The theater room in LA Reid's Bel-Air home takes one of our favorite decorating trends to the next level

The $21.5 million home, complete with a red velvet media room and sound system, is a music fanatic's dream

A exterior shot of a large house at dusk with a large garden and a pool
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Fancy living like the Fresh Prince? Well, for $21.5 million, you can. Music producer and ex X-Factor judge LA Reid has just re-listed his Bel Air home on the market complete with a DJ-deck inspired home bar, an incredible floating staircase at its heart, and a theater room that elevates the 'color drenching' trend to a luxe level. 

Nestled in LA's secluded Santa Monica hills, 1740 Bel Air Road not only comes with an esteemed zip code in a star-studded neighborhood, but the sweeping 7-bed, 10-bath home has serene mountain views, too. These natural vista can be enjoyed from the zero-edge pool, set within a lusciously green acre of land. 

Inside, the modern home's open floorplan allows the invididual living spaces to blend seamlessly together while floor-to-ceiling windows throughout exhibit the stunning surrounding landscape beyond the four walls. With a luxurious studio space, high-end sound systems, and DJ-themed bar, this property is every music fanatic's dream. For us, though, the floating staircase is the real star of the show. 


A large entryway with high ceilings, a chandelier lighting and floating staircase

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

Step over the threshold of the 11,000 square foot property - listed by Sotheby's - and the interior instantly exudes the luxious feel of LA's elite. In the entryway, you're met by a sculputral display of pendant lights that surround the skylight above, which is then reflected in the elegant white monolithic floor tiles below. To your right, you also steal a glimpse of the breath-taking floating staircase.

It was the 'positive energy' of this awe-inspiring entryway that made LA Reid - a record producer who's worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Justin Beiber - and his wife Erica, fall in love with the property. 'Upon walking into this beautiful and very rare home, the view immediately pulled us in,' they say. 'We saw many homes, but none as magical or with such an alluring backdrop as this.' 


A kitchen with a white island and bar stools, white slab cabinetry, and a large floor to ceiling window with mountain views

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

In the kitchen, an oversized island with mid-Century style bar stools takes center stage. In keeping with a retro theme, slab stone countertops and cabinet doors with light-colored custom wood cabinetry make the perfect natural palette for the canyon backdrop beyond. 

Despite the home being less than ten years old and having a modern feel throughout, LA and Erica used retro finds to give the home a unique patina. 'The design component that we are most proud of is the idea of taking a contemporary space and giving it a chic-yet-relaxed lived-in look and ambiance,' they explain. 'We created not only a look, but a home.'

Dining room

A dining room with a circular table, a floral centerpiece and statement lighting

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

That curated feel translates to the dining room too, where Mid-century modern-style chairs surround a circular table while an ultra-modern statement lighting fixture hangs overhead. The bubble chandelier and recessed ceiling bring a contemporary feel to what is otherwise a timelessly classic dining space, culminating in a intriguing transitional style. 

Living room

A living room with a large window, day loungers and a coffee table stacked with books

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

Plush day loungers are the perfect spot to bask in the natural beauty of the exterior landscape in the living room. Slate-grey panelled walls and an elegant table, curated with on-trend coffee table books, make for a luxurious feel and a super relaxing space. 

It's the attention to finer details that make it clear that LA and Erica have eyes for interior style. 'Many of our special accessories make this home feel charming while creating an energy and look that is both comforting and unique,' they explain. 'Through our many years of global travel, we acquired some rare gems.' 

Some of these unique items include an iron door knocker they picked up from a flea market in Argentina, an African tribal ceremonial chair, and a rare Vladimir Kagan table custom made by the designer. In this room, there's also the striking floor lamp that sprouts out like tree branches, a favorite from a Parisian flea market. 'Each piece tells its own story within our story,' says Erica. 

A cream colored living room with a mosaic effect wall divider and fireplace

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

This zone is partitioned from a more convivial living area opposite. Here, cream sofas and chairs surround a coffee table - an ideal spot for hosting guests. The two distinct spaces are separated by a contemporary fireplace within the central partition panel which, together with the bronze-effect flue, gives the room a sense of warmth and coziness. 

Home Bar 

A home bar with mosaic effect tiles decked by sound system speakers

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

If record execs know how to do one thing well (besides producing good music, of course) it's throw a party. This Bel Air home takes your standard drinks cabinet up a notch with a DJ-deck-inspired home bar flanked by huge speakers and TV monitors for your own exclusive private club. There's no doubt that many a star has partied here, either.


A floating corner staircase against a large window

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

Now for the main event (in our eyes, at least). Within a corner of the home lies a floating staircase that spans all three floors of the home with a near- 360-degree view. The sweeping steps offer unbridled views of the landscape outside, both below and above, as well as an obstacle-free vantage point to enjoy the design of the home.  

When you're not making your way up or downstairs, the staircase itself makes its own structural spectacle on each floor. Truthfully, it's possibly the most striking example of this modern architectural feature that we've ever seen. 

Media room 

A media room with a large sound system, a wall mounted TV, and red velvet upholstery

(Image credit: Trevor Tondro)

Finally, it wouldn't be a music mogul's ex-home without a show-stopping media room - and you can rest assured it has the best acoustics your ears have ever laid witness to. For those that want to be truly immersed by their favorite music or love to cozy on down with a family movie night, the plush red velvet room is the perfect place to escape the day's chaos. 

Having lived in the home only a few years, LA and Erica have made few renovations to the home, other than this unique space. 'We added this home theater inspired by the interior of Hotel Costes in Paris,' they explain. 'It's sultry and a real mood with its art deco décor.' 

If you weren't yet sold, this room surely acts as the cherry on top. It's just waiting for its lucky new owner with a hefty $21 million going spare...

Listed by Chantel Mehrabanian of Sotheby’s International Realty and Tomer Fridman of Compass

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