I'm re-decorating my dining room in 2024 – these are the 10 designer spaces on my moodboard

These stunning dining rooms designed by top experts from around the world showcase brilliant use of color, materials, and finishes to make this room feel like the paragon of good taste

A dining room with ceramics in the wall
(Image credit: Hauvette & Madani)

The whole world converges in the dining room; the true heart of the home. Just like there are infinite types of cuisines and parties, there are several dynamic ways to configure and decorate this room. In this coming year, if you're planning on opening up the dining room to more socials and soirees, then it's time to make it a standout space in the home.

To gather some ideas, I reached out to several top experts in the field who offered these stunning examples for inspiration. These dining rooms showcase a confident use of color, materials, and luxe furnishings to ensure every meal is memorable. Take a look and bookmark. 

1. This softly toned space

A dining room corner with cozy seating

(Image credit: John Merkl. Studio credit De La Cruz Interior Design)

Don't let the nooks and crannies of your home go to waste - there's a wining and dining opportunity there. In this small dining room, a lovely fusion of soft tones and comfortable seating come together. 

'This room, which was octagonal in shape, was designed as a place for connection for a modern family,' says Jon de la Cruz, founder of De La Cruz Interior Design. 'Whether dining, playing games, or enjoying an after-dinner nightcap, I wanted to challenge the idea of a dining space, while keeping its quiet yet luxurious aesthetic.' 

A dining room with ceramics in the wall

(Image credit: Hauvette & Madani)

If you're wondering how to design a dining room, think of making this space a showcase for all things beautiful; almost like a mini art gallery. After all, this is where you spend a significant amount of time hosting friends and family. Fill it with eye-catching light fixtures, art, decorative items, and the most comfortable seats.

'To decorate this space, we chose 'Roma' Murano glass chandelier from Danke Galerie, and brought in a table with travertine legs and a marble top,' say Samantha Hauvette and Lucas Madani, founders of Hauvette & Madani. 'The ceramics from Morgane Pasqualini give a gallery-style look.'

3. This panelled wall

A dining room in beige, with paneling on walls

(Image credit: Pulkit Sehgal. Studio credit NKD Design Studio)

Cozy up the dining room with elegantly simple yet effective wall paneling ideas. This will give the room dimension and movement, and add depth to the design.

'An interesting yet off-beat way to cozy up the dining room is with wall treatments, such as paneling or wainscoting,' says Noorein Kapoor, founder of NKD Design Studio. 'These not only give a wonderful architectural effect to the room but also provide texture to a one-dimensional space.' 

4. This organically-hued room

A dining room with a sleek wooden table and cane chairs

(Image credit: Amoeba Design)

Meld old and new world charm in your dining room with furniture crafted in natural materials. Layer in soft dining room lighting, and most importantly, crown moldings. Highlight the ceiling design with paint. 

'We designed a timeless space that redefines the past with present sensibilities,' say Satyajeet Patwardhan and Pashmin Shah, co-founders of Amoeba Design.

5. This dining room with loads of storage

A dining room with built-in storage

(Image credit: Max Burkhalter. Studio credit MKCA)

Add more functionality to your dining room with storage – but the space-saving kind. Use your dining room walls for built-in storage and consider adding small shelves all around the wall, framing a space in the middle for seating, like in this project by New York-based architectural practice MKCA. 

Cookbooks add a splash of color, or showcase your most precious collectibles – the stories behind them act as great ice-breakers. 'We created a process where the collaborating designers were always aware of each other's work throughout,' says Michael K Chen, founder of MKCA. 'As with all of our interiors, our approach has as much to do with connecting and creating an actual dialog between collaborators as it is with curating relationships between objects.'

6. This pop of color

A dining room with turquoise blue furniture

(Image credit: Pulkit Sehgal. Studio credit NKD Design Studio)

Dining room color ideas don't always have to mean wall paints. Let each piece of furniture tell a story of rich crafts and its origins, dipped in hues. In this project, a turquoise hue washes over the dining room thanks to the chairs and table designed in ocean-glass finish.

'We chose these minimalist chairs in cane, with a slim dining table for the apartment,' says Noorein. 'The cane chairs give the illusion of extra room. Narrow furniture legs help keep this segment of the house feeling open and relaxed.

7. This irregular shape

An organic shaped dining table

(Image credit: John Merkl. Studio credit K Interiors)

Dining table trends have changed more than any other furniture for the home in recent years. No longer do you need to choose between square, rectangular, and round for your dining table. Designers are taking this staple in new directions with a focus on more unusual or angular shapes that foster connection and make for better, more intimate conversation. 

'We wanted to play with shapes in the dining room,' says Kristen Pena, founder of K Interiors. 'The custom table allowed for a fun shape and interesting leg placement, so many people can accommodate it at once. The chairs provide both comfort and interest with their back design.'

8. This wallpapered corner

A dining room with pink wallpaper

(Image credit: Pankaj Anand. Studio credit Ravi Vazirani Design Studio)

To make the dining room look more expensive, consider textured wallpaper, along with a sculptural table carved in marble. These two inherently stylish elements will add a sophisticated touch to the room, giving it a luxe appeal.

'We decided to clad the entire space in a single surface, i.e the wallpaper,' says Ravi Vazirani, founder of Ravi Vazirani Design Studio. 'That allows for the focus to be on the space and creates a visual symmetry. Within this space, every object has been curated to elevate the experience.'

9. This seating idea

A dining with low seating

(Image credit: Shiraz Jamali Architects)

This is a dining and living room trend that makes small spaces more welcoming, comfy, and relaxed – that of floor seating. 

Many Asian cultures emphasize low seating as it not only helps in better digestion but also adds value design-wise. Lower seating makes a room feel taller. ‘Traditionally Asians are accustomed to sitting on the floor and dining as it is considered healthy. And with all old traditions making a huge comeback, we decided to re-do floor seating but in a more modern way,' says architect Shiraz Jamali.

10. This matching floor and ceiling

A dining room with a painted ceiling

(Image credit: Stephan Julliard.Sophie Dries Architect)

Even a small dining space or an eat-in kitchen eked out of a larger room can be personality-filled. You simply need to use the magic of color. 

'The saffron-colored concrete flooring and walls harmonize with the made-to-measure bench and the octagonal table. We added an artwork to add further layering to the scheme,' says architect Sophie Dries.

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