The 12 best large rugs that allow you to create sumptuous schemes

Livingetc's editors have picked the 12 best large rugs to fill your space with texture, color, pattern and print. A wonderfully big dose of comfort and style

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Go big or go home. When choosing the right rug size, it’s important to understand the proportions of the room, and often, going for a smaller size can restrict the realms of possibility for a space. Bigger floor pieces can help create a larger sense of space and provide a canvas for the rest of your interior. Changing your flooring can be a time-intensive and expensive project. Opting for a large rug instead can mitigate a lot of the work by bringing light, color, and comfort into the room.

To help you find your perfect rug, you can begin by looking at our best rugs feature for expert advice and our favorite finds. If you know you want a floor piece that is larger than life, discover our exclusive list featuring our favorite sizable rugs below. We’ve scoured the best home décor stores to find these beautiful designs and help make your rug search a little easier.

Best Colorful Large Rugs

Best Patterned Large Rugs

Best Neutral Large Rugs

Best Washable Large Rugs

Do large rugs make a room look bigger?

Size matters when it comes to rugs. Rugs should feel proportional to the spaces they inhabit. When designing smaller spaces, you shouldn’t be afraid to use every inch available to you. “You can create a sense of increased size in a room by dividing up areas such as different seating areas with smaller rugs, but you must be careful not to create a sense of choppiness doing this. I always like to maximize the size of a rug which not only brings the whole room together but creates a sense of a unified space,” says Rosemary Hallgarten, rug expert and fiber artist. 

Your choice of rug style will also impact how the rug performs in making a space look larger or smaller. “A darker more patterned rug will make the room seem smaller while a subtle and light-colored rug will create a sense of space,” Rosemary adds.

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