally designed to be compact and ultra-efficient, maximising every inch of space for storage and preparation. So when it comes to designing a practical space, there’s plenty we can learn from them.

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A large, mirrored splashback will bounce natural light around the room to make a narrow space appear more expansive, and will also allow the chef to remain part of the conversation – even when they have to turn their back to their guests!

Meanwhile high-gloss cabinets and walls in crisp white will give a modern space a sleek, clean look.

Going down to a smaller, built-in fridge, is still very liveable, will help you reduce the amount of food waste, and will also save you a lot of space in a small galley kitchen.

Using cabinet doors that slide open rather than pull outwards won’t interrupt the flow, and make it easier to manoeuvre around an admittedly tighter space.

Although we’ve seen a lot of sleek, contemporary styles, galley kitchens work just as well in country schemes. Rustic additions like a butler sink and open dresser-style shelving will give a galley kitchen that typical farmhouse charm, while vintage accessories like wooden hooks and wicker storage are pretty yet practical storage solutions that will keep clutter down and make it easier to cook.

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