A loft apartment in TriBeCa, New York, comprising an open-plan living area, dining area, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

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One side of this expansive loft space is covered entirely in this eye-catching ombré wallpaper (pictured above).Proof that you don’t always have to fill a big wall with photos or artwork – choosea moody wallpaper to add a more nuanced sense of drama and texture to a space.

Black is the prevailing tone for the rest of the walls. It’s a bold and unexpected choice that adds a sense of calm and sophistication to the loft, making the vast space feel less sparse and more cocooning.

Brass lighting pops against the black walls.This combination of gold and brass tones teamed with darksis a trick that can make any home look super-stylish, whether in a bathroom or a larger living space.

(Image credit: Photography - Matthew Williams,)

The mix of old with new is a great way of adding tension to a scheme, while keeping the look fresh. The mix ofstatement accessories match the loft’s imposing scale.

(Image credit: Photography - Matthew Williams,)

One of the secrets to the loft’s success is the way the owners have embraced its openness, using statement objects – such as this oversized vase – to fill empty corners. Choosing artwork over furniture also gives them the flexibility to move objects around more easily.


A second sofa is central to a more secluded zone, giving owners to options to relax separate to eat other,while still being together in the same space.

(Image credit: Photography - Matthew Williams, Styling - Vanessa Vazquez)


The wall tapestry behind the dining table is from Callidus Guild, a Brooklyn-based atelier that uses precious metals and handmade paints to create one-of-a-kind surfaces. And all the lighting is by Apparatus, a New York studio that employs aged brass, leather and marble in its sleek, sculptural designs.The dining table has sacred geometric patterns etched into the top in brass which is starting to wear.


The kitchen is covered in Dark Floral wallpaper featuring lifelike paintings of flowers by designer Ellie Cashman, who was inspired by Dutch masters such as Rembrandt.


The walls and ceiling have been painted top to bottom in an earthy shade, creating a cocooning and restful retreat. The natural linens, shaggy rugs, no-frills furniture and industrial style pendant create a relaxed, bohemian vibe – a stark contrast to the rest of the apartment.


The bathroom’s black and white colour scheme feels über-chic. It’s a relatively small room that used to be all white, butit actually looks and feels bigger since black was introduced.

Photography ⁄ Matthew Williams