Best TV brand: the top TV makers for 4K, 8K, budget and more

Looking for the best TV brand for the biggest screens? Or with the latest tech? Here's our rundown

best tv brand: Samsung Q900
(Image credit: Samsung)

Choosing the perfect TV for your home can be a tricky business and, with so much choice out there, it's difficult to even know where to get started. But starting with the best TV brands is a good starting off point, as each has its own pros and cons that make its products particularly suitable or unsuitable for your household.

We have taken a look at what each of the biggest brands has to offer, from Samsung's range of lifestyle TVs to LG's cheaper OLED models. As new technology is released, these rankings may change, but for now, you can see our recommendations below based on what sort of purchase you are looking to make.

And if you are looking to boost your AV set-up even further, you can take a look at our rundown of the best surround sound systems.

As said, as the year gets underway and Samsung, Sony, LG, and the rest unveil their latest innovations, we will be updating this page to reflect the best new technology. 

Best mid-range TV brand: Samsung

Samsung the Serif

(Image credit: Samsung)

Kicking things off with the best mid-range TVs available right now, we recommend Samsung for its wide range of lifestyle TVs and a mixture of budget-friendly and premium options. 

If you're after something quirky, then the Serif and Sero TVs from Samsung should fit the bill. While the former is more of a traditional 4K QLED that comes with its own stand, the Sero has the ability to rotate to become a vertical screen. Ideal if you're used to the phone aspect ratio, or you want to use your TV for more than watching the latest box set.

And, while Samsung offers more than its fair share of cheaper TVs and premium sets, the sheer amount of choice in the middle range gives it a win.

Recommended: Samsung The Serif (opens in new tab); Samsung Q80A (opens in new tab)

Best budget TV brand: LG


(Image credit: LG)

When shopping around for a budget option to go in the bedroom or home office, it may be tempting to go for a lesser-known brand to get the lowest price. But, when it comes to offering quality with a lower price tag, LG is our winner.

2020's LG BX, which costs around $1300 in a 55" model, is one of the cheapest 4K OLED TVs you will find, and it also boasts a 120Hz refresh rate, Dolby Atmos, and in-built smart assistants. And if you want to try NanoCell technology, which promises the best color accuracy for an LED screen, then the NANO90 costs less than $1000.

So, if you want to bring some of the best (if not the latest) specs into your home without making a huge financial investment, then LG is your best bet.

Recommended: LG BX (opens in new tab), LG NANO90 (opens in new tab), LG NANO85 (opens in new tab)

Best TV Brand for 8K: Samsung

Samsung QN900A

(Image credit: Samsung)

4K hasn't been the newest trend in TVs for a while, with 8K well and truly taking over in 2022 and beyond. Now that the technology has more adoption, ordinary households can afford examples from some of the biggest companies. That includes Samsung, which has a very solid range of QLED, Neo QLED, and QNED sets.

Now, the amount of content that's is available in 8K is still extremely limited, but if history has taught us anything it's that getting in early can be a solid investment. And it will be a significant investment, with Samsung's offerings priced at between $4,000-$11,000 for bigger-sized sets.

Still, anyone who values having the very best visuals for what they're watching will see the benefit in being an early adopter, with 8K content likely to scale up sooner rather than later to meet demand.

Recommended: Samsung QN900A (opens in new tab), Samsung Q950TS (opens in new tab), Samsung Q800T (opens in new tab), Samsung Q900TS (opens in new tab), Samsung QN800A (opens in new tab)

Best TV brand for Dolby Atmos: Sony

Sony A9G

(Image credit: Sony)

Once you've chosen your desired resolution, panel, and other visual features, it's time to turn your attention to the sound quality. This has never been more important for the average customer, as the speakers in flat-screen TVs lack power due to their shrinking size and, without the technology to back it up, you'll be spending more on a soundbar before long.

To avoid this extra expense, we recommend also getting to grips with how important sound is to you and the rest of your household. The presence of Dolby Atmos is generally agreed to be a good indication of quality, as it can mimic the audio impact of surround sound without external speakers.

Our favorite TVs with this technology are Sony's, with pretty much all of its flagship models (and even some older ones) sporting Atmos.

Recommended: Sony A9G (opens in new tab), Sony A90J (opens in new tab), Sony A9S (opens in new tab), Sony A80J (opens in new tab)

Best TV brand for large TVs: Samsung

Samsung 85" Q80T QLED 4K Smart TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Bigger is better. That's definitely true of televisions and is reflected in the booming popularity of 75-inch and 85-inch TVs. As circumstances have meant that we've all been enjoying the latest blockbusters previously reserved for theaters in our living rooms, the need for the biggest possible screen has grown. 

And, if you're shelling out for the best resolution, color accuracy, and clarity, then why not enjoy the spoils of that on the biggest medium possible?

To see our pick of the biggest of the big, check out our guide to the best 85 inch TVs but, in short, we have opted for Samsung in this category. Again, this comes down to the selection on offer from the brand, as well as the relative affordability of its biggest screens. Want an 85-inch TV for under $2,500? You've got it.

Recommended: Samsung 85 Q80T (opens in new tab), Samsung 85 Q950TS (opens in new tab), Samsung 75 QN900A (opens in new tab), Samsung 75 Q80A (opens in new tab), Samsung 75 Q70T (opens in new tab)

Best TV brand for small TVs: Sony (and Samsung)

Sony 48" A9S Smart 4K OLED TV

(Image credit: Sony)

Now we're mainly talking about 40-inch TVs and above when we say 'small', and Sony wins out in this category with two of the best sets in this size. The 48-inch Sony A9S and 43-inch X85J both boast 4K and Dolby Atmos, while the former sports an OLED screen and built-in smart assistants. 

For our ranking of the very best 40 inch TVs (opens in new tab) - featuring the A9S - take a look at our guide.

However, if you want to go really small, then you may be better off with Samsung's 32-inch offerings. The Samsung 32-inch Q60A is currently the only widely-available 4K TV this small, with a QLED screen to boot. The ever-popular Frame TV is also available in a 32-inch version, with Full HD resolution, HDR10+ and Alexa included.

Recommended: Sony 48 A9S (opens in new tab); Sony 43 X85J (opens in new tab); Samsung 32 Q60A (opens in new tab); Samsung 32 The Frame (opens in new tab)