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If you're on the hunt for some new bedroom furniture, we've done the leg work for you

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If you're kitting out your bedroom from scratch this summer, staring at blank space and walls can make it feel like quite a daunting task. To make it less overwhelming, simplify it down to the key items of furniture you need. Forget all the decorative elements for the time being and get back to basics. You need a bed, a bedside table or pair of bedside tables, some form of storage for clothing, and maybe an accent chair to make it feel more relaxing and cozy.

‘I think of bedrooms as a sacred refuge from the hectic world,’ says interior designer Lisa Kahn. 'Therefore, it’s particularly crucial to create a sense of sanctuary in bedrooms.’ This means finding pieces from the best home decor stores that work together and seeing the common design thread run through these key pieces of modern bedroom furniture. To help you pick, I've done some research to find these top picks to snap up now.

Best beds

Best nightstands

Best accent chairs

Best wardrobes

What should be in a guest bedroom?

A guest bedroom often gets overlooked as the unloved room that becomes a bit of a dumping ground, but you want to make sure your guest bedroom is a welcoming space for a guest. 

'Depending on the size of your guest bedroom, I would always suggest that at the very least, a queen-sized bed and two side tables with separate lamps are on offer,' says Brooke Aitken of Brooke Aitken Design.

'Most importantly, there should be bedroom seating like a bedroom chair for your guest to relax comfortably, allowing them a little private sanctuary away from the home and its occupants. 

'I tend to specify good-sized bedroom storage in guest bedrooms to allow for housing spillover for clothes hanging in other rooms; however, if space is an issue, I would always go for a chair over a cupboard and use hooks for temporary hanging. A guest bedroom should act as a home away from home.'

'If your residence is warm and inviting, this should carry into your guest bedroom which also ensures that your visitors will enjoy the time spent with you so much more. Finally, a good thread count quality linen is absolutely a must for the bed, making your bedroom feel like a hotel.

What color furniture should I get for the bedroom?

When thinking about color for your bedroom, you want to make sure your scheme is cohesive and matching as much as possible. If you're going for an all-wood look for a natural bedroom, look to oak and teak which have a lovely light finish. Variations of the coloring might still tie the room together, but otherwise, you want to keep things as similar as possible. 

Light-colored furniture works for minimalist bedroom furniture, but this isn't exclusive to minimalist design, and in general, you want the space to feel bright and airy. Lighter colors are conducive to a more relaxing mood. 

If you're not going for the wood look, keep things off-white or neutral as much as possible, then allowing for your decor to bring in the color. 'Neutrals are calming in an interior as they are super easy to live with,' says Athina Bluff, founder of Topology Interiors. 'They can evoke a sense of tranquillity and quiet. Some may find all neutral rooms too bland or uninspiring, but neutrals can also be a great base for more color.'

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