Mini LED vs OLED: Which Premium Screen Technology is Best in 2024?

We compare OLED and new kid on the block Mini LED, to see which is the best choice

Samsung QN84A TV
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If you have been reading about televisions lately, you've probably encountered enthusiastic praise for something called Mini LED. Mini LED has been around since around 2021, but it is now gaining significant traction. Major brands like Sony, LG, and Samsung have all developed their own versions of Mini LED panels for their TVs, and it seems to be on track to surpass OLED as the leading technology.

In this article, we will compare OLED to its newest competitor to determine which is the better choice based on performance, availability, pricing, and more. If you want to find out which brands currently offer the best products, you can check out our guide to the best TV brands. If you're interested in similar comparisons, you can also explore our QLED vs. OLED explainer.

Mini LED vs OLED: What's the difference?

Mini LED vs OLED: How much do they cost?

A big consideration when comparing Mini LED and OLED is pricing. The latter is traditionally more expensive than traditional LCD TVs, but the arrival of Mini LED across the major brands has complicated this.

Mini LED vs OLED: Our verdict

  • Winner: OLED

While Mini LED technology is gaining attention due to investments from companies like Apple, OLED is currently the superior technology. Although OLED has drawbacks, such as the potential for burn-in, its self-lighting pixels help achieve a much better image than traditional LCD panels. Although Mini LEDs do improve upon standard LED technology, they do not offer the same overall benefits as OLED. However, OLED TVs are generally more expensive, and those seeking the best 8K TV will find a wider selection of Mini LED TVs compared to OLED.

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