The 12 best green rugs for elevated and serene schemes

Minimalist, but make it colorful - the the 12 best green rugs are a calming and curated way to play with bolder shades while keeping the overall look serene

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Rooted in nature, green fills spaces with a peaceful and balanced atmosphere. A revitalizing shade, green can make for a bolder rug filled with lime or chartreuse hues while darker hues like forest and British racing green deliver a more sophisticated and minimal look. The natural hue is a great rug color because it works well with most neutral tones like browns and black. 

Let us help you start your search for the perfect rug with our best rugs feature, a curated list of our favorites along with useful advice from the experts. Our best green rug picks are listed below. These verdant green rugs were gathered by scouring the best home décor stores, culminating in an inspiring list of stunning floor pieces.

Best Patterned Green Rugs

Best Persian Green Rugs

Best Outdoor Green Rugs

Best Solid Green Rugs

What are the hardest rugs to clean?

When choosing the right rug for you, it’s important to understand that every rug is not the same. Whilst some are designed for durability, others may prioritize comfort and stain resistance. In particular, strong natural fibers like Jute and Sisal are praised for their durability but aren’t the easiest to clean. “Sisal and Jute since they absorb liquids can be very challenging to clean,” says Elisabeth Lyons Becker, Design Director at MDI Interior Design. 

Bearing this in mind, align your choice of rug and material with its location in your home. Entryways and living spaces which are more high-traffic may benefit from polyester and polypropylene rugs which are machine-washable and long-lasting. For more laid-back and comfortable spaces like bedrooms, wool, and silk rugs are beautiful and can offer a deep pile height. Taking the role your rug will have into account will help you keep them cleaner and make life a little easier if you do encounter a spill or stain here or there. When in doubt, it’s always best to get in touch with an expert who can advise on how best to deal with difficult staining or cleaning issues.

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