42 Minimalist Gifts That Will Convince Everyone You Know You’ve Got Amazing Taste

If you’re never quite sure what to get your design loving friends, here are plenty of minimalist gifts that will convince everyone you’ve got amazing taste

assortment of book, scented candle, lamp, pitcher and throw pillow on colored background
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The last thing you want this time of year is to be running around stressing about what gifts to get those who you know are more on the picky side, although this is most likely what happens year in, year out. Everyone has someone in their lives for whom they spend ages trying to find the perfect gift that they will genuinely enjoy and won’t ask for the exchange receipt. They have a keen eye for design, their own unique taste, and know exactly what they like, so every attempt at finding just the right thing leaves you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

The secret here, if you’re looking for special objects with flair and that also feel expensive, is to cut out anything that’s too ornamental, and opt for a minimalist aesthetic. For those interior design lovers and high discerning friends choosing this direction is a great start on the right track. We’re talking neutral colors, sculptural shapes, an ‘objet d’art look’, and interesting textures.

Because I completely understand this tricky business of finding the right gift that even your most difficult friends or family can’t turn their noses up at (I won’t divulge on which side of this argument I sit on) I have taken it upon myself to scroll the internet high and low, and look for the best home decor stores, to find the perfect minimalist gifts that will convince everyone you’ve got great taste and a keen eye for design.

Raluca Racasan
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