The 12 best grey patterned rugs that our editors love for their soothing coolness

Our team has found the 12 best grey patterned rugs to bring a subtle hint of a print to your decor, while not losing any of the elegance you're after

Lulu & Georgia, Pottery Barn & Kathy Kuo Home Gray Patterned Rugs
(Image credit: Lulu & Georgia, Pottery Barn & Kathy Kuo Home)

Grey gets a bad rap for being boring, when, it can introduce sophistication and calm to a room. Pattern and gray go well together, and the stability of this cool-toned neutral makes it the ideal foundation for expressive and intricate prints. Gray mixes well with a library of color codes too. It doesn’t matter if you pair it with the hottest of hues, like vermillion and tangerine, or zestier and fresher tones like lime and sky blue, gray always works.

For expert advice on your search to find the ultimate rug, you can start by exploring our best rugs. If you know gray is the one for you, we’ve combed through the best home décor stores to find you the best-gray patterned rugs, see our favorite finds below.

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What color rug should I put on a grey carpet?

Grey’s superpower lies in its versatility. A stable neutral, grey can work to balance bolder hues that you might be scared to see on their own. The best advice when deciding on what color rug to put on your grey carpet is, don’t be afraid to take a risk. 

“So many colors work well with grey - Ilove a bright yellow with grey for a fun pop,” says rug expert and fiber artist, Rosemary Hallgarten. Your rug can be an opportunity to make more of statement with your interior, whether it’s with a distinctive print, vibrant color, or abstract shape. When choosing your rug color, try and lean into shades that appeal to your personal taste, hold value to you and you would be happy to see as accents around the rest of room. This will help you find a hue that feels bespoke to you but also works with the other elements of your interior. 

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