IKEA has Clever New Sleeper Sofas and They're Perfect for Last-Minute Hosting this Holiday Season

Spontaneous sleepovers are frequent occurrences during the festive season, but these stylish sleeper sofas ensure you're still prepared

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'Tis the season for exchanging gifts, festive feasts, and - inevitably - some spontaneous sleepovers. The holiday season is best spent in the company of friends and family, which is why it's quite likely you'll end up hosting friends unexpectantly over the next month. An impromptu visit from your nearest and dearest needn't be stressful though, as long as you're prepared for such eventualities. 

You probably already have enough spare towels and sheets, and a stocked fridge is a given this time of year - the real question is, do you have space for your unexpected guests to sleep? Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a guestroom for such visits, but the good news is, a spare bedroom isn't essential. The humble sleeper sofa can be a real lifesaver this time of year, transforming your living room into a stand-in bedroom in just a matter of minutes. 

Of course, when we need multifunctional, off-the-shelf furniture at affordable prices, we turn to our good friends at IKEA. The Swedish homeware brand is a stalwart when it comes to practical furniture solutions fit for modern life, and its new range of sleeper sofas could be exactly what you need for last-minute holiday hosting. Here are the best sleeper sofas they have on offer to buy in time for Christmas.

What's new at IKEA? 

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The MORABO sleeper sofa

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If you're looking for IKEA's best sofa beds, you'll want to know about these new launches. If you're a fan of a sleek, Mid-Century Modern style, try the MORABO sleeper sofa, a recent addition that's already established itself as a best-seller. 

This firm, three-seater couch is made from a thick, top-grain leather that comes in either black or golden brown with practical hidden storage space under the seat. Transforming the sofa into a bed is also super easy - simply pull the bottom compartment and the mechanism will spring out. It's style and multifunctionality rolled into one. 

A striped linen sofa in a living room

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For a classic linen sofa, we love the VRETSTORP. Like most of IKEA's linen sofas, you can customize the cover to suit your style, but we particularly love this on-trend striped option made from Karlshov, a yarn-dyed 100% cotton fabric. This style of couch converts into a bed by collapsing the back support, quickly turning your living room into a comfortable and cozy guest bedroom when those impromptu holiday visits arise. 

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For a more contemporary living room sofa, the FINNALA has a box shape with square arms that bring crisp, clean lines to your home. The entire FINNALA sofa series is modular with customizable sections that can be combined for a sofa that suits your space, be that a corner sofa or simple three-seater. The sleeper sofa sectional is super easy to convert with a 4¾" thick bed mattress in high resilience foam for support. Your living room will quickly become home away from home for your guests.  

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The HÄRLANDA series has been a firm favorite for some time, but the recent sofa bed addition is perfect for those with smaller living rooms thanks to its compact size.
Transform it into a spacious bed by removing the seat and back cushions and pulling out the underframe, using the back cushions as an added back support. Looking for something a bit bigger? It also comes in a large corner sleeper sofa complete with a chaise that offers hidden storage. 

A pink single sleeper sofa

KIVIK one-seat sleeper sofa in light brown-pink

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If space is at a serious premium but you still want a comfortable way to house guests that isn't a blow-up mattress or camp bed, why not try a single-seat sleeper sofa? The KIVIK one-seat sleeper sofa comes in 13 different colors and makes a super cute addition to the smallest of living rooms or guestrooms - simply fold it out to form a single-sized bed. It makes a great accompaniment to a larger sofa, too, if you anticipate multiple guests this Christmas. 

Why invest in a sleeper sofa? 

If you think sofa beds have fallen out of favor, think again. Many of us are opting for multifunctional furniture as a space-saving solution and, like Murphy beds, sleeper sofas are a great way to achieve just that - and the options are more stylish than ever. 

Dani Burroughs, Head of Product at sofa brand Snug, calls them a 'multi-functional must-have'. 'The same size as a regular sofa, a sofa bed is an excellent addition if you want the ability to adapt a room to your needs without compromising on space, ideal for overnight guests,' she says. 

While you might be worried you won't get enough use out of a sofa bed to make it a worthy investment, the opposite is probably true. Once you have a hassle-free way to host guests, you might be surprised to find you actually begin inviting guests over more regularly. 

Of course, that said, spontaneous hosting situations are most likely to arrive over the festive season. 'With Christmas comes guests and sometimes even unexpected guests, but being prepared will take all the stress out of an impromptu sleepover,' notes Patricia Gibbons from the Design Team at sofa.com. 'Sofa beds are the perfect solution and are designed to be just as comfortable in sofa-mode as they are in bed-mode. Have your fresh linens set aside in a specific place and ready to take out at a moment's notice. Simply pull out the bed and dress with comfy covers, ensuring your guests feel right at home.'

There are so many more places to shop aside from IKEA. Both Snug and Sofa.com offer beautiful sleeper sofas, but if you want to add one to your space ahead of the 25th, be sure to choose an off-the-shelf design from a trusted homeware store. However you decide to host your guests this holiday season, happy hosting! 

Can't get to IKEA? Try these sleeper sofas instead

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