12 of the very best grey rugs you can buy now – and they'll suit pretty much every kind of home

Grey rugs are a timeless classic and a long-lasting purchase for the home. Here's where to shop them now

A grey rug in a living room
(Image credit: Kendall McCaugherty. Design: Bethany Grachan)

Grey rugs are an enduring favorite among interior designers and homeowners. While color trends come and go, grey reigns supreme, consistently selected for its neutral quality, modern vibe and ability to pair with pretty much any other color. 

If you're looking for the best rugs, soft furnishing tips for your bedroom, or ways to help add softness underfoot in any room in the home, a grey rug will work as a solid investment, withstanding any bigger changes you might want to make to your home's interiors. Here are 12 of my favorite right now.

12 grey rugs to work in any home

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Why grey rugs are a timeless piece

You might have thought that the days of grey decor were over, but grey is a timeless classic that's here to stay. It's a neutral that can always be accentuated with pops of color, working well with whichever hue it has been paired with. 'Grey comes in so many glorious shades and tones it often has hints of different colors, which means any color goes with grey,' says Richard Misso, director of interior design firm The Stylesmiths.

When selected as the perfect color for a rug, it can be subtle and understated, meaning it makes a great foundation for different textures on which to layer. It's inoffensive and flexible too, so any type of interior design style will work with grey, meaning when it comes to change in the home, your grey home is there to stay. It can bring a contemporary feel to a space where you might need a bit of a refresh too. 

'When applying a grey rug, consider the tone and texture,' advises Richard. 'Place a sample on the ground and stand back from the sample so you can appreciate its true color within the space. There really is no rule to combining shades of greys with other colors.'

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