Pottery Barn Rugs Handpicked By Our Style Editor — 'They'll Transform Your Space!'

One rug can shift an entire room, and finding the right one is as much an art as it is a science. Luckily, Pottery Barn rugs have mastered them both — and I do believe I've found the best

best Pottery Barn rugs
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Sometimes, we can get away with opting for the cheap and cheerful choice — maybe for a novelty wine glass or a decorative side table that rarely sees any use. But when it comes to rugs, there's no room for compromise. Rugs endure a lot of foot traffic and cover a significant portion of our floors, making them one of the most important investments for our homes. So, when it's time to make that decision, we turn to none other than Pottery Barn rugs, renowned for their beautiful, quality designs.

Despite some being part of the current Pottery Barn sale, these rugs still might not be the most affordable options out there. But they certainly offer the best value! You don't have to treat them with kid gloves — they’re made to withstand real life. With classic style and top-notch durability, a Pottery Barn rug will ground you through all the seasons of life.

According to interior designer Alice Chiu, ‘A rug can dress up and elevate the look and feel of a space providing visual appeal. It can help create a bold statement, delineate one room from another, and add color, depth, texture, and warmth,’ she explains, adding, ‘A properly curated rug can transform a space and make a visual impact that truly ties a room together.’ But with great power comes great responsibility: ‘Choosing the wrong rug can make a room look incomplete, imbalanced, and awkward, so it’s an important decision that requires thoughtful intention and planning.’

Luckily, you can't go wrong with any of Pottery Barn’s rug offerings. But if you need a little help, I’ve picked out my favorites below. From handwoven jute to sheepskin, you're bound to meet your magic carpet.

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Best Pottery Barn Rugs

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How should I style my rug?

‘The color(s) of your area rug will set the tone for the entire room and can make a bold statement,' says Alice. ‘I recommend 2-3 colors that pick up hues from furniture or accessories from your sofa to accent chairs, pillows, wall colors, artwork, or drapes,' she elaborates.

But what styling really hinges on is getting the correct size. ‘If a rug is too small or too large relative to the surrounding furniture and space, it throws off the balance and cohesiveness of a room,’ explains Alice. ‘A properly sized rug should enhance the overall aesthetic and scale of the furniture. Either all your furniture should be sitting on the rug, or at a minimum, the front 2 legs of your sofa should be on the rug.' The designer likes 'to leave a gap of 6"- 8" from the edge of the rug to the wall where part of the floor is displayed.’ 

Luckily, Pottery Barn makes determining the proper size as easy as possible by adding a convenient how-to guide underneath each rug listing. Simply click on your favorite rug and scroll down to view detailed size insights depending on your existing furniture and the area of your home in question. Offering a range of rug dimensions and styles, you're all but guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your space at Pottery Barn.

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