11 elegant storage baskets that will add space and style to your home

The ultimate storage baskets for perfecting your home, with options that break away from traditional designs

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Storage baskets are an opportunity to add an item that you love the look of to your home, whilst also allowing you to declutter your space of all the things that don't quite match the vibe. Baskets for storage come in an array of shapes and sizes, and with a variety of textures and patterns to choose from, there's bound to be something that is exactly what you're looking for.

You don't have to settle for bog-standard storage boxes when there are so many options out there to add to your home's overall look. If you're really looking to minimize mess, why not opt for a variation of options in different sizes, and use them to spice up your space? 

If you want something more sturdy than a basket, then we've also got storage trunks for a vintage look, as well as stylish storage ideas for every room to get you feeling inspired. 

10 stylish storage baskets to carry your clutter and hide it from guests

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1. Global Explorer Black Wire Baskets

A sleek choice for a number of rooms in your home

Reasons to buy
+Set of three in a range of sizes+Black wire design +Minimalist 
Reasons to avoid
-Not collapsible

These wire baskets are a great match for busy homes, thanks to their versatility. Picture these baskets in your living room for throws, or transform your bathroom by using these as a chic laundry basket for towels. Handily available in three different sizes, these baskets can bring coherence to organizing, and would fit a minimalist decor perfectly. If you strive to make ethical purchases, you'll also be happy to hear that 15% of profits from these baskets go to the Women for Women International Charity, so you'll be making a difference with your purchase too.

Best storage baskets: Image of Anthropologie storage basket

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2. Anthropologie Flynn Leather Basket

Timeless and spacious, you can't go wrong with this leather pick

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for blanket, books and more+Effortlessly stylish +Unique shaping
Reasons to avoid
-Open design might be more revealing than some people want 

This is the perfect storage basket for all those little things in your living room that need a place to live - from magazines to blankets. It's leather design lends lots of space for different types of items and this basket comes in a small or large design, so you can make that choice depending on how many things you want to store away.

The visible stitching and unique shape of this basket is bound to draw compliments from your guests, and you can match it with your favorite blanket to create a memorable combination. 

Best storage baskets: Image of La Jolla Storage Bin

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3. La Jolla Lidded Bin

Handmade, luxurious and with an all-important lid, this storage bin has it all

Reasons to buy
+Keeps clutter contained +Totally handmade +Woven and with a lid
Reasons to avoid
-On the expensive side 

This basket brings together everything you would want from a storage basket. It has a classic woven look and is made entirely by hand, meaning this basket really was made for you. Plus it has a lid and handles, meaning that you can tidy effectively, without the things you want hidden peeking out. It can add a touch of organized calm to any range of rooms, and is of the highest quality so you can guarantee its longevity in your home. 

Best storage baskets: Image of Yamazaki storage baskets

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4. Yamazaki Dual Handle Storage Basket

A minimalist dream complete with handles, perfect for bathrooms

Reasons to buy
+Available in three different colors+In slim and wide versions +Simple but classic design
Reasons to avoid
-Not big enough for blankets and throws

Pick up a blend of functionality and sophistication with these baskets from Yamazaki, that are available in grey, black and white. Slot one of these in your pantry to smarten up your groceries, or place one in your bathroom to crowd your toiletries into. There's a practical element with the handles too, so that if you need to move your cleaning products around the house you'll be able to with ease. 

Storage baskets: Image of Seagrass storage basket

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5. All Modern Seagrass Basket

Collapsible and versatile, this basket could suit any space

Reasons to buy
+Two-tone design +Great for bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces+Collapsible for easy maneuvering 
Reasons to avoid
-Rattan materials aren't for everyone

Take a classic approach to storage with this two-tone rattan piece from All Modern, which is collapsible, meaning it has a dual use for laundry too. Made from woven seagrass and capable of holding plenty of your trinkets, this is a sure winner in your home. This pick has 500 reviews and 4.6 star rating, so you can hear for yourself just how great it is for storing all kinds of things.

Best storage baskets: Image of Amara Maki basket

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6. Amara OYOY Maki Basket

An excellent living room addition for book and magazine lovers

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for magazines, papers and books+Metal material is a little different +Handle for ease 
Reasons to avoid
-Not great for hiding items away

If you need a basket to tidy up your living room, and are faced with stacks of magazines and books, then this pick from Amara will change your space entirely. It's made from 100% metal, which gives it freshness when compared to other baskets, and it has a handle so that you can place it wherever is convenient. A minimalist dream and perfect for bookish types, this would also make an excellent housewarming gift. 

Best storage baskets: Image of AllModern baseket

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7. All Modern Fabric Basket Set

With a stonewash finish, these baskets are a storage dream

Reasons to buy
+Subtle yet detailed+2 baskets for more space+Collapsible for convenience
Reasons to avoid
-Nothing we can think of!

Opt for the subtle choice with this set from All Modern, which has a stonewash finish. Chic and understated, there's still a high level of detail to these baskets, and lots of space for the things you want to stash away. Large enough for housing a plant or wood for your log burner, these baskets will add a touch of class to tidying up.

Best storage baskets: Image of Anthropologie storage basket

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8. Anthropologie Tree of Life Basket

Create a corner of vibrance with this bright basket from Anthropologie.

Reasons to buy
+Makes a statement+Could double as a laundry basket +Rave reviews 
Reasons to avoid
-Open design might not suit everyone

Inspired by art from around the world, this storage basket will inject a touch of color and personality to any room. Handcrafted with tassels and print on the cotton exterior, there's a bohemian feel bound to be created by the addition of this basket. A range of impressed reviewers on the Anthropologie website love the sturdy feel of this basket and have used it in a multitude of ways, including as a pot plant holder. The main feature that drew praise was the intricate detailing on the basket, so if you love small touches to make your room come together, this is the basket to opt for. 

Best storage baskets: Image of brass basket

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9. C2B Liquid Extra Large Brass Basket

Handmade with a liquid like texture, you won't find anything else like this basket

Reasons to buy
+A unique storage choice+Perfect for plants too+Durable design
Reasons to avoid
-High price tag

Made from molten metal and with pinched edges, you won't find a basket quite like this anywhere else. Extra large and therefore suitable for plants as well as storage, this metal basket is a real investment, and can take on many different roles through its life in your home. It's handmade and chic, and perfect for those looking for a different take on storage.

Storage baskets: Image of Amara storage basket

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10. Amara Rudi Vienna Round Basket

With plenty of practical features and a distinctive design, this is a luxury basket splurge

Reasons to buy
+Spacious+Totally unique design+UV and water resistant for practicality
Reasons to avoid
-An expensive pick

This round basket from Amara has a design that will make a room its own, and a spacious interior that is big enough for blankets, towels, cables and more. Made from regenerated leather and with a graphic cut design, you'll have a unique buy for storing your essentials. Available in a collection with a range of other basket sizes and shapes, these paired together in your home can create something really special. Plus, if you want to use it for laundry, you can add in an under sheet and keep your washing shielded from prying eyes. 

Where to buy storage baskets?

There are plenty of choices if you still want to browse all of the storage boxes, baskets, and bins out there. Find our favorite retailers below.

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