'Like instant art for your floor!' To see the 12 best geometric rugs is to fall in love with them

The best geometric rugs are so full of design flair, a speedy way to suddenly make your room feel much more considered. Here's our edit of what to buy now

Geometric patterned rugs
(Image credit: DWR, Anthropologie, Ruggable)

Geometry, a pursuit started by the Ancient Greeks is rooted in the study of shapes, distance, and size. All of which seems entirely appropriate given its prevalence in the world of design and mathematics, geometric forms continue to be a source of inspiration for designers around the world across disciplines. Many praise geometry for its ability to find visual cheat codes that can help us soothe us or in turn, drive attention and focus. It’s also a reason why geometric rugs are so popular; they are easy to use and offer us a peaceful and beautiful simplicity.

When searching for the best rug for you, it can be difficult to know where to begin and which style, material, and size to choose. To help get you started, we have curated our best rugs, along with expert advice there is a selection of our favorite finds.

If geometric styles appeal to you, then we can help. After searching through the best home décor stores, we have created our selection of the best geometric rugs, ranging from neutral and serene options to colorful and creative ones. 

Best Geometric Neutral Rugs

Best Geometric Colorful Rugs

Best Geometric Outdoor Rugs

Best Geometric Contemporary Rugs

What shape rugs make a room look bigger?

Square, oval, rectangular, round or none of the above? Rugs like people, come in different shapes and sizes. When it comes to finding the right shape, there is no one size fits all so a tailor-made approach is necessary. “There is no one shape it really depends on the room, but you can create a sense of a larger room by maximizing the size of the rug,” says rug expert and fiber artist, Rosemary Hallgarten. Taking Hallgarten’s advice on board, looking to larger shapes to create a sense of escape can be helpful when looking to expand the size of your room with a rug. 

Using the rug as your anchor, create moments with furniture, lighting, and accessories where people can engage as a group or individually. Start with the rug first, often people leave this decision until the end of the design process, and it can make it harder to make the most of your room. A great way to look at the rug is the same way we see the floor, the foundation of an interior. Get the size right by going big and opt for colors that reflect the light in your space to further enhance the effect. That way, when you are choosing your complementing pieces, they will naturally feel more cohesive with the rug and the room.

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