Earth tone bedroom ideas – 8 ways to create a grounded sleep space with these on trend colors

Try these earth tone bedroom ideas to add rich and textured color and make your bedroom the coziest space in the house

an earth tone bedroom scheme at the audo
(Image credit: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Monica Grue Steffensen. Design: Norm Architects)

Earth tone bedroom ideas, as the name suggests, coax us to look to the great outdoors for color inspiration. Rough logs, natural tones, and minerals from the ground come together to create a design with real heart. The style is unpretentious, organic, and has inherent warmth, making it a popular color scheme particularly for bedrooms. 

'Right now, bedrooms are all about earth tones; think terracotta, soft mossy greens, and pale grey blues,' says interior designer Jessica Risko Smith, principal of JRSID. 'Bedrooms generally lend themselves to paint colors that feel grounding and serene.'

Earth tone bedroom color ideas tend also to be combined with humble materials that evoke a simpler vibe, drawing on ideas of Wabi-Sabi and celebrating the imperfect. Here, interior designers guide us on how to design an earth tone bedroom, along with how to choose the right tones for it. 

8 earth tone bedroom ideas to create the coziest of slumber space

As well as choosing earth toned colors, this style of bedroom suits pieces that have a strong, slightly rough profile work best. 

Tactile surfaces, materials, and patterns found aplenty in nature can help design this rustic bedroom, creating a reflection of nature's best materials and colors. 

'When working with a softer paint color, when a client is craving a bit more edge, I love to pull in somewhat stronger tones through rugs, bedding, and drapery fabrics, or bold colorful patterns to add a bit of pop to the room, like that morning espresso to give you a "seize the day" kind of feeling,' says interior designer Jessica Risko Smith.

So, open up the room, expand on the outdoor views, and pull back the curtains at all times in this bedroom.

1. Drench your furnishings in rust tones

Beige bedroom with red cushions and blue wall hanging

(Image credit: Thomas Richter White Arrow LLC)

Delicate textiles and furnishings such as silk and lace, don’t have a place in earth tone bedrooms. Sturdy, hardworking fabrics such as burlap, linen, cotton, and wool do well here. Largely, color is not verboten in an earthy room. It needs to be one you might readily see in nature, like rust.

This rich shade can create a bold statement and looks particularly nice in a large space like the master bedroom. To balance its deep tones, choose a neutral wall color.

'To create a relaxing sanctuary in a primary bedroom, we love using warm neutrals ranging from cream to buff to taupe,' say Alice Arterberry and Barrett Cooke, principal designers at Arterberry Cooke. 'These warmer and deeper neutrals offer more depth and dimension than white and create a sophisticated pulled-together look.' 

2. Choose brick to induce earthy red

A small bedroom with brick walls

(Image credit: Design by Modscape. Photo by John Madden)

Exposed brick walls can be divise. Some love it, some hate it, and others prefer to hide it, or paint it. But in an earthy bedroom, it can find a home. Brick is the best way to introduce a soft, earthy red. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a brick wall in your modern bedroom, consider leaving it untouched, letting its rusticity add to the organic look of your bedroom. To maintain the wall though, remember to seal and protect the surface to reduce the risk of disintegration over time.

Contrast brick tones with neutral bedding or layer it with greys to keep the subtlety of the space intact without making it seem too one-dimensional. Add beige curtains for added layering that makes the room feel soft yet relaxing.

3. Add a subtle touch of brown through rattan elements

A simple bed with a rattan hanging light

(Image credit: @luovodesign)

The good thing about woven materials like rattan is that they are lightweight, do not attract mold or dust, and are relatively easy to clean. Rattan is water-resistant, and ideal in tropical climates. It also adds a touch of whimsy to the indoors and can be used in several different iterations – like furniture, lighting, or decoratives.

Rattan also, in the most subtle sense induces a slice of warm brown to a space and can support an earthy palette. It can give a minimalist bedroom the gentlest delicate touch. And it is a wonderful testament to natural materials.

'Calming, pared-back, and neutral textures are the perfect backdrops to an earth-inspired bedroom,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene. 'Style with pale wood, rattan, plenty of soft white linen, sleek furniture with a mid-century twist, and monochrome lighting and accessories to complete the look.' 

4. Consider textured walls for a rustic bedroom 

an earth tone bedroom scheme at the audo

(Image credit: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Monica Grue Steffensen. Design: Norm Architects)

Sometimes a whisper demands more attention than a yell, and this can be true of your home, too. Paint finishes, for example, can do more than just introduce color to a space. Textured, tactile paints not only add movement to a room, but also create a feeling of the outdoors, with their imperfect surfaces. Textured paints remind one of the rough earth and its natural beauty.

Limewash paint, concrete plaster, or even terracotta walls can induce oodles of natural style to your bedroom. For a rustic-chic look, consider bringing in modern furniture pieces for that perfect contrast. 

Add further coziness to the space with deep-pile rugs in muted tones for a can’t-wait-to-take-my-shoes-off feel.

5. Layer the room with beige textured wallpaper

A bedroom with beige wallpaper

(Image credit: Phil Crozier)

Wallpapers are a great way to induce color or texture in a room without having to paint it, especially useful if you live in a rental. Depending on the designs, it can help create a luxurious bedroom or an elegant, cozy retreat. 

An earthy wallpaper can also double as a good backdrop to a variety of furniture pieces and fabrics. Choose grasscloth or woven wall coverings to create a clean, casual feel.

'This otherwise neutral space was instantly transformed by the addition of this Kelly Wearstler wallpaper which was strategically chosen to add warmth, color, and pattern without overwhelming the small space,' says Reena Sotropa, principal designer, Reena Sotropa.  

6. Induce a sparkle to the scheme with metallic tones

an earth tone bedroom with gold touches

(Image credit: thevillacollective. Design: Liliana Atilova)

Perhaps the only drawback to an earthy scheme is that it can, at times feel too rustic. In a situation like this mixing metals like antiqued bronze doorknobs, gold-toned lighting fixtures or copper wall plates, or even a silvery mirrored table can create a lovely mix-match effect and give rise to a surprisingly glam bedroom space.

'While many of our clients looking for soft monochromatic schemes for their principal suites these soft schemes are not for everyone,' says Reena. 'Some of our clients can’t resist adding personality with a pop of bold color to their space. The rich earthy jewel or metallic tones can be the perfect way to add vibrant color while still maintaining depth and sophistication.'

7. Weave in ochre in creative ways

A large bedroom with yellow painted ceiling and a whimsical bed design

(Image credit: Utkan Gunerkan)

Yellow with a strong brown undertone calls to mind Tuscany, the wheat fields, or the golden hour. It's a warm color with strong, earthy roots. 

Yellow with a strong brown undertone calls to mind Tuscany, the wheat fields, or the golden hour. It's a warm color  strong, earthy roots. sitives of yellow – it can add brightness, richness, and energy to a space – it does not overwhelm like its bright rendition. This is a mature, distinguished color.

If you love this hue and want to introduce it as a bedroom idea, we suggest you think outside the box for its application. This project is a great example, where the shade has been used on the ceiling and within the wall arches. 

'The materials of the ceiling are simple paint, and the beams are original woodcuts in this bedroom,' says Utkan Gunerkan, principal designer at Studio Utkan Gunerkan. 'Yellow was chosen to fit the original color of the space and to match the hues of the cabinets. The ceiling has a plaster paint effect.'

8. Color drench the room in moss green to create a forest effect

a moss green bedroom

Design by Studio Kaya

(Image credit: Chris Horwood. Design: Studio Kaya)

If you have an outdoorsy spirit, love camping, or setting up tents, color-drenching your room in moss green could be just what you're looking for. Much like blue, green can help you sleep better, so it makes an excellent color choice for this space.

Take the color across the room, drenching the walls in it. To give the room some breathing space, paint the ceiling and trims white. To stop the room from feeling too dark though, you could choose gloss paint that will bounce light around the room.

What colors go well with earth tones?

Earth colors of brown, beige, ochre, and cream can almost be considered neutrals, therefore are the most versatile shades to experiment with. They can pair wonderfully well with a huge range of bright, primary colors. 

Several colors go with brown, yellow, rust, and off white such as dusty lavender, blue pastels, burnt orange, and sienna. You can add bright hues as pops of colors to lift the muted, earthy scheme. You can even create a balanced color pairing to give the room a modern touch. 

If you're looking for paint color ideas, Alice and Barrett have some suggestions. 'For the lightest creamy shades with yellow undertones, choose Benjamin Moore's Mascarpone or Farrow & Ball's Tallow. For deeper beiges, you can’t go wrong with Benjamin Moore's Gentle Cream or Farrow & Ball's Oxford Stone. For rich taupes, we love Benjamin Moore's Dark Buff or Galt Peach.'

How can I make my bedroom earthy?

There are several creative ways to give your bedroom an organic, earthy touch. Consider colors that remind you of the earth, the fields, and the cobbled roads. Pick brown, rust, ochre, or orange and drench your walls, furniture, or furnishings in them.

Colors aside, choose tactile materials to give movement to the space and create the perfect imperfect room. Rattan, coir, cork, and brick are great candidates for an earth-toned bedroom.

Double up on wood and bring in different textures and colors of this outdoor element. Mix light and dark wood in your interior or bring in wall paneling. Use jute throws that make you feel you're walking outdoors at all times.

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