The 36 best marble coffee tables: the definitive list of timeless designs

We've picked out the 36 very best marble coffee tables out there, including round, oval, square, rectangular and sculptural designs across every style and budget

best marble coffee tables
(Image credit: Heal's)

We've picked out the 36 very best marble coffee tables out there, including timeless design classics, contemporary show pieces and some high street favourites.

A marble coffee table is an investment piece, and a timeless piece of furniture that won't date. But what size, shape and weight works best for your modern living room? Should you opt for oval, round, square or rectangular? And how do you choose the right colour marble for your space? We spoke to interior designers and architects to help us answer these questions and more.

Ultimately, the right coffee table should be perfectly sized to fit your space, be practical (for placing drinks, books or TV remotes on) and help complete the overall look of your room. You'll want the coffee table to be the right scale and proportion to your space – plus it needs to work alongside your existing furniture pieces.

We’ve spoken to experts to help us pick out this definitive guide, and a list of 36 of the best marble coffee tables out there. From Art Deco designs and Mid Century Modern classics to minimalist forms, sculptural silhouettes and even high street favourites, there's a marble coffee table here to suit every kind of home, and every kind of budget.

Why choose a marble coffee table?

For the majority of us a marble coffee table is probably going to be an investment purchase. They often cost a bit more than a wooden coffee table due to the material being more rare, heavier, and harder to work with in terms of creating furniture. But there's a reason it's a go-to favourite for interior designers: With its ability to take on a highly polished finish, marble is a luxurious, decorative material, but it's also reassuringly solid. Marble furniture pieces add elegance and sophistication, they are hard wearing, long lasting, and will last for generations and generations. They keep their value, they have an elegant, timeless quality to them – plus each slab offers its own unique pattern of veining, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

"A marble coffee table is a great accent piece for any space because they are the perfect blend of toughness and luxury, while the materiality adds moments of movement and texture," Kelly Wearstler explains.

It's also a piece of furniture that's pivotal to a living room scheme, and deserves careful consideration.

"The coffee table is no longer a surface to solely put down your hot beverage, to kick up your feet, or to place a glass of wine. Coffee tables are an important focal point within any living space, anchoring furniture, and household items together," explains Emily White, architectural and interior designer at Plaice Design Co. Ltd

"Though coffee tables come in many forms, the marble coffee table could be seen as one of the most impressive and sophisticated pieces of contemporary and classical furniture designs. They are a failsafe piece, guaranteed to work with any minimalist or maximalist décor theme." she continues.

"Marble is a great choice for a coffee table top as it works in both traditional and modern interiors", adds Fiona Barratt Campbell of Fiona Barratt Interiors.

What to consider before investing in a marble coffee table

Marble coffee tables need careful maintenance due to the porous nature of the marble, but if cared for properly, a piece of marble furniture can outlast all other furniture. A beautiful marble tabletop will allow even the most modern coffee table design to sit in a traditional interior.

"An important thing to consider when purchasing a marble coffee table is the edging. Marble can be sharp and becomes painful if not edged properly. One way to prevent this is to encase the table within a wood frame, which provides a stylistic element while protecting you from the sharp stone," advises Holly Waterfield from The Brooklyn Home Company.

Helen Westlake, Creative Director at Millier says: "When it comes to buying a marble coffee table, always be mindful of durability, particularly with white marbles as they do absorb spills and can require quite a lot of maintenance."

"Remember it will also always be cold to the touch and much heavier to move around than other materials," adds Fiona Barratt Campbell.

How to choose the right size marble coffee table for your space

Height-wise, your coffee table should sit at around the same height as the seat / cushions on your sofa, give or take two inches. Any more and you risk the space looking and feeling just a little off. In terms of length, the ideal coffee table will be at least half the length of your sofa (but no more than roughly ⅔ the length). For corner sofas and L-shaped sofas, you'll want the coffee table to be around ⅔ the length of the longest part. This will ensure that no matter where you sit, you'll always be able to reach the table top.

"When choosing a marble coffee table, it is important to consider space, place and scale. As you plan your room, think about the best shape for the space. As with shape, you will need to determine a size that is comfortable with its neighbouring furniture. For example, big living rooms call for big, bold styles and introducing an oversized marble coffee table can effortlessly make a large living room feel much cosier. There is also nothing more uncomfortable than a coffee table that is too low or too high. " explains Emily White, architectural and interior designer at Plaice Design Co. Ltd

How much space should you leave around your marble coffee table?

In terms of spacing: "Allow 30cm to 45cm between a coffee table and the seating set around it," advises Tom Faulkner. "High traffic living rooms will need more space around the coffee table for people to move around. Allow at least 45cm of clear space around a coffee table in this situation," he continues.

If other furniture or a fireplace will sit along one side of a coffee table, allow for a minimum of 80cm for people to walk between with ease. Subtracting these measurements from the full available length and width of the open space between your seating will give you the maximum size for your coffee table.

How to choose the right weight marble coffee table

Another important factor to consider when choosing a coffee table is its "weightiness." In other words, it should complement the other furniture in the room to make the space feel proportional and balanced.

Marble has the association of being heavy and solid, but these days many modern marble tables elevate a thin marble tabletop on skinny hairpin legs to create a sense of openness and space. Sometimes this is exactly what a room needs – especially in small spaces, or in spaces where furniture already feels clunky.

"If your sofa has tall, skinny legs, consider a table that's solid all the way to the ground (this is called a plinth table) or has shorter, chunkier legs. If all the furniture in a room looks too "leggy," then the room won't feel grounded. A chunkier marble coffee table could be just what a room like this needs to feel anchored." explains Emily White, architectural and interior designer at Plaice Design Co. Ltd.

The weightiness doesn't have to be heavy in a literal sense, as long as it appears solid. "We always design our tables with a mitred edge, but they are hollow on the inside, this gives the impression of a solid block of stone – Marble tables are always really heavy, so we always design them with a shadow gap at the base to help get fingers underneath to help lift and move them. We recently installed a black fossil stone coffee table which weighed 250kg." Claire Sa, from De Rosee Sa.

How to choose the right colour and veining for your marble coffee table

There is often a misconception that marble is resigned to neutral, grey tones but with the richly patterned stone this isn’t the case anymore.

When it comes to colour, it's not just white marble and black marble to choose from. You can find brown, grey, green and even pink marbles out there, each one with different veining and pattern. So how do you find the best style for your space?

"In terms of colour, you can go for bold, vibrant shades which then become a focus for the room, or choose a more subtle colour, something like a Calacatta or Nero Marquina, which can be very complimentary to a space and create a great balance", suggests Helen Westlake, Creative Director at Millier.

Holly Waterfield from The Brooklyn Home Company favours bold designs. "I love using marble coffee tables to make a bold statement, choosing a vibrant colour with lots of veining. By placing a piece like this in a space that is otherwise decorated in neutral and pale tones, the coffee table will provide function while acting as a work of art."

In terms of colour, she suggests: "I tend to gravitate towards golds, pinks and dark browns. If I am looking for a more neutral piece, I tend to stay away from greys only because they are the most common. I would much rather use a creamier tone to soften up a space."

"Pick a table made of a marble that has enough character or veining, if the stone looks flawless it loses it’s weight. Darker coloured stones also look better, the lighter colours feel a bit too much like kitchen worktops to me," says architect Claire Sa from De Rosee Sa. "Make sure the surface is sealed and ideally polished and not honed, this will make it easier to clean and avoid cup ‘rings’ and other marks," she adds.

Fiona Barratt Campbell of Fiona Barratt Interiors advises that it's safer to go bold on smaller coffee tables or side tables rather than on a large coffee or dining table. If you do want to make a statement, be careful to consider the other finishes and textures within your room as a bright, strong patterned marble may detract from these other elements.

"Choosing the right colour is about looking at the other furniture in the room and deciding if you want a neutral tone or a contrast," confirms Campbell Thompson, Head of Furniture and Lighting for The Conran Shop. "A contrast can be a big statement and with marble every piece is unique."

Finally, "Consider connecting the surfaces of the room together, by either matching the coffee table with a sideboard or existing fire-place or having a pair of matching side tables," says Carly Madhvani of NW3 Interiors.

"My style rule book for a harmonious home is a third pattern, a third plain and a third textured. Previous to purchase I would ensure the space isn't already overloaded with pattern, as I like marble space to breath and take centre stage," she adds.

The best oval marble coffee tables

The curved edges of an oval or round marble coffee table can soften the feel of a room that has lots of straight lines, plus it allows for a better flow in a high traffic space.

Oval or round marble coffee tables can also appear to use less space, and can look less clunky than rectangular ones.

These are the best oval shaped marble coffee tables...

1. Knoll Tulip Oval Coffee Table

Designed in 1957 by Eero Saarinen, the Knoll Tulip Oval Coffee Table is both elegant and modern. Widely recognised and a favourite among interior designers, it became an instant design classic.

"Without a doubt the most popular marble coffee table is the Saarinen Tulip Oval Coffee Table from Knoll as it has the most iconic and instantly recognisable silhouette making it a true classic," says Campbell Thompson, Head of Furniture and Lighting for The Conran Shop.

It's also a very versatile option. "The Knoll Tulip table collection is vast in size and marble top types as there are 10 colours of marble. This is where I source most of my marble coffee, side and dining tables. I love how the edge is disguised as a thin detail," interior designer Carly Madhvani from NW3 Interiors adds.

Saarinen Tulip Coffee Table by Knoll, £2,292, available at Heal's.

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Saarinen Tulip Round Coffee Table by Knoll)

2. The Workshop Coffee Table

Designed exclusively for The Conran Shop, the workshop coffee table has a cool, clean Arabescato marble surface perched on burnished bronze legs, the shape of which was inspired bamboo.

Workshop coffee table, £1,388, available at The Conran Shop

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: The Conran Shop)

3. Pols Potten Oval Coffee Table

This coffee table is an ideal, budget-friendly choice for adding a dramatic and weightier marble coffee table to your living space. While it isn't technically a marble table (it's crafted from fiberglass with a resin coating, hence its modest price tag), it could fool anyone with the strikingly realistic marble design. We love its sculptural silhouette.

Pols Potten Oval Coffee Table, £490, AMARA

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Pols Potten, Amara)

4. Proiezioni Oval coffee table for Salvatori

For a true style statement, we love Elisa Ossino's bold design for Salvatori. The marble coffee table features different coloured marble inlayed in a modern abstract pattern. ‘Proiezioni’ takes its name from the Italian for “projections’ and refers to the effect of light on stone.‎ The pattern was created by inlaying different shades of stone, inspired by shafts of light creating a play of shadows and shapes.‎

Proiezioni Oval coffee table for Salvatori, £7,599.68, Archiproducts

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Oval coffee table for Salvatori)

The best rectangular marble coffee tables

Rectangular coffee tables are by far the most popular choice, and are best placed centrally in front of a sofa, echoing the proportions of the bigger piece of furniture. If your living space is long and narrow, this shape will also allow the maximum of table space for the limited width of the room.

These are the best rectangular marble coffee tables...

5. Vitra Plate Coffee Table

A super simple and lightweight rectangle, this marble coffee table features a super slim and minimalist frame with precisely defined edges.

Designed by Jasper Morrison for Vitra, the Plate Table comes in various sizes and can be grouped together to form a cluster configuration.

Vitra Plate Coffee Table, from  £709, available from Nest

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Vitra)

The table is also available in a more budget-friendly side table option (ideal for small living rooms), or as a modern, lightweight dining table.

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Vitra)

6. Tower coffee table

This contemporary design features a slender black powder coated frame, topped with a single slab of white Italian Carrara marble. It creates a minimalist, grid-like table. 

Tower coffee table, £259, Heals

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Heal's)

The table is also available with a black nero marquina marble top from Spain. The heavyweight marble top is slightly thicker and features chamfer edge detail.

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Heal's)

7. The Vitra Eames Coffee Table 

Originally designed in 1949 as a unique furnishing for Charles and Ray Eames' own residence, this rectangular coffee table features the same dowel-leg base as the wooden base found on the world famous Eames Plastic Chairs. Their original version featured a wood top, but they soon produced two versions with a marble top. The re-edition of the Eames Coffee Table, which was developed by Vitra in cooperation with the Eames Office, evokes the spirit of the early one-off pieces.

With signature Eames leg detail these tables make a definitive design statement to any sitting room.

Vitra Eames Coffee Table, £1,650, Nest

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Vitra)

8. Low Plinth by NORM Architects for Menu

For a coffee table with a weightier look, you could consider a plinth style.

"The ‘Low Plinth’ by Nest celebrates marble at its simplest form, with no additional trims or detailing," offers architectural interior designer Emily White from Plaice design.

Inspired by the iconic plinth, this versatile and striking piece has been redesigned to reveal the true beauty of marble. It doesn’t need an ornate base or fancy bells and whistles to stand out from the crowd—its natural white veins are more than enough to capture attention. An ideal piece for those who aspire to simple decor with a big impact or those with a low living room setup.

Available in Black, White or Rose Marble, the Low plinth is not just a contemporary piece of artwork, it is a perfect solution for a low coffee table.

Low Plinth Designed by NORM Architects For Menu, £1,600, Nest

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Low Plinth Designed by NORM Architects For Menu)

9. Normann Copenhagen's Solid table

Stripped of unnecessary details, this Scandinavian design has a white Italian marble tabletop resting on a simple ash base, creating a minimal feel that's both sturdy and timeless.

Normann Copenhagen's Solid table, £740, Amara

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Amara)

10. The Corner Rectangular Coffee Table by Wewood

Boasting an intricately veined marble surface, this table features rich walnut wood legs that are a nod to Mid Century Modern design.

A defining feature is the way it cleverly reinterprets classic table legs by placing them in different positions. The clever combination of materials lends the design a pared-back, contemporary aesthetic.

The Corner Rectangular Coffee Table by Wewood, £3,565, Heal's

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Heal's)

11. Marble Coffee Table by SERAX

This striking green marble coffee table from Serax features a very sleek and simple frame, giving it a light and modern look while the veining and colour adds drama.

Available in both black marble and rich green marble.

Marble Coffee Table in Green by SERAX, £1,430 from AMARA

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: AMARA)

12. Pelham Coffee Table

Designed exclusively by Matthew Hilton for The Conran Shop, the Pelham Coffee Table is finished with a bronze powder-coated metal base and has a uniquely-veined marble surface, sourced in Spain. 

Pelham Coffee Table, £1,276, The Conran Shop

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: The Conran Shop)

While the white table offers a clean and classic look, there's certainly something to be said for the more retro looking brown Emperador Marble version.

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: The Conran Shop)

The best round marble coffee tables

13. Cezanne Circular Coffee Table Marble

Pairing a white marble top with a curved, black steel base, the Cezanne coffee table offers an eye-catching design that feels modern but without angles or a minimalist frame. The circular marble top contrasts the cylindrical steel base, creating an interesting geometric profile.

Cezanne Circular Coffee Table Marble, £799 from Heal's

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Heal's)

14. Aqua cocktail table by Roche Bobois

If you love Roche Bobois' oval Aqua dining table, you'll be happy to know they've created a circular cocktail table too – perfect for making a statement in the living room.

While the base is made from white Carrara or black Marquina marble (there's a choice of two), the top is actually lacquered polyurethane with laminated Fenix® veneer. This is an innovative material with an ultra-matte aesthetic that feels silky to the touch, is fingerprint resistance, and can withstand scratches, abrasions, friction and dry heat.‎ It is also extremely resistant to impacts, solvents and cleaning products, and has antibacterial properties that makes it easy to clean.‎

Aqua cocktail table, Roche Bobois, £6,100, Clippings

Roche Bobois aqua cocktail table

(Image credit: Roche Bobois aqua cocktail table)

15. Fritz Hansen Planner Coffee Table

The designer behind this round marble coffee table was well known for creating slender designs – and the Planner Coffee Table is a brilliant example of this.

A classic piece of mid-century American design, the Planner’s slender lines and clean marble top give it a contemporary look.

Fritz Hansen Planner Coffee Table, £1,218, Skandium

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Fritz Hansen planner coffee table)

16. Niobe Coffee Table Carrara Marble

This marble coffee table is a much more recent design, created in 2016 by Federica Capitani. The refined Niobe Coffee Table is a beautifully streamlined, minimal design, accented with uniquely-veined Carrara marble. It showcases a white-painted steel frame with a distinctive Carrara marble top; sourced in the city of Carrara on the northern tip of Tuscany, the Niobe Coffee Table is awarded with both a resilient surface and striking aesthetic.

Niobe Coffee Table Carrara Marble, £1,507, The Conran Shop

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: The Conran Shop)

17. TS Marble Coffee Table

Designed by Gam Fratesi, the Gubi TS Round Coffee Table was designed specifically for The Standard, a restaurant in Copenhagen. The slender metal base hints at Art Deco inspiration. 

TS Marble Coffee Table, £659, available from Nest, Skandium and The Conran Shop

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Gubi)

18. E15 CT09 Enoki Table

For unexpected colour, the E15 CT09 Enoki Side Table is a playful option that comes in a variety of bold, contrasting shades, with a choice of marble tops. It also offers excellent value for a striking design.

E15 CT09 Enoki Table, £380, Urbansuite

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: E15 CT09 Enoki Side Table)

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: E15 CT09 Enoki Side Table)

19. Anais Coffee Table 

Featuring a marble top inlayed into a smooth, walnut frame, this coffee table nods to Mid Century Modern design. The best bit? Despite it's thin frame, it features a drawer for practical storage – perfect for hiding away TV remotes.

Anais Coffee Table White Marble, £1,149, Heal's

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Heal's)

20. Fan Table by Tom Dixon

For bold, graphic lines, Tom Dixon has the answer. This large coffee table features a black fan shaped base made from black birch curved spindles, creating a graphic look. It offers a dramatic and sculptural take on traditional British Windsor furniture, and evokes the precision of Japanese design.

Fan Large Table Marble Black Screw Base by Tom Dixon, £668, Heal's

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Tom Dixon)

21. Pols Potten Disc Marble Look Coffee Table

Another design by Pols Potten, this round table is made from artificial marble (a mixture of MDF and resin), and features natural-looking markings in a neutral cream colour. This makes it more lightweight and affordable than it's real marble counterparts.

Pols Potten Disc Marble Look Coffee Table, £787, AMARA

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Pols Potten coffee table)

22. New Works Florence Coffee Table

This black round coffee table embodies elegant, bold simplicity. It features an eye-catching structure, crafted from iron and luxurious dark marble.

New Works Florence Coffee Table, £603, Nest

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: New Works)

The best square marble coffee tables

Sleek lines, clean edges, and high style are just a few things you can expect from a square coffee table. Not only are these edgy beauties a great way to add style to both indoor and outdoor spaces, but the right design can be just what you need to anchor your furniture layout to ensure optimal flow. 

If you have the benefit of lots of space between your seating, a large square coffee table makes a real statement or consider using two or four identical square coffee tables and arrange them symmetrically. If your living area has a long sofa against one wall, a square coffee table will add depth to the sitting space and break up the long lines of the furniture.

These are the best square marble coffee tables...

23. Knoll's Jumbo coffee table

make a statement like designer Jonathan Adler did in his two-storey Greenwich Village apartment with Knoll's JUMBO coffee table by Gae Aulenti.

Featuring a square marble table top and sculptural column legs, it has a distinguishable design that will be instantly recognised by those in the know. 

Jumbo coffee table from Knoll, £7,533.89, available at Archiproducts 

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Jumbo coffee table by Knoll)

marble coffee table

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

24. PK61 Coffee Table

An enduring creation from renowned designer Poul Kjærholm, the PK61 Coffee Table was made by Fritz Hansen and showcases a uniquely veined Italian marble top elevated on brushed steel legs. 

Innovative designer Poul Kjærholm carved the way for others in the 1950s as one of the first to use stainless steel and aluminium as a focus in his pieces. Inspired by the work of le Corbusier and Breuer, each of his pieces are as elegant and innovative today as when they were first designed.

Minimalistic in design, the PK61 Coffee Table is distilled down to its intrinsic elements; clean-lined brushed steel legs and a removable square marble table top.

"I think the most timeless design is the PK61 by Poul Kjaerholm, as it will never age and cannot easily be identified as a table that was designed in 1956, which for me is the true definition of timeless," offers Campbell Thompson, Head of Furniture and Lighting for The Conran Shop.

PK61 Coffee Table Brushed Steel & White Marble, £2,838.35, The Conran Shop

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: PK61 Coffee Table)

25. Eames square coffee table

A practical and industrial design from iconic designers Charles and Ray Eames, their Eames square coffee table features the classic Eiffel legs which they've become famous for.

The black frame provides a stable yet minimalist structure for the marble table top.

Eames square coffee table by Vitra, £1,410 from Heal's

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Vitra)

26. Cezanne Square Coffee Table

This stunning coffee table is crafted from natural marble and stainless steel, creating a simple yet luxurious statement piece. The square marble top contrasts the cylindrical steel base, creating an interesting geometric profile.

The marble table comes with either a naturally veined brown marble top, paired with a black steel base, or black marble and a brass base.

Cezanne Square Coffee Table, £799 from Heal's

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Cezanne square coffee table)

27. Fly SC4 Coffee Table

The &Tradition Fly SC4 Table from Space Cophenhagen is a sculptural lounge table, with clear Scandinavian influence.

Made from oak, it's treated with white pigmented oil or smoked oil, allowing for a the material to age beautifully. Its curved edges and smooth, rounded legs exude Nordic charm. Also available in black marble.

Fly SC4 Coffee Table from &Tradition, £1,205, Nest

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Fly SC4 Coffee Table from &Tradition)

28. Rebar Rectangular Coffee Table for HAY

This black rectangular coffee table features a beautiful black marble top and twisted, decorative legs – all for amazing value.

Designed by Sylvain Willenz, the table cleverly recontextualises construction grade steel into a twisted table frame. 

Rebar Rectangular Coffee Table for HAY, £325, Nest

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Rebar Rectangular Coffee Table for HAY)

The best sculptural and irregular shaped marble coffee tables

Marble can make a great statement by enhancing a space with texture and lifting a room with the soft grains and vein patterns. "Organic shapes make for the most aesthetically pleasing coffee tables, as the curves suit the natural material," advises interior designer Carly Madhvani from NW3 Interiors.

Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays and Anna Zaoui, co-founders The Invisible Collection, agree, favouring the more sculptural pieces. "We can see a real trend in more designers using marble to create gorgeously honed, sculptural pieces ~ notably lamps, seating, of course tables, and many other accessorises," they muse. "The richness of the stone can suffice to uplift the entire room whatever other element you have chosen to pair with it."

29. Dolce Gueridon by Francesco Balzano

Case in point is the striking and highly artistic Dolce Gueridon coffee table by Francesco Balzano, made in Quatre Saisons Printemps marble. Each individual piece is unique , as the final effect depends on the natural nuances of the marble.

Dolce Gueridon by Francesco Balzano, POA, The Invisible Collection

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Dolce Gueridon by Francesco Balzano)

30. Lagoon Low Table by Korner Interiors

Another striking statement piece is the three-tiered, Lagoon-shaped, hand cast Lagoon low table by Korner Interiors. The tabletop is made from saturated marble-like selenite, and rests on eccentric, conical shaped legs made from air-dried English oak with natural splits and fissures, shot-blasted, sealed and waxed. The effect is fluid, colourful and playful, with a sense of whimsy that cannot go unnoticed.

Lagoon Low Table by KÖRNER INTERIORS, from £24,570, The Invisible Collection

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: KÖRNER INTERIORS)

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: The Invisible Collection)

31. Angelo Mangiarotti Rare Black Marquina Marble Coffee Table

Well known for playing with more sculptural shapes in marble, Angelo Mangiarotti doesn't disappoint with this curved black marble coffee table design.

A skillful example of postmodern design, this particular table features no joints or clamps and is architectural in its structure. The table rests on the four cone shaped legs and the construction is gravity-based. The top ‘locks’ itself onto the marble cones as a result of the weight of the material. As a result, the entire structure is stable and strong. The square shape of the top combined with the columns result in a sculptural and architectural piece that has traits of Classicism and Greek temples, some custom to postmodern design.

Angelo Mangiarotti Rare Black Marquina Marble Coffee Table, £17,155 from 1stDibs

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Angelo Mangiarotti, 1stDibs)

32. James Devlin Studio’s Planar Cocktail Table

Another sculptural piece is this more angular design by James Devlin Studio. The Planar Cocktail Table combines single slab marble with inlaid bronze to create a unique and totally original stone origami sculpture. Each piece begins with a single marble slab cut and hand mitered into customisable geometric shapes that enhance the natural veining of the stone. Solid bronze strips are inlaid, creating additional layers of visual and textural interest. 

James Devlin Studio’s Planar Cocktail Table, £9,800, Incollect

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: James Devlin Studio)

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: James Devlin Studio)

33. Distinct Coffee Table by Ferm Living

And finally, while not technically made from marble (it's made from limestone), the Distinct Coffee Table by Ferm Living offers an eye-catching sculptural design that plays with different heights.

Originally inspired by Japanese minimalism, the Distinct Coffee Table explores the creation of complex structures based on a single element. The minimalist construction creates a contrast to the richness of the travertine's earthy textures. With the natural and diverse qualities of the sand-coloured limestone, it provides rawness and tangibility that highlight the architectural character of the furniture piece.

Distinct Coffee Table, EUR 1.355,00, Ferm Living

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Ferm Living)

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Ferm Living)

The best marble and glass coffee tables

34. The Ferm Living Mineral Coffee Table

Lastly, don’t restrict the marble to the top of your table only – marble legs or solid sculpted bases are also a great way to feature marble in your furniture. "The Mineral Table by Ferm Living is a good example of a crafted marble base where the raw texture is left to be the feature," says Helen Westlake, Creative Director at Millier.

The Ferm Living Mineral Coffee Table showcases a striking contrast between smooth and textured. The smooth, rectangular glass top is placed on a base of two stone blocks – each with one end of which is left unfinished for a raw, textural look. 

The Ferm Living Mineral Coffee Table, £1,219, Ferm Living

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: Ferm Living)

35. Vintage 1970s curved glass and solid marble ball coffee table

Here, the marble element is a smooth, perfectly shaped round ball, which supports a curved, single pane of glass. 

Vintage 1970s curved glass and solid marble ball coffee table, £1,400, aubespoke

marble coffee table

(Image credit:

The best cluster marble coffee tables

And finally, for larger spaces a cluster of marble tables can give a weightier, more impactful look – while also being practical as it can be taken apart to form side tables which can be moved around.

They are also possibly one of the ultimate space-saving options with their unique stacking capabilities, nesting table can be a great option for homes with minimal space. Slide them out when more table space is needed, then stack them together when you're done.

"A nest of varying heights of marble in a central coffee table can look elegant and create a welcomed break to a plain rug," advises Carly Madhvani of NW3 Interiors.

36. Vals Coffee Table Cluster

The design of this Cluster Coffee Table was dictated by the dimensions of the left-over slabs of Vals stone from a previous project by architecture firm De Rosee Sa. The Coffee Table in Vals stone, quarried in the Swiss Alps, is a simple design of five tables nested together. The marble is predominately grey with a tonal range including blues, greens and blacks. The design can be scaled down to suit individual interiors and is available in alternative marbles, subject to price differences.

Vals Coffee Table Cluster, £4,500, De Rosee Sa

marble coffee table

(Image credit: De Rosee Sa)

marble coffee table

(Image credit: De Rosee Sa)

Also available in this smaller, darker marble version for £3,800.

marble coffee table

(Image credit: De Rosee Sa)

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: De Rosee Sa)

best marble coffee tables

(Image credit: De Rosee Sa)

What are the best affordable marble coffee tables?

A marble coffee table needn't cost an arm and a leg. While there are a handful of more affordable options listed above, interior architect Emily White reveals her personal high street favourites for an elegant look:

1. Anthropologie’s ‘Arches Coffee Table’ carefully blends two forms of natural material, to give a much more traditional feel.

2. If your living room favours natural tones, the ‘Remi Coffee Table’ from Heal’s is a great example of how a marble coffee table can effortlessly incorporate all important storage. The clever slatted trim adds yet another depth of texture beyond the beauty of the marble top.

3. The ‘Praia’ by Swoon Editions is a much more contemporary design, a juxtaposition between a round marble slab and man-made brass plated legs. A statement piece which is bound to turn a few heads.

Where can I find a bespoke marble coffee table?

Brands such as Tom Faulkner and Adam Williams Design are brilliant, they have a great range of standard designs but also offer bespoke services and are able to source any special marbles you desire. If you do go bespoke, you can then pick exactly what marble piece you want from the slab to get the best veining and features possible. Dependent on the size of the table, you should consider breaking up the width of the slab and creating patterns with the veining or mixing colours for feature strips or blocks. "Budri has a great variety of tables done in this way that offers something different to the traditional book-matching of the stone’s veining," says Helen Westlake, Creative Director at Millier.

What protection does a marble coffee table need?

Marble is very durable and if taken care properly, can last a lifetime however, the type of marble surface protection is an important consideration and will depend on customer lifestyle. Many come with a polyester resin coating which protects the surface from stains and can be either matt or glossy. Marble tables without a resin coating will appear more natural but require care with oiling and maintenance. With natural surfaces any spills need to be cleaned up quickly.