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Create a convivial space for every day dining and glorious get togethers.

Regardless of the size of your home, it is rare to dedicate a whole room solely for dining. The trend has been, and still is to choose open plan – or broken plan – living, where the dining area is incorporated within the kitchen or sectioned off in a zone of a larger ground floor living area.

It’s a far more informal and modern way to live. After all, who wants to be stuck in the kitchen, when friends are sipping Sauvignon and catching up in another room? Blame FOMO, but most of us now prefer to be a part of the action when we’re entertaining. Or perhaps you just like to be able to keep an eye on the kids playing or doing their homework while you’re cooking?

Whatever your reasons, it’s the way we live now. But how to delineate the space and create a workable layout? Whether you’re hiring an architect or interior designer or not, first think about how you live – or how you’d like to live – and how you ‘d ideally like the space to flow from the kitchen to the dining and living spaces, and even out to the garden for summer entertaining. Next, what is feasible within your space and budget?

See these Crittal-style Kitchen diner extensions.

Think about practicalities such as how many you would like to be able to seat around the dining table. Extending tables are back in vogue, if large gatherings are a regular occurrence in your home. Benches or banquette seating also allow for extra bums on seats when required.

Once the layout and practicalities have been thought through, you can think about the aesthetics. Whatever style you’ve chosen – or are choosing – for your kitchen, will impact the look of your dining area, so it’s a decorating decision to be taken in consideration with the rest of your scheme.

We’ve selected the open dining spaces we love most to kick start your inspiration boards.

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