The Viral 'Book' Vase is Only $14 in the Amazon Spring Sale — ‘It Just Makes My Heart Happy!’

Springtime is finally here, and you know what that means — the Amazon Big Spring Sale! Take this as your sign to snag the most cheerful vase of the season. Plus, shop nine other discounted vases to spruce up your bookshelf

Viral 'book' vase
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Just when we thought the world of vases had reached its creative peak, we met the ‘book’ vase. It is essentially what it sounds like: a vase that looks like a book, slipping right into a shelf of literary treasures like a favorite novel.

It’s cheerful, it’s darling, and it’s perfect for spring, so it comes as no surprise that this clever interior design idea has gone exceedingly viral. ‘It just makes my heart happy!’ captions creator Abigal Lorraine (@absalz) under her TikTok showcasing the piece, which has already garnered over 2.3 million likes, 15.3 million views — and counting. Abigal situated hers among a countertop display of design-forward reads, featuring works by Bauhaus, Tadao Ando, and Alvar Aalto.

‘At first glance, the transparent bookend vase may seem like just another decorative accessory,’ says interior designer Nina Lichtenstein — and that’s the point! ‘The transparent design of the vase creates a striking visual impact, allowing it to seamlessly blend with any decor style while adding a touch of modern elegance,’ she explains. As if the vase could not be more fabulous, it’s currently featured as part of the Amazon Big Spring Sale for just $14 — score!

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‘Wait, are those flowers coming out of that book?’ your houseguests might exclaim. As they draw closer, they will be struck with the pleasant surprise that it is, in fact, a vase, sitting happily with its bookish companions. Instant smiles and an instant mood enhancer — perfect for springing into the season. ‘The Mystery of Growth’ reads the spine and cover of the ‘book’ — an adorably cheeky reference to the stems placed inside.

The Viral 'Book' Vase

Viral book vase

(Image credit: Amazon)

In terms of styling, Nina advises playing with height through stacks and layers. ‘Arrange books and decorative objects around the bookend vase to create layers and visual depth,’ she explains, adding, ‘Stack books horizontally and vertically, alternating between different sizes and orientations for a dynamic and curated look.’

Creating height differences applies to your flowers as well. ‘Experiment with different heights and proportions,’ she advises, ‘to create visual interest and balance.’ ‘Mix and match taller stems with shorter blooms or incorporate trailing vines for added dimension.’

Easy, right? And at $14, the only thing breezier than adding your vase to your shelf is its affordable price tag. ‘Let your creativity bloom!’ the designer exclaims.

Bookend Vase for Flowers.

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