Kids desks: 25 of the best desk ideas for kids

Looking for the right kids desk and chair combo to create a homework nook or drawing area? Take inspiration from these mega chic kids desk spaces...

kids desk area in alcove with curtains
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These super chic kids desk ideas will give them a cosy spot to concentrate on homework or get creative – and they'll elevate the kids room interior too.

We love the idea of sectioning off an area with cosy drapes, and we love the space-saving ideas of pull-down desks that sit flush with the wall when they're not in use. In one of the larger kids office spaces, a long desk wraps around the wall offering lots of surface for spreading out books and papers, while a magnetic tack board on the wall offers the perfect place for hanging all those artworks.

The examples below show how you can create a desk out of a window sill, or wall mount a floating desk into an unused area as another space-saving option – for example in a family kitchen.

And then there's cute mini desk with mini chairs, perfect for art and messy projects. If the desk is in a dedicated room, you could paint the walls with chalkboard paint to create a floor-to-ceiling blackboard for doodling – and learning.

Some of these kids desk areas are set up in bedrooms, others in play rooms, and others are lucky enough to have separate home offices just for doing homework in. Whatever your setup, these desk ideas for kids are full of ideas and inspiration.

Get inspired by all our desk ideas for kids below...

1. Alcove desk

A desk area uses up an awkward alcove space. A framed artwork and wall light make this space feel very elegant and grown-up for a homework nook.

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2. Window sill

Designed by Alice Lane, this clever desk area was created between the cabinets, in the window sill area. A full wall of built ins allowed for projects and papers to be organised and out of the way.

kids desk area in the window sill

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3. Pull down

This compact, pull-down desk creates the perfect spot for doing homework.

kids desk area with a pull-down desk which is wall mounted

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4. Mount a floating desk shelf for a clean look

In Let's Play House: Stylish Living With Kids (Lannoo Publishers) by Joni Vandewalle, a floating shelf creates a modern kids desk area for doing homework, playing, or doing art projects.

kids desk

(Image credit: Let's Play House: Stylish Living With Kids (Lannoo Publishers) by Joni Vandewalle)

5. Double desk

Interior designer Naomi Clarke built a wall of mirrored cupboards either side of oak desks, with a seat in the middle. Beautiful but also so practical. Either side of the desk is a linen covered notice board for the children to display their cards and notes. At night a drop down cinema screen covers the space when the homework is finished!

kids room with two kids desk areas

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6. Framed desk space

This super chic desk idea for kids features a desk with drawers underneath and shelves on top, nestled between built-in wardrobes. Designed by Katharine Pooley, we love the red and blue colour scheme, the fab desk chair and the upholstered wardrobe doors. It's all about the details!

built-in kids desk area with upholstered surfaces

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7. Built-in nook

This lovely study nook incorporates a built-in desk with shelves and a pin board. We love the powder blue paint colour.

kids desk in corner

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8. Under the stairs

This desk space makes the most of an under-stair alcove.

kids desk area under the stairs

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9. Wallpapered

A fun wallpaper brightens up this homework nook, designed by Caroline Cobbold.

kids desk area with wallpapered feature wall

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10. Burst of colour

Make their pictures have more impact by displaying en masse. Arrange a collage in a large frame or hang them from a piece of string using decorative pegs, or you could pin them on to a huge noticeboard.

kids desk area with pinboard full of art

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11. Citrus yellow

A zingy citrus yellow wall fills this playful space with energy, while vintage pieces tone it down.

kids desk area in yellow kids room

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12. Floating shelves

This young child's desk space features floating shelves in a matching powder blue paint shade. An acrylic chair with soft cushions provides a fun contrast to the wood furniture.

kids desk which is blue and modern

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13. Girls room

How's this desk space for a girls bedroom? The chair is particularly gorgeous, but we also love the pin board that's upholstered in silk. When they reach teen years it also doubles as a gorgeous vanity area for experimenting with make-up.

kids desk and vanity table for teenage girl bedroom

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14. Aquarium wall

A fish tank built into the wall gives this playroom instant cool points. The room also features a 12 foot long custom lacquered desk with polished stainless legs and an indestructible ‘colourblock satin Lucite’ work surface.

kids desk space with aquarium wall

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15. Magnetic wall board

The custom glass painted tack board is magnetic, and is perfect for hanging up kids artworks.

kids desk area with magnetic wall

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16. Scandi chic

This desk idea for kids features a wall-mounted desk and pared back Scandi palette. The wall paint colour is calm and zen-like, muting distractions.

floating kids desk in scandi colours

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17. Floating desk

This floating desk was fitted next to the kitchen and makes the most of otherwise unused space.

floating kids desk in kitchen

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18. Bear chairs

Looking for desk ideas for kids – in the plural sense? This adorable work station for doing arts and crafts at is surrounded by little bear shaped chairs, creating an inviting art area for the owner's four children.

kids desk with four bear shaped chairs

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19. Chalkboard paint

The blackboard started out as a fun thing for the kids, but it’s turned out just as useful for the parents to scribble reminders on.

kids desk area with blackboard wall

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20. Built-in

This desk space is nestled into built-in storage, painted in vibrant gloss blue.

kids desk area with built in cupboards

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21. Computer station

A computer station sits along this wall, and is separate from the table in the centre of this kids' office which is used for arts & crafts.

kids desk area for multiple kids

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22. Banquette seating

Padded banquette seating make a snug corner for homework in this kitchen corner. To ramp up the glam factor, a trio of Lee Broom crystal lights hang over the table.

kids desk area in the kitchen by the window

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23. Mondriaan

The black grid-like boxes of the shelving unit, together with the black lines of the desk and painted ceiling create a Mondrian-inspired effect. We love how the desk flows into the shelves, as one piece of furniture.

kids desk built into statement wall storage

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24. Split level

This playroom and homework area is divided from the rest of the living and kitchen area via some steps. Contemporary modular shelving lines one wall, while the kids desk and chairs creates the perfect spot for homework.

kids desk area in the basement

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25. Multi functional

This calm office space is also used by the children to do their homework, and also doubles up as a play room from time to time.

kids desk area in home office

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