Rattan is the most on-trend summer material - I've found 12 home accessories that prove why designers love it

If you’re as obsessed with rattan detailing as we are, you’re in for a treat as our shopping editor has selected the very best in rattan home accessories

rattan planter, lamp and tray
(Image credit: Urban Outfitters, Kathy Kuo Home)

With its intricate woven detail and natural aesthetic, rattan exudes an air of effortless elegance. Incorporating rattan pieces into your home is an easy way to make your space feel fresh and elevated by adding balance and texture to an otherwise minimal aesthetic.

I find that the most impactful rattan decor pieces don’t have to be huge bits of furniture! Far from the ‘all rattan everything’ hype from a few years ago (where matching bed frames, wardrobes, and chest of drawer sets were all the rage), a few carefully-considered accents will add an elegant touch without overwhelming your space. 

The material has stood the test of time among our most-loved decor pieces, and there’s always an impressive range of rattan accessories available to buy online. So I’ve gone through the best home decor stores to find the most elegant rattan accessories to elevate your home aesthetic for summer.


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The best thing about rattan is that it goes with everything - it can work with any color. The designer Beata Heuman once told our editor Pip Rich that it's the great leveller, working to ground stronger colors and eclectic rooms, and he has since put that tenet into Livingetc lore! 

That said, In terms of the rattan section itself, designers tend to opt for natural wood tones – from the classic light tan shade we tend to associate with the woven style to paler beiges and even dark brown or ebony tones. The basis of the material is woven wicker, so works best in some variation of its natural shade.

When it comes to accent colors I find that neutral shades offer the most elegant finish. Rattan homeware pieces tend to have some sort of framing to give structure to the flexible wicker (e.g. the outer panels of bed frames and storage boxes), and there are certain colors that best suit the natural shade of the rattan. Black offers a particularly striking contrast and will balance out the colors of the material nicely, but white, earthy shades like beige and brown, and even metallic touches like gold can also work well depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.

Valeza Bakolli
Contributing Shopping Editor

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