Pottery Barn Coffee Tables Could Not Be More Chic — 'They Instantly Elevate a Living Room!'

A coffee table might just be your most important furniture investment, and Pottery Barn coffee tables do not disappoint. Chic, quality, and timeless, this style editor introduces you to the last coffee table you'll ever buy

best Pottery Barn coffee tables
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A coffee table might just be my most used piece of furniture. I’d like to say it’s my dining table, but there’s something about the casual nature of a coffee table that is just so appealing. It feels close to comfort, sitting just a foot away from my sofa and chairs, and when I entertain, it’s the hub of my social circle, surrounded by smiles and spirited conversation. I want my coffee table to be beautiful (obviously), but sitting at the center of so much of my life, I also want it to last. Enter: Pottery Barn coffee tables — the last coffee table you'll ever need to buy. 

There are a plethora of fantastic finds in the ongoing Pottery Barn sale, but I kept finding myself flipping tabs, making my way back to shop the retailer’s stunning coffee table selection. Whether it's a sleek marble square or a space-saving tiered glass piece, it felt like Pottery Barn read my mind. These coffee tables are just what I've been looking for all along. 

Whether it's a piece of decor, rest stop for remotes, glorified dining table, or all of the above, a coffee table is meant for so much more than just coffee. According to experts, like interior designer Nina Lichtenstein, 'Your coffee table is more than just a surface to rest your drinks and remote controls; it's a canvas for self-expression and style.’ 

Luckily, there’s no shortage of these masterpieces at Pottery Barn. For every taste or budget, the retailer has a quality and gorgeous piece. It was challenging to play favorites, but somehow, I managed. Scroll to discover my all time favorite living room eye candy.

Explore the complete coffee table collection at Pottery Barn.

Best Pottery Barn Coffee Tables

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How should I style my Pottery Barn coffee table?

According to interior designer Megan Hersch, the key to keeping a gorgeous coffee table is clustering. ‘Group your elements together. A stack of books is one group, a set of vases is another, a tray with objects on it is another,’ she explains. Think curated chaos — a lived-in appearance with lots of personal touches, just with a little strategic spacing.

Speaking of, Megan advises keeping an eye peeled for negative space — that is, the gap between your objects. ‘Make sure to NOT clutter your coffee table by covering every inch with decor, instead pay attention to the space between your groups so it’s well balanced and there is a free spot for a drink or two when you finally sit down!’

And like your portfolio, make an effort to diversify your coffee table with different heights. Rather than keep each of your clusters at a similar stature, ‘You want the eye to go on a visual journey,’ says Megan. ‘Up and down the ornaments on the table to create a sense of interest.’

If styling a coffee table sounds like a lot of play and experimentation, then you’re exactly right! Every coffee table is different, and coffee table decor varies, but following these three rules will help you quickly determine your magic style formula. 

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