The 12 best pink and green rugs that use this palette to create soft and soothing schemes

The Livingetc team has chosen the 12 best pink and green rugs which play artfully with this enduring color palette trend to create rich and beautiful designs

Target, DWR & Wayfair Pink Green Rugs
(Image credit: Target, DWR & Wayfair)

Present in the natural world across a variety of flora and fauna as well as the mood boards and projects of many interior designers, pink and green are a popular partnership.  Pink provides softness and light whilst green brings depth and darkness, making these shades the ideal ingredients for a beautiful rug. Depending on the shade of green and pink as well as the balance of colors in the design, a rug can be a playful or elegant addition to your room. We’ve curated our favorites in this exclusive list, from the best-patterned floor pieces to the most washable options. 

As you begin your search for the perfect rug for your room, you can take a look at our best rugs feature to help you get started. 

Expert advice on how to choose the right rug for your space sits alongside a wide selection of engaging rug designs. If you know it’s pink and green you want, explore our selection below, gathered by searching and scouring the best home décor stores, so you can find your ideal rug a little faster.

Pink and Green Persian Rugs

Pink and Green Patterned Rugs

Pink and Green Wool Rugs

Pink & Green Outdoor Rugs

What color rug for a green room?

Green is growing in popularity when it comes to interiors. As more and more of us choose shades of mint, olive, and sage for living spaces, the question comes to mind – what color rug works best with green? The answer depends on the shade of green you choose. "If the room has an overall lighter green tone, compliment it with warm neutrals to create a peaceful palette. If the room has an overall darker green tone, play on this richness with burgundy or indigo for a nod to the old world,” says,Hayley English of Hayley English Interiors. 

You can also opt to balance the shade of green you choose with your rug design. Warm and dark tones like olive and forest green can be balanced by lighter rugs whilst paler hues like tea green and sage would benefit from bolder rug designs. When choosing your rug, don’t forget to let your personality guide you. Look to colors, patterns, and prints you love to help you find a rug that you will always be happy to see. 

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