15 Coffee Tables That are, Very Likely, the Best and Most Exciting Designs You'll Find on the Internet

The best coffee tables are stylish, decently priced, and editor-approved. Get all that and more in this round-up from Livingetc's shopping expert

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Searching for the best coffee table is a cornerstone of a living room makeover. There are few accents as varied, versatile, and completely useful as the coffee table, and few pieces of furniture that set the tone so much for your space.

When shopping for a new coffee table, I always turn to one of the best home decor brands for inspiration. What silhouettes are they pushing? What colors and styles seem most popular? How is each table decorated? These catalogs and websites are a fountain of inspiration, full of expertly handled design schemes and ideas for the layperson to incorporate into his or her own home. And as your friendly neighborhood shopping editor, who better to distill these trends into an interactive edit than me?

When deciding which coffee table to buy, Elizabeth Burch of Elizabeth Burch Interiors recommends first thinking about the size of your couch. 'Your coffee table should be a few inches shorter than your sofa in order to kick up your feet! It should also be around 2/3 the width of a sofa,' she tells me. And where styling is concerned, 'I use something with height (a vase with greenery, something with layers (stacked coffee table books), and something with texture (draped beads or driftwood),' she adds.

So with that expert advice in mind, I've curated a varied and versatile shopping round-up of the most chic and stylish coffee tables I could find — ones that should satisfy every style and every room. This truly was a fun one to put together ... and I think you're going to love it.

The 15 best coffee tables

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How should I determine what style of coffee table to buy?

The beautiful thing about coffee tables is that they present something for everyone. But that's also the difficult thing. In a sea of gorgeous, stunning options, how do you know which to buy?

'Think of the furniture you already have or what the coffee table will be going with,' Elizabeth suggests. If you have two sofas, a rectangle may make the most sense. If you are looking to create more of a conversation space, a circle coffee table may be the best choice. I like to use different wood tones when choosing coffee tables.

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