12 bedroom accent wall ideas for an on-trend focal point

Take inspiration from these bedroom accent wall ideas and create a beautiful statement behind your bed

a bedroom with a raw plaster accent wall
(Image credit: Billy Bolton. Design: Red Deer)

There's a good reason bedroom accent wall ideas are so popular. The wall behind the headboard is an ideal canvas for showcasing the most creative aspects of your home. And, from photo walls, macramé tapestries, neon signs, and wallpapers to paints, there are a lot of different ways you can go. 

While it's true that accent walls aren't as popular as they once were, they represent a  bedroom idea that makes it easy to inject personality into your space. Accent walls can be bold for a bedroom, especially for the wall behind your bed, as it's out of sight when laying in bed, but they don't have to be OTT.

If you're looking for fresh ideas, we have the 10 best ones to help you uplift this room. Take a look and bookmark the ones you love. 

10 bedroom accent wall ideas, from statement designs to subtle, stylish looks

'Think about what you're trying to achieve with your accent wall. Do you want it to be the statement in the room or a quiet backdrop that enhances the room?' says Kirsten Blazek, principal designer of A1000XBetter. Use these 10 accent wall ideas as a starting point for your space. 

1. Use a marble backdrop

A bedroom with a stone wall behind the bed

(Image credit: Studio Wodehouse)

There's nothing more beautiful than natural stone when it comes to adding color, texture, and detail to a space. This centuries-old material, known for its durability can help transform modern bedrooms into vibrant, timeless spaces. 

Usually, stone, be it marble, terracotta, or slate is thought of as the ideal material for flooring or counters. Flip this trend on its head and utilize its aesthetics for an accent wall feature. Decorate the wall behind the bed with a stone feature, add long, hanging pendants in gold and create a dynamic appearance. 

'We chose a stone because it's easier to clean and maintain, and we really liked the colours in the stone, the abstract water colour aesthetic and it is with the color of this marble that we built the palette of this bedroom,' says Shonali Mahajan, principal designer at Studio Wodehouse

2. Try wallpaper behind the bed

A bedroom with a teal toned wallpaper

(Image credit: Little Greene)

With people's growing interest in mid-century modern design, the popularity of patterned and textured wall coverings has exploded. Plain white walls are vanilla – now is the time for giving way to birch forests, rambling trellis patterns, and op art designs in shimmering Mylar.

In the master bedroom, designs don’t have to be strictly modern; even traditional and classical wallpapers can find relevance. In terms of experimentations, instead of covering a wall in flat wallpaper, consider adding them between panels, framed by molding like a work of art. This can give rise to a decorative composition.

'Wallpaper is seeing another renaissance,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene. 'As people are spending more time at home they are seeking out color and pattern that creates atmosphere, either by injecting joy and energy into an interior or by creating a calming, cozy, and cocooning sanctuary. The beauty of wallpaper is that there are so many different colors, designs, and style options available. Bolder designs can be used in combination with vibrant coordinating colors or can be paired down with complementary neutrals to suit different tastes or spaces. Using patterns in the home creates additional interest to any interior scheme and consumers are certainly happy to experiment with color.'

'A feature or accent wall behind the bed is the perfect place to be adventurous with color and pattern, as once you’re in bed the room will still feel calm and relaxing,' says Ruth.

3. Add a calming vibe with chalk paint

A bedroom with a chalk paint backdrop

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Limewash was traditionally used as an exterior finish, to decorate and protect porous stone and lime-rendered surfaces. Due to its organic and timeless look, this paint is now a popular interiors finish.

For a serene, minimalist bedroom, create an accent wall using limewash paint; a breathable finish that is mottled and matte, and has a chalky texture, much like suede.

Just be sure about the type of wall you want to use this paint on. While most paints form a layer on top of walls, limewash sinks in, so it works best on porous surfaces, such as plaster, stone, and brick. When painting your wall in this finish, consider a mineral-based primer, such as an acrylic primer so that the paint bonds better with the wall's surface.

4. Make a feature wall with photographs

A green toned bedroom with small black and white photographs

(Image credit: SML Architect)

Nothing looks more personal than photographs, right? And the bedroom is the best place to showcase them. Use the wall behind the best as the perfect memory wall with family portraits, and relive the best moments of your life just before you sleep. 

Other than pictures, your gallery wall can also be an eclectic mix of modern art, small prints, and wall plates. Use this wall as a reflection of everything you like, and believe in. To enhance the wall decor, use wall paint as a wonderful backdrop to lift the images. Choose black frames that will create a contrast and highlight the wall even further. 

'For this accent wall, we chose this particular color to resemble the fresh green hues of lush vegetation, something that was visible from the windows of this space,' says Mahek Lalan, principal architect at SML Architects.

5. Use timber cladding

A bedroom with a large wooden accent wall

(Image credit: Blaine Architects + Marshall Interiors. Photo by Jean Bai)

Wooden accent walls are one of the most versatile details that look good in all colors and grains. The look of wood is strong, and it adds texture to a space. It can help create a wonderfully rustic bedroom or add warmth to an overly glam room.

Consider an inset wood wall against the bright white walls for an eye-catching scene. Use the natural patina of wood to create a calming and perfect interior. You could also use reclaimed wood with a touch of color to lift the bedroom's color scheme. 

Walnut too is a great choice for a modern accent wall; you could choose a smoky rustic wood for the perfect vibe. If you aren't in the mood to spend big bucks on your bedroom's redesign, then a cheaper alternative is either veneer or even peel-and-stick strips that look like wood.

6. Go for wall decals

A children's bedroom with wall decals

(Image credit: Emma Folds)

Everyone wants to make a space their own, but it can be difficult for renters.

Enter wall decals. Also loosely known as stickers, these can be easily pasted and removed from the wall and are the perfect solution to express yourself and add to the home in a beautiful but temporary way.

You could create wall murals with these to lift a bedroom's vibe. 'These can act as a focal point for celebrating and reflecting your personality,' says Anupriya Sahu, founder and design head, Alankaram. 'There are many ways to experiment with murals to enhance any space. For instance, opting for a design with an assorted pattern is a great way to add color, depth, and texture to a space. To make a prominent statement, one can have a large-scale design on walls.' 

Another really fun idea with wall decals is that it lets you create three-dimensional shapes for a unique look.

7. Give your bedroom a subtle touch with macramé wall hanging

A bedroom with concrete wall and a macramé curtain

(Image credit: LOAK)

During the '70s, macramé was a huge trend that's come back around again, and now  macramé plant hangers, wall hangings, curtains, and more are hugely en vogue. It has an inherently boho-chic vibe to it and looks great inside homes that are slightly pared back and indulge in natural materials. If you're crafty, you can stitch your macramé wall hanging and add a natural allure to your boho bedroom.

In this bedroom by LOAK, the rough walls and the wooden beams create an earthy background. The single wall hanging of macramé looks restrained yet adds a layer of texture to the somber room.

8. Go rustic with a brick wall

A bedroom with a brick accent wall

(Image credit: Modscape. Photo by John Madden)

A bold brick certainly draws a lot of attention and its beauty lies in how perfectly imperfect it is. An exposed brick wall can add warmth to an interior and even add another layer of texture to an earth tone bedroom

To make sure your brick stays stunning, ensure you seal and protect it to reduce the risk of disintegration over time. Perhaps add a slight gloss finish to make the brick look lustrous. A matte sealant will help keep mites and dust away, ensuring a longer life.

'The restrained yet rich and textured material palette takes cues from mid-century modern trends with terracotta tiles, exposed-brick walls, and timber ceilings,' says Jan Gyrn, CEO at Modscape. 'The result is a comfortable and appealing family home that respects, celebrates, and expands upon its original qualities while providing every amenity for modern family living and ensuring it will be around for many more decades to come.'

9. A tall headboard can double as an accent wall too

A bedroom with a tall accent wall

(Image credit: Noa Santos)

If there was one right place for design drama, it would be the bedroom. The bed being the most important piece of furniture in the room deserves the most attention. One way to make a statement, and in the process create a fun accent wall, is to choose a tall headboard. 

A tall, long, or wide headboard can make a low ceiling seem higher, and keep your bed from looking lost in a large space. It also provides a backdrop for your bedscape. You could choose from tufted panels, leather designs, or suede, to silk headboards for a luxury bedroom design. If you're going in for a wide headboard, add a patterned wallpaper behind it to give the wall a strong presence.

A large headboard can serve more functions. If you're choosing a tall wooden one, hide a small storage unit inside it to keep reading glasses, books, or fresh mints. You can even border the headboard with lights and create a dramatic modern canopy.

10. Add paint effect to highlight a wall

A bedroom with a wall with yellow paint effect

(Image credit: Carla Elliman)

To truly make a statement, consider paint effects. From color blocking, and color drenching to creating vignettes, look to the modern paint trends to uplift the wall behind the bed.

'I wanted to add a pop of color to this small wall space between our two-bedroom windows,' says digital creator, Carla Elliman. 'My idea was to create a sunshine color block to wake up to every morning and start the day on a positive note. I drew the outline of the circle and chose one of the brightest yellows I could find – this is Dulux Banana Dream 2. Color blocking is one of my favorite ways to add a splash of hue to any space; it’s simple to do and can be done easily within the hour.'

11. Go for a brick wall

A white bedroom with a brick wall

(Image credit: Quirk Studio. Photo credit Kuber Shah)

Brick has an inherent charm to it, but if the rustic look is a little over the top for you, don't shy from painting it white. It will also double as a wonderful bedroom wall decor idea.

'The master bedroom radiates a sense of comfort and relaxation with its familiar, homely yet luxurious aesthetic,' say Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera, principal designers and co-founders, Quirk Studio. 'A minimal grey bed offsets the white interiors of the room, flanked by the simplistic bedside lights, which add a refined sense of luxury to the space. The aesthetic quality of the space is reinforced by the white-brick back-wall, which adds to the congenial feel of the space.'

12. Choose an earthy material palette for the wall

A bedroom with textural wall behind the bed

(Image credit: Quirk Studio. Photo credit Kuber Shah)

Give your bedroom depth and an edge with unique bedroom wall panel ideas. 'The parent’s bedroom is a gracious and congenial space, as driven by the brief of a welcoming design feel,' says Shivani and Disha. 'The panelling behind the bed offsets the white rattan furniture sitting on oak flooring, making the bedroom a comfortable and restful environment.'

Which wall should be the accent wall in the bedroom?

Ideally, there is no set rule as to which wall should be the accent wall in the bedroom. When it comes to bedroom wall decor or accent wall, any of the four can stand in as the ideal candidate.

However, the wall behind the bed is usually the most 'seen' wall in the room as the bed is the most important furniture piece. This is the wall you lay down against, and this is the first wall you notice as you enter the room. Then, it makes for the ideal wall to double as an accent piece. 

How do I create an accent wall?

There are ideas galore when it comes to bedroom accent walls. The easiest of course is with paint. Adding a bright tone on one wall while leaving the others neutral is a fool-proof way to design an accent wall. You could also add paneling to induce architectural interest.

To add texture to a room, consider a brick, concrete, or wooden accent wall. Even a textural paint finish like limewash can induce interest in the room.

Using a mural is a bold move, giving the bedroom an adventurous touch. If a fully-painted mural is not for you, experiment with decals that can be pasted and peeled at will. Larger-than-life artworks can create the same effect.

An accent wall doesn't have to be purely decorative; even a series of crafted, wooden windows can do all the talking. So can macramé wall hangings or porcelain wall plates. Tall headboards or long tapestries can create drama. 

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