The 12 best round rugs - a designer's secret weapon to create relaxed and welcoming rooms

These are my favorite round rugs to buy now, bringing curves into your home in style

A round rug with a round curved sofa
(Image credit: Vincent Leroux. Rug design 'Eclipse Disc I' by Tai Ping. Studio Razavi)

Round rugs are a designer's trick to add shapely interest to your room, coziness underfoot, and a bit of wow factor to a scheme. I love a round rug's ability to slot into any corner while softening the harsh edges, or the way a curved rug can really anchor a seating area, like this example from Studio Razavi, which has roped in the bespoke carpet brand Tai Ping for this calming and elegant living room. 

If you're looking for the best rugs, soft furnishing tips for your living room, or ways to help add softness underfoot in any room in the home, a curved rug will work as a solid investment. Here are 12 of my favorite to buy now.

12 of the best round rugs to buy now

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Why invest in a round rug?

A round rug under a table

(Image credit: Chad Mellon. Design: Lindye Galloway)

Curves and arches are an interior design trend that is showing no signs of slowing down, with sharp edges shunned in favor of the calming influence of a soft curve. This is reflected in our choice of rugs too, with circular, oval and irregular rugs bringing a softness to the space. A round rug might work in a living room where you're looking to anchor a seating area and get rid of harshness and any formality. Look to other items of furniture and use the round rug to mimic the curves. Under a curved dining table or coffee table would work perfectly. This works well in this example from California-based studio, Lindye Galloway, who has picked a larger area rug under a round dining table.

'Round rugs have the ability to add an interesting focal point to a room,' says Richard Massi, director of interior design firm, The Stylesmiths. 'They are perfect to anchor furniture with curves such as a curved sofa, round dining table or highlighting a little nook.' 

Keep in mind, round rugs are even more interesting when the rug contains pattens, textures or color. But remember round rugs don’t work in all applications. 'Be mindful rugs generally need to be oversized for the space so that the furniture sits within the rug dimensions,' says Richard. 'A round hallway runner would simply not work.'

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