Caesarstone Unveils Five New Concrete Surfaces

Loved for its rough-luxe, industrial-style appearance, concrete has been filtering into our homes – from modern bathrooms to kitchen islands and even home accessories.

Rough and unpolished, this bold look forms part of the revival of modernism, a rethinking of brutalism and the rekindling of industrial architecture.

Inspired by factories and lofts, robust construction finishes have become a popular choice in modern interiors.

Now Caesarstone is mixing things up with their newMetropolitan Collection, comprising five new types of concrete look.

Each energetically styled surface in the Collection has been designed to reflect the authentic textures of raw manufacturing, such as oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete. Via innovative cutting-edge technology exclusive to Caesarstone, weathered patinas have been achieved in quartz for the very first time – a breakthrough that can be felt as well as seen.

The 4011 Cloudburst features a tonalcloud like pattern that's subtle and sophisticated, blending in with most interior styles,from industrial loft to Scandinavian through to minimal contemporary aesthetic.

Inspired by the intriguing patinas of casting and oxidising, the4046 Excava concrete combinesthe authentic features of rust and concrete, and features different layers of earthy shades to copper and dark brown.

Meanwhile, the4061 Frozen Terra concrete takes its cue from the terrazzo trend,with sparsely distributed irregular translucent aggregate and fine black basalt.

The 4023 Topus Concrete was inspired byfossilized textures built up over time in veiled layers; it combines the mineral formations found in nature with blush undertones.

Last but not least, The4044 Airy Concrete has alight grey base and a rough concrete finish, with an airy looking texture.

Pretty ground breaking stuff.

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