These rugs will make your bedroom look expensive and luxe, but are all under $100. Our perfect picks for 2024

Our shopping editor is on the hunt to find some seriously bargain buys for your bedroom - here are 9 rugs that have caught her eye

A bedroom with soft rug under the bed
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Every room must begin with a rug, believed the late interior decorator, Robert Kime, and we think he's got a point. If you're looking for a simple way to upgrade your bedroom this summer, there is no better place to start than with a super soft rug underfoot to add texture and sumptuousness to your bedroom. 

From high pile shaggy rugs to more simple, low pile jutes that work in a minimalist setting, the best rugs come in a real range of styles out there to complement the best bedroom furniture. And whatever you pick paves the way for the rest of your bedroom's design to follow. We know that rugs can be a real expense, so our shopping editor has searched high and low to find the cheapest buys on the market. Here are 12 bedroom rugs she spotted from the best home decor stores, all for less than $100 too!

Best minimalist bedroom rugs

Best round bedroom rugs

Best high pile bedroom rugs

Best colorful bedroom rugs

Which rugs are the most comfortable?

For a super luxurious feel under foot, a wool bedroom rug is your best bet. If you're looking for a synthetic rug, faux fur rugs made from acrylic and polypropylene which also brings a soft feel. 

It also matters about how the texture has been weaved. There are many textures and material effects that can be achieved with a rug. 

A higher pile, with longer fibres and loops creating a softer, thicker look, can help achieve an altogether different mood. Often called shag rugs, high pile rugs can add elevated style and luxurious texture, great for a bedroom. To help your rug go further, don’t forget a rug pad, which adds cushioning and helps prevent slippage. It also helps protect your floor from bulky furniture that could easily scratch your flooring. 

What size should a bedroom rug be?

When sizing a rug for a bedroom room, consider that you might want to have it half under your bed, or if your bedroom is large enough, you can have it placed on its own. Layering the bed over the rug, with the end of the bed but the head of the bed off unifies a large space, bringing all elements of a living room together. The typical sizes for rugs are 3'x5′, 5'x8', 8'x10′, 9'x12′ and 12'x15′. If you want a large area rug that will fill your floor space, choose a rug that leaves around a 17 inch gap between the edges of the rug and walls of the room. 

Smaller rugs or runners make for nice accent pieces too: they can add a cheery pop of colour to unify a color scheme, or add a spotlight to an overlooked corner that needs some love. For awkward shapes or a long-term investment, don’t rule out going made-to-measure. ‘It takes a little more time than buying mass produced but is worth the wait,’ says Simon Laurenceau of French fabric company Pierre Frey.

What colored rugs are trending?

Color-wise, we’ve recently seen the trend gravitate towards beautiful sages and greens along with soft, warm colors for a natural color scheme and relaxing bedroom. 'These colors work incredibly well in our always-popular vintage-inspired pieces like Sarrah Sage - a beautifully distressed sage and green-toned persian rug part of our New Vintage collection,' says Therese Germain, director of core product for Ruggable. 

We’re also seeing bold colors and design rugs rise in popularity as people look to make the most of the floor as a space for a work of art. Check out Jonathan Adler's collection with Ruggable for playful, graphic prints that have almost an Art Deco feel. 

It's not just color, think about the way they are weaved and the texture your rug brings to a space. ‘Flat weave, tufted and knotted rugs are vibrant with personality. Put them in any room, and they will be its life and soul,' says Dylan O'Shea of A Rum Fellow.

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