The Best Designer Rugs Don't All Have Designer Price Tags — From Jean Paul Gautier to Sandy Liang, From $96

Fashion month might be over, but the catwalk continues with these captivating designer rugs

Best designer rugs
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Fashion designers dabbling in the world of interiors is nothing new. Back in 1977, Pierre Cardin introduced his Sculptures Utilitaires — a collection of haute couture furniture echoing his runway creations. Since then, this crossover has become increasingly common. As more and more contemporary designers dip toes into interiors, designer decor is no longer just for the elite. Lamps, furniture — there’s lots of eye candy to peruse from a fashion POV. But lately, it's the rugs — the focal point of the room — that are currently capturing our attention.

For some, even the best rugs are an afterthought, says interior designer Nicole Cullum. Merely ‘Something neutral to tuck under the sofa to catch crumbs, and protect the floor. But a really great rug can bring a room to life with artistic designs, and statement making color palettes.’  Fashion designer rugs have a certain je ne sais quoi — blurring lines between art and function with their sculptural edges and vibrant patterns, says Nicole. ’Fashion designers are artists, first and foremost,’ she explains, ‘unafraid to break traditional home decor boundaries, and effortlessly create avant garde designs that look more like artwork than a simple rug.’ So, ‘Expect sculptural edges, bold colors, and futuristic geometric patterns that are exciting and daring.’

Sure, designer rugs come with a high price, but also unparalleled quality. You may be paying for the designer's name, ‘but you are also paying for their reputation,’ Nicole reminds us. ‘Jean Paul Gautier is not going to put out a poorly made rug. Their attention to detail in fashion, which made them skyrocket to success, also translates to an extremely high-level of construction in their home decor.’ A designer rug transcends ordinary decor — it's a style statement, a piece of your personal runway. Consider it a fashion-forward investment into a more stylish future. As Nicole aptly puts it, ‘Why stop at your OOTD, when you can make your home life look magazine ready?’

We’ve curated a selection of the best black and white rugs, versatile enough to complement any color scheme.

Best Designer Rugs

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How should I style a designer rug?

‘If you are considering a rug from a famous fashion house or designer, think of it like placing artwork,’ advises Nicole. She suggests considering the busiest areas of your home and identifying spaces with lower foot traffic and minimal direct sunlight to preserve the rug's integrity over time. ‘Bedrooms and home offices are ideal places for a designer rug,’ Nicole explains, as ‘these spaces typically have lower foot traffic, but are priority rooms in the home perfect for displaying and enjoying high-end decor.’

Keep in mind that ‘Your rug determines the color palette for the room,’ Nicole adds. It’s ‘typically the first item interior designers choose when composing a space.’ Rather than trying to match your wall paint to a rug, Nicole recommends selecting an accent color from the rug to guide your decor choices.

When complementing such a stunning focal point, it's crucial to ensure your other furniture measures up. You don't necessarily need to break the bank on items like designer sofas. Instead, Nicole recommends opting for pieces with a fashion-forward flair, some of which you may already own, like sculptural chairs, eye-catching wall art, and refined lighting to elevate and spotlight your rug.

Short on space? No problem. Our selection of the best small rugs ensures every inch of your home is beautifully covered.

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