12 Robes and Housecoats Our Style Editor Says are 'So Good, They Double as Decor!'

Clothes are an extension of the home. For the extra, or the ultimate homebody, explore how this next frontier of homeware can elevate your living space

best robes and housecoats
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I’ve always believed that style is a lifelong, holistic affair. If you're passionate about fashion, that aesthetic should seamlessly blend into your home decor, and vice versa. However, it dawned on me recently that not everyone sees their home and personal style as interconnected. I can't help but recall disjointed images of the vaguely nautical, yet definitely coastal home decor trend from the early 2000s. It set a relaxing mood until visitors from the Y2K era walked in with rhinestones and electric-colored hair dye. While what we wear at home doesn't necessarily have to match, considering the effort we put into making our living spaces harmonious, shouldn't we, as the ultimate fixtures in our homes, feel fully integrated into that aesthetic?

This isn’t a call to become Carrie Bradshaw — no need to throw on a gown while working from home. But if you notice a predominant color, style, or texture in your home decor, why not harmonize with it by wearing a housecoat or robe? The idea is incredibly simple — chances are, you already own one. But how does that robe look hanging within your space? When you catch a glimpse of yourself wearing it in the mirror, does it seem to belong there? While not necessary, matching your clothing to your environment can be a lot of fun, similar to what we do when traveling.

Bre Hance, Founder & Principal Designer at InHance, likens the concept to matching your towels to your bathroom decor. ‘Your robe, whether on a hook behind a door or on a wall, should absolutely match your aesthetic,’ she explains. ‘They can enhance your decor by bringing in a texture, color, maybe a stripe or pattern, and by bringing this pop in, it not only looks great, but intentional and functional design is even more special and interesting.’

So, if you're seeking the ultimate (and admittedly extra) home upgrade, look no further. With my background in fashion, I like to think I can offer unique insight into this topic. Scroll to see my favorite robes and housecoats at the moment — so good they double as decor.

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Best Robes & Housecoats

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How should I style my loungewear at home?

‘Loungewear can add to home decor if styled correctly,’ suggests Rhiannon Johns, head of Piglet in Bed. ‘Hanging a robe from a decorative vintage hook or hanging your housecoat in your front hall along with keys and other everyday items will enhance your living space, creating a laid-back and lived-in atmosphere.’ Treat it as you would a coffee table book or a candlestick — allowing it to form a dialogue with the rest of your decor.

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