IKEA room divider ideas – simple and stylish ways to zone an open plan apartment

Utilize every inch of space with these multitasking IKEA room divider ideas for chic and sleek zoning...

Ikea room divider ideas bedroom curtain
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Just because space is at a premium doesn't mean you can't get creative with zoning and IKEA room divider ideas are an affordable way to do it without compromising on style. The IKEA Risor is the only specific room divider available, but, with a little imagination, many IKEA products can double up as room dividers – think Kallax units, clothing rails, chic rattan IKEA hacks, and more.

From living green screens to curtains as doors, we've tapped the experts at IKEA to share their top ways to create privacy and space in a home that's short on square footage.

Easy IKEA room divider ideas to create rooms within room

1. Create a modern boho room divider with IKEA Ivar panels and rattan

Ikea room divider ideas Ivar side panels and rattan cane webbing

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IKEA Ivar hacks are one of the most popular DIY projects thanks to the cabinet's versatility. But did you know that the Ivar also comes as shelving with separate side panels?  When paired with cane webbing, these Ivar side panels can create a chic and ultra-handy IKEA room divider idea.

IKEA says: 'The light rattan feels timelessly classic and becomes a harmonious combination together with the wooden IVAR ends in solid pine. With smart clips and hooks, the screen gets a double and decorative function as a bulletin board for inspiration pictures and storage for small things.'

You will need: 3 IVAR ends 50 × 179 cm, Rattan fabric on a roll, available at well-stocked craft and hobby shops; 6 small hinges in brass from the construction trade; Narrow quartz rod in pine; Small knobs for mounting the quartz rod.


1. Cut the rattan to the right width and length so that it can be clamped between the top and bottom ribs on the end. Attach with a staple gun to the ribs on what will be the 'back' of the screen. You can also buy pine strips in the same width and mount them to hide staples and make the screen reversible and two-sided. 

2. Cut to the quartz rod to mount as an edge strip between the ribs. Note that the distances between the ribs have different distances so that you cut to the right size. 

3. Mount the quartz rod with a glue chair or nail it down with small knobs. Then you can staple the rattan on from the back of the quarter bar to make the rattan fabric as smooth as possible. Also, mount the quartz rod on the back for a reversible screen. 

4. Turn the ends so that the longer 'legs' stand down and mount together with hinges. Use three hinges in a small size for a seamless look. Mount the hinges on the 'back' between two screens and on the 'front' between the last so that the screen can stand in a zig-zag.

2. Use an IKEA Kallax shelving unit to section off a living room work space

IKEA room divider ideas black Kallax shelving unit

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You can use the IKEA Kallax in so many ways, which is why IKEA Kallax hacks are so popular, but you don't necessarily need to carry out a hack to use it wisely. A Kallax shelving unit is the ideal piece to double up as a room divider and a storage unit.

IKEA stylist Anna Blom says: 'This KALLAX shelf is accessible from both sides, but you still get the feeling of two independent ‘rooms’. Use different inserts to organize your stuff and free up desk space.'

3. Fashion a room divider with a sleek clothes rail

Ikea room divider ideas clothes rail

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Working from home? Create a healthy work environment by zoning your bedroom to create a small home office space. That way, you can separate your 'relax' area from your 'business' section.

A really easy IKEA room divider idea is to use a sleek back clothes rail to section off the space. Not only do you get to keep your clothes tidy and hung up, you also create two sections in your bedroom. Add some hanging plants above the rail to really delineate the divide and create a calming atmosphere by bringing the outside in.

4. Make a soft-focus bedroom divider with a flowing curtain

Ikea room divider ideas bedroom curtain

(Image credit: IKEA)

Far from simple window dressers, the humble curtain can be used to create a stylish room divider that's cozy and chic.

If you have an open-plan apartment, or simply want to section off your bedroom, hang a floor-sweeping set of curtains to for extra privacy in your sleep space. Zoning is a great way to let your mind know it's time to switch off, while also creating a hotel-luxe feel.

5. Hide a work space or dressing area with an IKEA curtain rail

Ikea room dividers curtain sections off office space

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Those of us who work from home know how important it is to be able to shut away work at the end of the day. And we mean physically, shut a door and create that separation. However, if you don't have the luxury of a dedicated home office, still create that clear division with a curtain. 

'You won’t need to tidy up your work area at the end of the day if you just hide everything behind a curtain hanging from VIDGA curtain track rails, for example,' says one IKEA expert. 'And hopefully, it will be easier to switch off from your job if you can’t see all your stuff.'

Try using a printed curtain to add pattern and visual interest to the room. 

Ikea room divider ideas curtain as wardrobe door

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Another creative way to use a curtain as a room divider is to close off a wardrobe or vanity area. No time to clean up your closet? No problem. Just shut the curtain and go.

6. Invest in a bed frame that doubles up as a wardrobe and a room divider

Ikea room divider ideas Platsa bed frame

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA is known for its smart bedroom storage ideas, and the IKEA Platsa bed frame has to be up there with one of the best for small rooms and apartments.

The multitasking frame works as a headboard on one side and a wardrobe on the other – whilst also helping to create a private, functional, and good looking space in a one-bedroom apartment by working as a room divider.

IKEA says: 'A headboard on one side, lots of storage and a wardrobe on the other – Platsa can serve you in more than one way. Organize the drawers and shelves, so your things are easy to find and use storage boxes for the smallest items for an uncluttered look.'

7. Section off a cozy reading nook with a pretty green screen

IKEA room dividers clothes rail green sceen

(Image credit: IKEA)

Using a clothes rail to create this on-trend back-to-nature IKEA room divider means you can use it to separate anything from a work space to a chic, cozy reading nook. Plus it adds literal life to a room, with lots of lovely texture, and a pop of color too. 

'Pimp a clothes rack with climbing plants (one with wheels is a plus so you can move it around),' says IKEA stylist Anna Blom. 'Use your favorite species or mix and match different greens in standing and hanging pots. Then fasten a few vines to the top bar with thread.'

8. Separate the kitchen and living room while staying social with the IKEA Elvarli wardrobe units

Ikea room divider ideas

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If you want to section off an open-plan kitchen but want it to remain sociable, use the IKEA Elvarli wardrobe shelves to create a room divider that you can still see through and that also works as storage.

'Use some airy shelves that double as extra storage space,' says Anna Blom. 'You don’t need a wall, just attach the posts to the ceiling. Keep clutter hidden in boxes with lids. An extra tray table is easy to pull out when guests come over.'

9. Zone your bedroom with the IKEA Kallax

Ikea room dividers bedroom kallax shelving unit

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As we mentioned earlier, the IKEA Kallax is an ultra-handy fellow and can be used as a storage solution and room divider in any space, from an open-plan kitchen-diner to separating the bedroom into zones.

The above image shows how you use a white unit as part of a light, bright scheme in a studio apartment to separate the living area from the bedroom. Use Kallax inserts, doors, and drawers for things you'd like to hide away, and the open shelves for displaying objets and vignettes.

Below, you can see how the IKEA Kallax is perfect for creating a great teenage bedroom idea - a separate desk space from the bed area with plenty of storage room.

Ikea room divider ideas Kallax unit teenage bedroom

(Image credit: IKEA)

And, if you find yourself working from home on an increasingly regular basis, you can section off a desk area in your modern bedroom. And add a place to store files as well as place plants, with the Kallax. It's a veritable multitasking marvel.

Ikea room divider ideas Kallax shelving unit in bedroom

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