Cool Kitchen Diner Ideas

Dine in on these designs..

Whether you have the luxury of a separate room just for dining and want a relaxed kitchen diner for family mealtimes, or you have opted for open-plan living and its your only dining space, most modern homes require an area in the kitchen for eating.

This obviously needs thinking about and factoring in when you embark on your kitchen design, so it’s worth considering your lifestyle – how often you will use the space and what’s the number of people you’d like to be able to comfortably seat? Would you like easy access to the garden or would a nice view of it suffice?

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Will you be using the kitchen diner just for meal times or would you like somewhere the kids can do their homework or sit quietly colouring while you’re cooking? If you’re intending to use the space every day, it may be convenient to have some storage nearby, so anything you need to set the table is to hand, or there’s a cupboard or drawer where the children can store art implements or ipads.

Rather than chairs, a bench or banquet will provide the flexibility to accommodate extra people when you’re entertaining friends and family. (Just add some stylish cushions if you like to sit and chew the fat over a bottle of wine or two).

Once you’ve considered how you will use the space, the room layout can take shape.

The look and style of your kitchen will obviously influence an adjacent dining area too, so when you’ve decided on the materials and colours you’d like on the walls, floor and cabinetry, ideas for the dining table, chairs and other furniture will emerge.

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The kitchen diner ideas ahead show a number of styles to choose from and some of the kitchens that inspired them.


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