Vecna's house from Stranger Things is on the market for $1.5 million – here's what it really looks like inside

Fans of Stranger Things can now see inside Vecna's creepy Creel House, and we think it's spookily stylish

An exterior photo of a large home from Stranger Things
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Halloween might be over for another year, but we've found the perfect house for anyone who wants a spooky style all year round. Fans of the popular Netflix show Stranger Things might recognise this gothic Victorian home as Vecna's hideout in season four of the series, and you could be calling it your own if you have $1.5 million going spare. 

Once a popular bed and breakfast, the East Rome home - just over an hour's drive from Atlanta city, Georgia - is nestled within a one acre lot and boasts seven bedrooms and bathrooms set across 6,000 square feet. Originally constructed in 1882, the home is famously recognized as the iconic Creel House from Stranger Things but has been restored to its former glory since filming took place. 

Despite it's Second Empire style architecture, signature mansard roof, and the ornate built-in fittings, the property's interior has been updated into a modern home fit for family life (and guarantees there are no cursed monsters in the attic!). Dare to look inside? 

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Lilith is an expert at following news and trends across the world of interior design. She has an eye for appealing designs and interesting spaces which she regularly shares with readers through home tours, such as this one. After learning that the Vecna's spooky dwelling rom Stranger Things was up for sale, she wanted to share the fascinating modern gothic decor that's hidden inside

A gothic style entryway with a candelabra on a round table and a chandelier light o

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Once you pass the threshold of the inlaid wood doorway, you're met by a spacious entryway that gives way to a sweeping staircase, with detailed carved wood panelling around the perimeter. The chandelier lighting fixture makes a magnificent statement, setting the grandiose rooms that follow.

A modern gothic hallway with a large staircase

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The sweeping wooden staircase faces a large fireplace opposite, evidence of this property's stately history. The green tiling in the fire surround, echoed in the upholstery of the adjacent chair, establish the moody, dark color scheme that flows throughout the home. 

A gothic style kitchen with a long banquette table bar with wooden seating and green cabinetry

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The recently renovated kitchen has been given contemporary updates while still retaining traditional features that are in keeping with the home's origins. New appliances include an ice maker and dishwasher, all built with custom cabinetry that surrounds a 15 foot island draped in black marble. A large walk-in pantry offers ample storage, as well as an adjoining butler's pantry with a wet bar that connects the kitchen to the dining room.

A gothic dining room with green walls and a large wooden oval dining table

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Ever wanted to eat on the site of a film set? Well, you can do it daily if you choose to live here. Sharp-eyed viewers of Stranger Things will recognize this as the dining room of the Creel family in the series. Green walls and wooden floorboards contribute to the moody feel in this majestic formal dining space, complete with a dark oval dining table and wooden chairs. 

A gothic living room with green walls, ornate French style furniture and chandelier lighting

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Many original details remain in the living room, such as the intricate handcrafted built-in shutters and layered molding details. Together with the palatial French style furniture, this space seems more fitting for a respectable family than it does a cursed villain from the upside-down.

A modern gothic bedroom with wooden bed in the corner, cabriole sofa and chandelier light

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Upstairs, many of the large bedrooms feature en-suite bathrooms. The large fireplace, cabriole sofa and chandelier lighting make this space feel opulent and luxurious and despite the original antique features, there's plenty of scope to modernize.

A modern gothic bedroom with dark grey walls, wooden floorboards and rattan headboard

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Several bedrooms have already seen more contemporary updates, like this room with grey walls and a rattan headboard. 

A modern gothic bathroom with sconce lights flanking a mirror, black marble tiles and large rectangular sink

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The en-suite bathroom of the master bedroom feels fittingly gothic, in-keeping with the rest of the rooms. Twin sconces flank a tall mirror while stone features like the black bathroom floor tiles and oversized rectangular marble sink add to the dark, eerie concept that runs throughout this home. Who knew spooky could be so stylish? 

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