Sony vs LG TV - two quality TV brands, but which is the best in 2024?

We look at how the two TV giants compare, looking at their offerings for OLED, 4K, 8K, and more

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With new TV technology maturing and getting more affordable, now is a great time to look at what is on offer. Whether you're looking to replace your current TV or want a new set for another room, the first thing you may be wondering about is which brand is offering the best value for money right now.

In this article, we will compare two of the biggest names in TVs - Sony and LG - looking at their pricing, technology, smart home integration, and a whole lot more to see which is leading the way right now. For more of our thoughts on the whole market rather than this sliver, take a look at our guide to the best TV brands.

And to see how the pair measure up against the third member of the 'big 3', you can read our head to heads for Samsung vs Sony and Samsung vs LG.

Sony vs LG TV: Pricing

Of the two brands, LG has the most to offer in the budget range (up to $500), with two models - the UQ75 and UP7000 - in 65" within this price range. You won't find any super-affordable OLED or 8K sets from either LG or Sony, however.

Similarly, if you want to go super-small, there is much more choice from LG in the 32-40 inch TV arena.

The mid-range is a little more even, though LG does offer more OLED sets in the $500-$1,500 range. And if you're interested in Mini LED technology - which packs more lights into the panel - you'll get the best price from LG right now. Similarly, while Sony's cheapest 85-inch TV - 2021's X91J - looks to be on its way out, LG is still offering 2022's 86" UQ75.

I you have money to spend on the best 8K TV, LG offers the 75" NANO99 for just under $3,500, while Sony's cheapest is the 75" Z9K for closer to $7,000.

  • Verdict: There's no way around the fact that LG offers lower prices across its range, offering even premium tech like OLED and 8K at more affordable prices than Sony. 

Sony Z9K TV

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Sony vs LG TV: Display technology

You can find OLED TVs from both LG and Sony as, unlike Samsung and its QLED sets, both brands have adopted the technology. It should be noted, however, that LG is the originator of OLED panels, with Sony using these for their own products. That doesn't necessarily mean that LG OLEDs are better in practice, however.

If you're looking for the very top-end 8K OLEDs, then LG has what you're looking for, with its ultra-premium Z2 and ZX sets (priced at between $13,000-$30,000). 

Otherwise, you will find 4K from both brands, with HDR and in-built smart assistants among OLED models.

Both Sony and LG also offer Mini-LED technology, which basically means that screens can physically have more light-emitting diodes, resulting in a more dynamic image, better brightness, more vibrant colors, and deeper blacks. While Sony calls this Mini LED, LG has QNED - a combination of Quantum Dot, NanoCell, and Mini LED technology. 

  • Verdict: While the brands offer comparative technology, LG has a slight edge in its offering of QNED and premium sets for those for who money is no object. Still, it's pretty close, with Sony offering a good range of models.


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Sony vs LG TV: Formats and operating systems

When it comes to smart speaker compatibility, if you don't already have an Alexa device in your home, then you will want to go for the best Sony TV. While many LG TVs are compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, only a few sets have the former built-in. Both LG and Sony have TVs with support for Apple HomeKit.

If you want the best possible sound, you should go for a TV with Dolby Atmos on board, reducing the need for one of the best soundbars to compensate. Both brands offer this, but Sony only has a select few models with the spatial audio format built-in. This includes the X90K and X95K, though the best LG TVs are more likely to feature Atmos, including its premium 8K sets.

As for streaming, we're very much of the opinion that smart TV interfaces are a matter of personal preference. LG and Sony do offer a distinct choice, however, with the former offering webOS and Sony running on Google TV. 

  • Verdict: As with many elements we are comparing in this article, LG benefits from offering more choice with a broader price range. That said, Sony does offer Alexa, whereas LG has opted for Google Assistant, and we're big fans of Google TV.

Sony A80J TV

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Sony vs LG TV: Our verdict

Sony is undoubtedly great at many things and has ardent fans, but its commitment to quality has meant it has been slightly overwhelmed by the selection offered by its main rivals. We can't say that its OLED or 8K TVs are any better or worse than LG's, but between the two brands, LG has a greater choice at the lower end of the price range while still offering premium models at the opposite end of the scale.

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