15 luxury bedroom ideas to give your space that hotel vibe

Luxury bedroom ideas from the experts to give to make your house feel like a hotel

luxury bedroom ideas Master bedroom with black furniture and rattan lighting
(Image credit: Design by The Novogratz)

Looking for luxury bedroom ideas? Because, really, who doesn't want their bedroom to feel like they are sleeping in a five-star hotel every night? And yes, luxury can mean huge beds, a bath tub in the room, an ensuite with a waterfall shower, but it can also mean nice bedding, no clutter, fresh flowers by the bed, a lovely scent. Making your bedroom feel luxurious doesn't have to mean a remodel or even spending loads of money if you're just looking for an elegant refresh.

So to get you inspired, we've pulled together lots of luxury bedrooms that you can pinch plenty of bedroom ideas from – from the big spendy things to the little updates...

1. Luxury bedroom ideas start with lighting, and go from there

luxury bedroom

Design by Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo

(Image credit: Tim Williams)

Lighting is important in any room, but bedroom lighting ideas are especially so, as this is where one should feel relaxed and pampered. Try installing an eye-catching fixture that will cast a soft glow (dimmable is always best). 

“Make sure that whatever you choose complements the rest of your scheme, so if you have a lot of cool tones in the room, select lighting that feels warm to balance it,” says the interior designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo. “Think fabric rather than crystal in that instance.” When it comes to installation, she advises leaving about 50 inches from the bottom of the fixture to the top of the bed, and positioning it toward the end of the bed, about three-quarters down from the headboard. 

Similarly, custom lampshades—whether in a pattern that matches the window treatments or a colorful silk that complements the rest of the decor—are an unexpected detail that makes a room feel tailored and finished. In a recent project, designer William Cullum of Jayne Design Studio selected two different colors of silk with metallic trim. “These are particularly elaborate,” he says. “They give off a soft amber glow that’s flattering and beautiful. They also make the entire space feel a bit swankier.”

2. Add a four poster bed

Pink bedroom with four poster bed and Egg chair

(Image credit: Paul Massey)

Nothing says luxury like a four-poster, as this beautiful pink bedroom in a colorful family home proves. And despite being cumbersome a four-poster can work in any size of bedroom (so long as your ceilings are tall enough). In a small bedroom, they add a luxuriously cozy feel and in a large space you have that classic loftiness and elegance. 

3. Or for a less formal approach, try a canopy

luxury bedroom canopy over the bed

Design by Matthew Patrick Smyth

(Image credit: Peter Margonelli)

Less imposing than a four poster bed, but still bringing luxury to the modern bedroom, how about a welcoming canopy framing the bed? 

“A canopy adds visual dimension to a bed and provides an immediate sense of warmth and luxury,” explains designer Matthew Patrick Smyth. “Whenever I have the opportunity to design a canopy bed for a client, my mind races with the various directions the design could go. It can be fun, whimsical, romantic, tailored, or all of the above!” The outer fabric, the lining, and the trim are the key parts of the creative process, according to Smyth. To make a small guest room [shown] special, Smyth created a canopy with an outer linen that matches the walls and a silk lining that contrasts with the linen in both color and texture. “The canopy really helps define the space,” explains the designer. 

4. Add a little shimmer to the room

luxury bedroom silver ottomans

Design by Fawn Galli

(Image credit: Costas Picadas)

A little sheen goes a long way when it comes to making a room feel more luxurious. “I like incorporating pieces with some luster into the bedroom scheme for a little extra glamour,” says Fawn Galli. “Try a pair of reflective bedside tables or metallic ottomans.” Even something as simple as a mirror can pump up the style quotient and add some drama to the bedroom. 

5. Why stop at just a bed?

luxury bedroom ideas seating area

Design by Lisa Hynes of HW Interiors

(Image credit: Jessica Glynn Photography)

Luxury bedroom ideas often revolve around having an area to decompress and unwind - this is where white bedroom ideas come in, too. Not every bedroom is large enough to accommodate a separate seating area, but even a comfortable armchair and floor lamp tucked into a corner makes a huge difference in how a bedroom functions. 

“If spatial planning allows for it, I love to add cozy seating upholstered in a sumptuous velvet or boucle fabric,” says Lisa Hynes of HW Interiors. “Ideally, I’d place two oversized chairs and an occasional table at the foot of the bed and then layer in accent pillows that coordinate with the bedding and window treatments to make the space feel super inviting.”

6. Bring a bathtub into the bedroom 

Interior painting color tips, free standing colored tub in London house for sale

(Image credit: Knight Frank)

And if you've got the space a four-poster bed and a freestanding bathtub? Well, you never need go on holiday again. And while a tub the bedroom may sound luxurious, it can actually be a practical choice too if you have a small ensuite that can't squeeze in a bath. 

Obviously, you will have to consider plumbing, but positioning a bath in the window or at the end of the bed are the most popular options and can guarantee that hotel feel. 

7. Disguise your storage 

Blue and white panelling in a bedroom disguising storage

(Image credit: Future)

Bedroom storage is an essential in any bedroom, but if you want your space to feel extra luxurious, hiding clutter behind doors is a good option. Opt for floor-to-ceiling built-in cabinets for a seamless look that won't protrude into the room, or take note from this luxury bedroom and hide storage behind beautifully paneled walls. 

8. Don't shy away from bold colors

Blue orange and grey bedroom with wallpapered headboard

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

There's a tendency when creating serene, luxury, hotel inspired spaces to go neutral with the color palette. And we get it, white is a classic and always feel luxurious, but bold color just hits different and creates spaces that feel more daring and more expensive.

The orange and blue combination in this bedroom feels wild, but there's an elegance here too with the mix of patterns and the grey walls keep it from falling on the wrong side of maximalism. 

9. Give the space a focal point 

luxury bedroom ideas with bedroom wallpaper

Design by Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo 

(Image credit: Tim Williams)

Bedroom wallpaper is another really simple update you could do to your space to add a luxurious touch. We know feature walls aren't the trend du jour they used to be but we think in a bedroom, on the main wall they can really work to add a focal point to the room, without overwhelming it. That being said, if you have a large room we would say forget the feature wall and just go all over with the pattern. 

After all, wallpaper packs a serious punch and has the ability to instantaneously help a room feel pulled together. “It sets the mood for your entire design scheme,” says designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo. “Whether you paper just one accent wall or envelop the entire room—including the ceiling—it makes for a cozy and luxurious space.” Plus, since there are so many different patterns and styles to choose from, the room becomes a true reflection of the owner’s personality. 

10. Have fun upcycling old find

Bedroom with neon painted bed and neon accents on the grey walls

(Image credit: Alexander James)

Sometimes all it takes is a lick of paint to make a room more striking. This vintage bed has been painted many times by the homeowners on this dramatic manor house apartment (seriously, if you love maximalist go and take the tour) and this zingy neon orange is perfect for brightening up the grey color scheme. Plus it's unexpected, which we always think makes a bedroom feel more luxurious. 

11. Zone a luxury bedroom with Crittall-style partitions

bedroom with Crittall-style doors leading through to a dressing room

(Image credit: Future)

Lucky enough to have an adjoining dressing room or even an ensuite? Rather than box off that room with a solid wall, potentially making it feel cramped, choose a Crittall Style screen instead. Very luxury hotel, plus it means you get more natural light in both rooms. 

12. Keep it clean and simple

Simple Lines

Clean lines, clear floor space and clutter-free, the simplicity of this bedroom is what makes it feel luxurious. Again, something you can do to your current bedroom right now is to have a declutter, we promise it will instantly add a hint of luxury just make sure all surfaces are clean and clear – not a contact lens or a phone wire in sight. Some fresh flowers on the bedside table will help too. 

Similarly, many designers prefer soothing tones over bright, bold shades in the bedroom. “I like a soft monochromatic palette because it sets the scene for a restful sleep,” says Moore, “and what is more luxurious than that?” But that doesn’t mean it should be boring, and this is where small details can really elevate a space. For example, designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo suggests smart touches like sumptuous silk-velvet accent pillows that are a bit unexpected. But again, she also leans toward calming colors. When one steps into a bedroom, the mind should quiet and the heart rate should slow down. 

13. Choose an opulent headboard 

Master bedroom with larger green velvet headboard with built in shelving and pendant lights

(Image credit: Future)

Much like a four-poster bed, a headboard can add a really luxurious vibe to a bedroom. Just a velvet upholstered button-back number can add comfort and elegance. But take it one further and go for something really fabulous and bespoke. 

At first glance, the sumptuous green velvet looks like a headboard, while in fact the whole wall has been upholstered to frame the bed. It wraps around fitted shelves, adding color, glamour and drama. 

“Headboards are an important statement piece,” says interior designer Fawn Galli, who suggests upholstering the headboard in a colorful velvet fabric for a cozy and luxurious feel. Designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo agrees that an upholstered headboard or bed can completely transform a room. “The fabric warms up the space and softens the lines of the headboard,” she notes. 

14. Switch out your bedding for something luxurious

luxury bedroom ideas bedroom fabric

Design by Jayne Design Studio 

(Image credit: Don Freeman)

Plush pillows and extremely soft and silky bedding is a must when thinking about  luxury bedroom ideas, and these switches go a long way when transforming an everyday bedroom into something that feels more special. Pick bedding that has a high thread count, and pick a material that's natural, breathable, and soft. Then pile up the pillows (three is our preferred number for that plush hotel look)  and add some throw cushions too. 

“Beautiful fabrics can completely transform a bedroom,” says Heather Weisz of HW Interiors. “From the bedding to the pillows to the window treatments, I like to create a layered look using a combination of rich textiles.” 

William Cullum of Jayne Design Studio concurs, explaining that texture is essential for a warm, enveloping space. Investing in a quality duvet, blanket, sheets, and pillows is also critical, as is a nice rug. 

“You want to step on something soft and comfortable first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night,” says Doniphan Moore, who prefers an area rug that is cut to allow for a 12- to 22-inch border between the carpet and the walls. “This allows for the rug to sit directly in front of the bedside tables rather than underneath, which can sometimes be unstable,” explains Moore. “And I tend to go for plush silk- and wool-blend carpets.”

15. Finish with a floral finishing touch

bedroom flowers

Design by Matthew Patrick Smyth

(Image credit: John Gruen)

One of the fastest, easiest luxury bedroom ideas that is a trick for making a room feel more chic without making any permanent changes, it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers. “The flowers could live next to the bed or on a chest or a desk,” says designer Matthew Patrick Smyth. “It’s such a small addition, but it can make one’s day. What could be more pleasing to look at when you wake or before you go to sleep?” This can be especially impactful in a guest bedroom, notes Smyth, since it shows your guests that you care and that you’re happy they’re visiting. “It’s a very thoughtful gesture that ensures people feel welcome.”

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