The 12 best Berber rugs to add a hint of pattern to your home

The best Berber rugs are an enduring style trend, loved for their texture, pattern and hint of vacational style. Here are the 12 the Livingetc team love most

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Native to the Berber tribes of North Africa and the Sahara, Berber rugs are known for their distinctive markings. Traditionally woven, Berber carpets are famed for their durability and brightly colored designs. Modern iterations make for versatile additions to contemporary and traditional interiors. From the colorful to the minimal, Berber rugs continue to grow in popularity. 

To help you find the right rug, you can start by looking at our best rugs feature for expert advice and our favorite finds. If you know it’s a Berber rug you want, discover our exclusive list of rugs below. We’ve scoured through the best home décor stores to find these beautiful Berber rugs.

Best Round Berber Rugs

Best Colorful Berber Rugs

Best Washable Berber Rugs

Best Minimal Berber Rugs

What are the benefits of a Berber rug?

A Berber rug brings many benefits with it. The distinctive pattern feels architectural which means Berber rugs can blend well with clean and contemporary schemes as well as more traditional ones. “Berber is a construction method for rugs involving alternating sizes of loops to create texture and pattern. This construction is tightly woven which creates a durable rug and also helps keep spills on the surface, at least temporarily, so that liquids can be addressed before soaking into the carpet,” says Elisabeth Lyons Becker, Design Director at MDI Interior Design. 

This hints at another benefit, Berber rugs create a durable and beautiful surface that can survive in high-foot traffic areas. Washable versions make things even easier, allowing you to handle spills and stains with ease. 

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