Sage green kitchen ideas – how to introduce this season’s stand out color into your kitchen

Sage green kitchens are this season’s big color and here is the expert advice you need to get it right

Harvey Jones sage green kitchen marble splashback
Linear Kitchen from £20,000 Harvey Jones
(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

This season’s big trend for the sage green kitchen only getting more popular, so move over navy blue. It’s been bubbling away in the background for a while, but this year, it’s the boss of all modern kitchen ideas. It’s a grounding color, soft and easy on the eye, and of course it’s drawn from nature, so perfect for now, when we are all feeling a bit battered but also looking forward to a better future.  However, one person's sage is another person's Forest or Aquamarine, so there is whole spectrum of colours that fall into this category. Here’s a few ways to bring sage into your life.

1 Mix Dark Cabinets With Light Worktops

devol sage green kitchen

The Classic English Kitchen from £25,000 by deVOL

(Image credit: deVOL)

The obvious way to create a sage green kitchen is to use it as the shade for your modern kitchen cabinet ideas, to update them with a bit of paint. With a deep tone like this, it’s dramatic so balance it with white and grey marble countertops and splashbacks. 

“Sage is perfect for kitchen cabinetry and can be teamed with a classic neutral such as Farrow and Ball's Bone on the walls that will give it an elegant, relaxed charm," says Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassdor, Patrick O’ Donnell. "Bringing in a complementary shade like Salon Drab to a free-standing larder unit will add an extra layer of colour. And greens work so well with natural woods giving it a rustic look. If your sage has a grey tinge, try pairing it with dusty pinks on a kitchen island or ceiling.”

2. Cool Tones Are Contemporary

Harvey Jones sage green kitchen

Linear Kitchen from £20,000 Harvey Jones

(Image credit: Harvey Jones)

This paler shade of sage gives the kitchen a modern feel, enhanced by the plain, pale gray walls. Then add a dark marble top to the island to add depth and impact.

“Cool and muted shades of green have become increasingly popular for use in  sage green kitchens. Sage really pops alongside metallic touches that will enhance the warmth of the colour and give it shine, so I’d recommend going for a brass or gold finish for the brassware and cabinetry handles” says Head of Design at Harvey Jones, Melissa Klink. “Alternatively, matt black finishes give this colour an edgier, more contemporary twist.” 

3. Use Sage Green As An Accent

Pluck sage green kitchen cabinet

Pluck Kitchen

(Image credit: Pluck)

Break up a run of units with one or two green doors. This kitchen from Pluck also has matching green accents behind the door handles on the oak doors for a stylish touch. 

Jayne Everett, Design Director of Naked Kitchens says, “Using different colored cabinetry is a great way to make your kitchen design truly unique. Using color to zone different parts of the room is popular, with preparation and cooking areas one shade, and socialising and the modern kitchen island in a complementary color. Green kitchens are certainly popular this year, with people choosing calming and natural color schemes while they are spending more time at home.”

4 Introduce Color With The Tiles

Tile Mountain sage green kitchen tiles

(Image credit: Tile Mountain)

In a plain kitchen, choose a pale sage tone to add artful color and lay Metro tiles in a herringbone pattern for a contemporary touch.

“Embrace the soft and tranquil shade of sage green at home, green is associated with well-being and contentment so works wonders in interiors,” says Hamish Smith, Creative Director of Ca Pietra. “Sage green is a good color choice for the kitchen, it’s earthy and grounding which means that it won’t be overbearing. We love it teamed with rustic neutrals, think vintage woods, brass and rich terracotta paint.”

5. Paint The Walls

Little Greene sage kitchen

Upper Wall: Aquamarine Pale 282; Lower Wall: Aquamarine Mid 284 both Intelligent Matt Emulsion, £53 for 2.5l; Island Aquamarine 138; Worktop: Livid 263 both Intelligent Satinwood, £75.50 for 2.5l

(Image credit: Little Greene)

An instant and inexpensive way to add sage to your kitchen is obviously with one of the best green paints, and here you can see how well it blends with these aquamarine shades for a tranquil scheme.

“Sage Green and Aquamarine tones will complement natural materials such as slate and stone, as well as wooden textures and finishes," says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director, Little Greene. "Within our Color Scales collection, you will find numerous strengths of each shade, produced with varying amounts of the same pigment, meaning that you can experiment with two or three different tones of the same color to create a coordinated scheme and add depth to a space. The blue greens of ‘Aquamarine Pale and Aquamarine Mid’  paired with a darker tone such as ‘Livid’ results in a fresh and welcoming scheme."

6 Create A Faux Tiled Wall to Introduce Sage Into The Kitchen

Lime Lace sage green kitchen

Kitchen Splashback Wallpaper, Green Hexagon, £155 a roll, Lime Lace

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

So cool, it’s hard to believe this is wallpaper! For a quick and simple splashback, this is a stunner, with a faded tile design above it, it’s truly original.

“Sage green is becoming one of our best sellers” says Nina Tarnowski, founder and designer, Woodchip & Magnolia. “It works well in almost every room, but especially in the kitchen. You can add a sense of personality to the walls with wallpaper and don’t be afraid to be bold. If you intend to put it in an area where it might be damaged, consider a coat of clear varnish.  Pair with off-whites and natural textures for a look that feels fresh and timeless.” 

7 Bring In Pattern with Sage Green Kitchen Flooring

Bert and May green kitchen tiles

Sprouts floor tiles, £150 per m2 Bert & May

(Image credit: Bert and May)

Build up the layers of color and pattern whilst sticking to a green colour palette. Jade green wall cabinets are teamed with a sage patterned floor with an interesting grid design, then introduce other green shades in the accessories.

“If you normally veer towards neutral tones, sage green is the safest shade you can start with to bring colour into your kitchen," says Linda Boronkay, Creative Director of Linda Boronkay Design Studio. “It’s a soft shade, taken from nature, so it doesn’t jar and works well with other greens and neutrals, team with natural materials, painted vintage furniture and ochre shades”

8 Add Color With Appliances

Franke green kitchen hood

Hood by Franke

(Image credit: Franke)

Why not choose colored appliances? In a soft gray kitchen like this one, a sage green cooker hood brings a design statement and adds to the restful scheme.

“When adding colour, even a pastel shade, into an interior, the room needs to remain balanced.” Says Interior Designer, Raili Clasen of Raili Ca Design. “A great way of introducing colour to a kitchen scheme is through colored cabinetry and appliances. They can create a lovely focal point without overwhelming the space and it’s an easy way to update a plain kitchen without a complete refurb.”

9 The Finishing Touches

Original BTC sage green kitchen pendant light

Titan pendant shades, £345 from Original BTC

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Some of the coolest kitchen lighting ideas right now are coming in sage green.

"Light fittings can be chosen to complement or highlight your kitchen design, from glossy metallics to textured finishes or pops of color.” says Charlie Bowles, Director, Original BTC. “Think about the look of the fittings themselves as well as the overall lighting effect – kitchens can sometimes look austere, and interesting fittings are a great way to soften the look. Sage Green looks set to make a big impact throughout Spring/Summer and beyond."

Alison Davidson

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