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The only way is out..

If you’re hankering after a larger kitchen and more living or dining space, rather than incur expensive moving costs and huge stamp duty fees, the popular solution is to use the cash to max-out the space your home already has with an extension.

Those with a side return – generally the norm in Victorian and other period properties – can make use of this slim and often barely used alley to double the size of a small kitchen and incorporate a sociable dining area. Even extending just a metre into your garden can bring huge returns in terms of interior spatial advantages and a free-flowing layout.

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The addition of floor-to-ceiling glazing and sliding glass doors will instantly connect your home and garden, allowing you to enjoy the outside all year round, even if it’s from the comfort of a warm kitchen diner inside. Roof lights will flood previously dark rooms with natural light, providing a sudden gravitational pull to once dingy spaces.

But what to go for? Before appointing an architect and racking up fees, it’s worth gathering some ideas about what you do and don’t like. The architect will have ideas of their own and may steer you in another direction but it’s worth honing in on your preferences first. Once you sit down with them, you can discuss the various options and they will be able to advise what’s feasible and what’s not, the costs involved, and deal with any planning and party wall applications on your behalf.

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So first decide what you’re drawn to. Do you like the look of crittal-style windows, bifold or sliding doors? Would you prefer your island to face out to the garden or parallel to a bank of cabinets across the side wall?

If you’re using an interior designer or a high-end kitchen company, it’s highly advisable to bring them in at the early stages, so they can work with your architect with regard to where to place roof lights, waste points and other practicalities in tandem with the aesthetics. It’s far more costly to have to move things once they are in place or to discover you can’t have the layout you want because it’s too late to move the drain.

With that in mind, we’ve selected some of the best kitchen extensions we’ve seen to give you some food for thought.

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