Everyone asks me where I buy my "designer" vases - I discover the best ones on Amazon, like these 12 finds

Shop a style editor's guide to the best Amazon vases right now. Plus, most of them are on sale right now

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‘How much did you pay for this?!’ is the usual greeting when folks step into my apartment. My reply? 'Actually, it's from Amazon' (insert reasonable dollar amount here). The reactions are priceless. Based on my feedback, it's safe to say I've got a talent for uncovering items that exude luxury, even if the price tag suggests otherwise.

Take vases, for instance – compact, novel, and the unsung heroes of home décor. They have the remarkable ability of effortlessly elevating a space, offering a quick, affordable facelift that's as easy as swapping out a pair of trousers. The best part? Despite their budget-friendly tags, these vases aren't just pretty faces – they're durable, too.

Amazon, a treasure trove of unique and usually affordable finds (ahem, the ongoing Amazon Black Friday home décor sales), boasts thousands of options. Fortunately, I've combed through them all. The following vases aren't just vessels for your blooms; they're bona fide art pieces. If displayed in a high-end boutique, I can guarantee most would willingly shell out three, four, or even five times the prices listed here. So, let's add a touch of designer finesse to your home with the best vases from Amazon – because your space deserves nothing less. 

Best statement vases from Amazon

Best contemporary vases from Amazon

Best surrealist vases from Amazon

Best minimalist vases from Amazon

What styles of vase are currently on trend? What should I look for?

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Obscurely-shaped vases have gained popularity recently, encompassing both on-the-nose novel designs (like the surrealist styles mentioned earlier) and more abstract, modern silhouettes. The prevailing concept revolves around stacking shapes, such as having three glass bulbs instead of one — an approach I personally like quite a bit. 

When navigating the Amazon marketplace, focus on vase silhouette to stay on trend. Rather than getting caught up in details like color, finish, or material, opt for irregular shapes. This approach is an easy and relatively affordable way to add an extra layer of sophistication and create a designer ambiance.

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