4 kitchen cabinet colors that will never go out of style – 'they stand the test of time', say designers

Looking for a timeless color for your kitchen cabinets? These are the ones interior designers recommend for future-proof spaces

blue kitchen
(Image credit: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architects)

In the words of the famed fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent: 'Fashions fade but style is eternal' and the same can be said for the right cabinet color. Choosing a cabinet color can be a difficult decision, this is a shade that will take up the largest proportion of your kitchen and you will inevitably see it every day. Letting trends guide you may mean that you find yourself redecorating in a year or two...

A primary motivator for any design decision is opting for the colors, textures, and shapes that you feel best resonate with your personality and that you love. There is a far greater chance that you won’t regret your design decisions when following this rule. 

However, over the years we have seen a few kitchen color ideas that remain timeless and the staples of many international interior designers. We explore what these timeless tones are and how they deliver a kitchen design that feels everlasting.

1. Deep green

deep green kitchen

(Image credit: Aaron Leitz, Design: Lisa Staton)

Mirroring the natural world, the appeal of green overall makes a lot of sense. It’s a hue that we’ve grown up surrounded by and evokes a sense of growth, nourishment, and refreshment. 'I think the color of cabinetry in the following image is really interesting,' says Washington-based interior designer Lisa Staton. 'Black, white, cream as well as navy and deep greens are classic and stand the test of time.' 

Dark green kitchens also provide a sense of visual stability, it’s depth and darkness are both grounding and alluring. Staton’s pairing with brass fixtures helps to light up the kitchen and makes for a classic combination with the forest green.

2. Classic blue

blue kitchen

(Image credit: Cuppett Kilpatrick Architects)

Blue is another color that is considered timeless and blue kitchens can actually help create a calming space where family and friends feel comfortable. 

'This shade of blue was selected to recall 19th-century domestic interiors, and because it has historical precedence, it feels timeless,' reveals Tim Cuppett of Cuppett Kilpatrick Architects. The Austin-based studio’s project presents the classic Prussian blue color as a canvas for this charming kitchen design. The choice of color gives the traditional joinery a sense of modernity but equally gives the kitchen character. Cuppett’s advice also speaks to the enduring beauty of traditional kitchen designs and historic colors.

3. Elegant white

white kitchen with brass fixtures

(Image credit: Ronen Lev)

White as a cabinet color can be considered by some to be the ‘safe’ choice but in actuality, its ability to reflect light and create an elegant kitchen is second to none. 

The key to creating a white kitchen that feels timeless and engaging is in the contrasting accents, as in this project from New York-based studio Ronen Lev, the navy cooker and brass accents add color and texture to the design. 

'White and off-white hues exude a timeless elegance that can adapt to various design styles,' says Jessica Kamel, co-founder of Ronen Lev. 'We like to select an off-white hue like Farrow and Ball's School House White for kitchen cabinets. This color acts as a neutral canvas and a clean backdrop allowing us to choose a statement marble for the countertops and backsplash. The lighter color also can make a space feel larger and brighter. They reflect light effectively, which is beneficial in smaller kitchens or where there’s less natural light.' 

4. Bronzed Brass

bronze brass kitchen

(Image credit: Tendens Studio)

When it comes to choosing an unpainted material for a kitchen cabinet, wood can be a surprisingly tricky choice to get right. Interior design trends for wood are something that definitely shift over time, which could mean the on-trend wood tone you choose now might not hold up in years to come. 

However, metallic accents are a little less fickle, and this kitchen from Tendens Studio presents brass as an eternal cabinet color. Brass’s appeal makes sense, this gilded hue provides all of the metallic glow of gold but with the earthiness of brown. Choosing a warm tone for your cabinet colors is an easy way to ensure your kitchen feels welcoming. 

'When I'm sketching projects I like to assemble materials, colors, etc. to find the right combination,' says Rasmus Buchmann from the Copenhagen-based practice. 'For this project, I was working on a warm color palette with the idea of using steel as the primary material with a mind on making it look like brass.' 

Opting for a textured finish also means your brass kitchen cabinets will be more resistant to marking over the years, allowing them to stand the test of time.

Writer and design expert Faaizah Shah is the founder of The Interiors Consultancy. She has worked with designers such as Staffan Tollgard and design houses such as Sanderson to help them understand and communicate their narratives. She is known for crafting engaging stories and imaginative content, and understanding great decor from her years alongside some of the best creatives in the industry. She is also a contributor to Livingetc.