Best nightstands - 12 of the most stylish buys you'll find right now

I'm redecorating my bedroom - these are the 12 bedroom nightstands I'm deciding between

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A bedroom nightstand is a bedroom essential. They are functional pieces of furniture where you can store those nighttime necessities, but have evolved into a staple part of bedroom design and offer up an opportunity to be creative. 

Making your space feel cozy and personalized, nightstands are one of the best bedroom furniture pieces to set the tone for your space, and can speak to the wider design of your bedroom. From beautiful open shelving nightstands to the recent trend for floating shelves that help declutter your bedroom with a clean look to them, I've surfed the internet for the best deals to snap up now. Here are my favorite buys.

Best nightstands with drawers

Best floating nightstands

Best open shelving nightstands

Best side table style nightstands

How do I choose a nightstand style for my bedroom?

When it comes to choosing the perfect nightstand for your bedroom, you want to pick the perfect choice based on material and color and practicality.  Narrow down these factors and you'll be bound to pick a style that is perfect for your set-up. 

First up, think about the perfect material for your bedroom's design and budget. For something cheaper, MDF is popular and gives you options for bringing some color to your bedside space, but often it is coated with a wood veneer. Hardwood can often give your space a luxurious look, just be sure to check that it has been sustainably sourced.

The color of your nightstand must tie into your bedroom color palette. I like wood or something pale and light in coloring to ensure your bedroom space doesn't feel too packed full of energy - you can always add colored decor to bring in more subtle pops of color if you like. 

Lastly, think about how you practically want to use this space. If you are looking to tidy away clutter, go for the closed shelving option, where you can conceal the mess. Alternatively, force yourself to chuck the clutter altogether, and go for a simple side table for an unfussy and effortless look. I like the option of having both a surface for displaying as well as one drawer for the more unsightly bits and bobs. 

Finally, for decorating your side table, top your surface with a couple of decorative pieces - a candle or diffuser, a few of your favorite reads (maybe even sandwiched between two smart bookends and leaning against the wall), and a decorative bowl for any jewelry should do the trick.

What size should my nightstand be?

When it comes to size, think carefully about how high it might come up against your bed. If you have a floor bed or a low profile frame, don't go for anything higher as this can look awkward, not to mention make things difficult for when you want to reach for a glass of water in the night. Similarly, if you have a high bed like an ottoman storage bed, you might have more space for more drawers and therefore more bedroom storage. A standard nightstand measures around 23"–28". 

If you have a low mattress or are looking for something smaller, around 23" is best. Always have your measurements to hand when shopping for a nightstand.

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