The 12 Best Patterned Rugs Chosen By Our Editors to Make the Perfect Design Statement In Your Home

The 12 best patterned rugs range from soft prints to geometric lines, but all have share in common the Livingetc stamp of approval

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Fill your floor with color, texture, and fun with the perfect patterned rug. A rug is often pushed back to last place on the design decision scale, but it can prove to be the make-or-break factor of a room. Finding the right floor piece can help you lift your entire interior, create zones for connection with family and friends and lend some softness to your scheme. If you don’t know where to start, you can begin by taking a look at our best rugs, along with expert advice there is a selection of our favorite finds.

Patterns make for an easy way to add visual intrigue to your design. Whether it’s a colorful floral pattern or a contemporary print, these are the best rugs to balance more minimal furniture and lighting designs. Having scoured the best home décor stores to find the best-patterned rugs, see our exclusive edit below.

Best Neutral Patterned Rugs

Best Floral Patterned Rugs

Best Graphically Patterned Rugs

Most Eye-Catching Patterned Rugs

How do you choose a patterned rug?

It can be overwhelming to know where to start on your journey to find the perfect patterned rug for you but the best place to start is by identifying the needs of your rug and where it will sit. For instance, if you are looking for a patterned rug for your bedroom, the needs of the rug might be comfort which would impact the pile height you are looking for but also the type of pattern – larger scale patterns that feature soothing color palettes might work best in this space for calming beginnings and ends to the day. Size and design style are also impacted by the existing furniture in the room.

London-based rug experts, Riviere Rugs shared their advice on choosing the right patterned rug for you. “Consult the scheme in the room - matching with a plain textured fabric, or an existing pattern can help to choose the style rug,” says Eleanor Dykes from Riviere Rugs. She also shares the importance of coloring. “Tone-on-tone rugs are easy on the eye, for calmer schemes or to be paired with busier patterns,” Eleanor adds.

Your pattern needs to reflect you as well, look to trends for inspiration but your ultimate choice needs to speak to your design sensibilities and be something that brings you joy every time you look at it. Durability is another factor as you might opt for darker patterned rugs for more high-traffic areas which varying pile heights for their forgiving nature when it comes to hiding stains. This pattern hack and a synthetic fiber rug are also incredibly useful if you have a family or pets as machine-washable or stain-resistant options will last longer and retain their vibrancy.

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