I’m a Style Editor and Have Found 42 Gifts I’d Give Anyone Who Loves Fashion - and Want to Receive Myself

These are the 42 gifts editors are giving to stylish loved ones this Christmas, from beautifully crafted glassware to plates by iconic fashion designers

A curated edit of the best design gifts for fashion lovers this Christmas season.
(Image credit: MOMA Design Store; Amazon; Net-a-Porter; Bloomingdale's)

I’m notoriously difficult to shop for. Being well-versed in the worlds of fashion and design, I have a deep admiration for styles of past and present, constantly keeping an eye on what’s new and emerging. I also live in New York City, an area renowned for its exceptional shopping and even better sample sales - which I should have a punch card for at this point. Naturally, I’ve amassed quite the collection of fashionable objects, and am told every holiday season that I seem to already own “everything.”

If this sounds like a fashion-obsessed friend dynamic of your own, then you’re understandably in a challenging position. Fashion lovers, with their designer references and sharp eye for the latest compelling pieces in the best home decor stores, are arguably the hardest to shop for. 

Luckily, I consider myself to be a gift-giving expert. It’s not only my love language but perhaps one of my greatest skills, so I decided to put my fashion background to good use and curate an edit of the best fashion-forward design gifts and timeless presents, from luggage to sleepwear. Impress the chicest people on your list this holiday season.

The very best design gifts for fashion lovers