The 15 Best Marble Coffee Tables for Modern Homes — Trust Me, I Shop for a Living

Discover the very best marble coffee tables out there, including round, oval, square, rectangular and sculptural designs across every style and budget

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We've handpicked the very best marble coffee tables out there, from Art Deco designs and mid-century modern classics to minimalist forms, sculptural silhouettes, and even expert favorites. There's a marble coffee table to suit every kind of home (and every kind of budget). 

Your coffee table is a piece of furniture that's pivotal to a living room scheme — and one that deserves careful consideration. Not to mention, marble coffee tables tend to work in both traditional and modern interiors, all while adding some elegance to a living room. A marble coffee table is also an investment piece, and a timeless piece of furniture that won't date. But, there's a reason it's a go-to favorite for interior designers: with its ability to take on a highly polished finish, marble is a luxurious, decorative material, but it's also reassuringly solid. Marble furniture pieces add elegance and sophistication, they are hard-wearing, long-lasting, and will last for generations and generations. They keep their value, they have an elegant, timeless quality to them – plus, each slab offers a unique pattern of veining, meaning each is one-of-a-kind.

How do you know what size, shape, and weight works best for your modern living room? Should you opt for oval, round, square, or rectangular? And, how do you choose the right color marble for your space? Peruse our favorite 15 buys below, all of which could act as the focal point in your living room – and as a place for your drinks, books, and TV remotes.

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What should I consider before investing in a marble coffee table?

Maintenance: Marble coffee tables need careful maintenance due to the porous nature of the marble. If cared for properly, a piece of marble furniture will outlast all other furniture in your home. Just remember: marble will always be cold to the touch, and as Holly Waterfield from The Brooklyn Home Company advised us, be sure to check out the edging of your new marble coffee table before investing. If it's sharp, be wary that it can be a hazard – opt for something rounded or encased in a wooden frame to prevent this.

Many marble tables come with a polyester resin coating to protect the surface from stains; this can be either matte or glossy. Marble tables without a resin coating will appear more natural but require care with oiling and maintenance. With natural surfaces, any spills need to be cleaned up quickly.

"When it comes to buying a marble coffee table, always be mindful of durability, particularly with white marbles as they do absorb spills and can require quite a lot of maintenance," said Helen Westlake, Creative Director at Millier.

Size: Height-wise, your coffee table should sit at around the same height as the seat cushions on your sofa, give or take two inches. Any more and you risk the space looking and feeling just a little off. In terms of length, the ideal coffee table will be at least half the length of your sofa (but no more than roughly ⅔ the length). For corner sofas and L-shaped sofas, you'll want the coffee table to be around ⅔ the length of the longest part. This will ensure that no matter where you sit, you'll always be able to reach the tabletop.

Weight: Another important factor to consider when choosing a coffee table is its "weightiness." In other words, it should complement the other furniture in the room to make the space feel proportional and balanced.

Marble gives off quite a heavy and solid vibe, but these days, many modern marble tables comprise a thin marble tabletop on skinny hairpin legs to create a sense of openness and space. Sometimes this is exactly what a room needs – especially in small spaces, or in spaces where furniture already feels clunky.

"If your sofa has tall, skinny legs, consider a table that's solid all the way to the ground (this is called a plinth table) or has shorter, chunkier legs," said Emily White, architectural and interior designer at Plaice Design Co. Ltd. "If all the furniture in a room looks too 'leggy,' then the room won't feel grounded. A chunkier marble coffee table could be just what a room like this needs to feel anchored." 

Color/veining: There is often a misconception that marble is resigned to neutral, gray tones, but with the richly patterned stone, this isn’t the case anymore. When it comes to color, it's not just white marble and black marble to choose from. You can find brown, grey, green, and even pink marbles out there, each one with different veining and pattern. So how do you find the best style for your space?

"Choosing the right color is about looking at the other furniture in the room and deciding if you want a neutral tone or a contrast," advised Campbell Thompson, head of furniture and lighting for The Conran Shop. "A contrast can be a big statement and with marble every piece is unique." 

Shape: Opt for an oval coffee table to soften the feel of a room that has lots of straight lines. This shape of coffee table will also appear to use less space and it will look less clunky. Not to mention it will be a safer option for wandering toddlers and clumsy pets (or humans).

If you have the benefit of lots of space between your seating, a square coffee table makes a real statement. Or, consider using two or four identical square coffee tables and arranging them symmetrically. If your living area has a long sofa against one wall, a square coffee table will add depth to the sitting space and break up the long lines of the furniture.

Rectangular coffee tables are by far the most popular choice and are best placed centrally in front of a sofa, echoing the proportions of the bigger piece of furniture. If your living space is long and narrow, this shape will also allow for maximum table space within the limited width of the room.

For larger spaces, a cluster of marble tables can give a weightier, more impactful look – while also being practical, as the cluster can be disassembled to form moveable side tables. Nesting tables are also a great option for homes with minimal space. Slide them out when more table space is needed, then slide them back together when you're done.

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