Bedroom seating ideas – 8 ways to make this space the perfect lounging spot

With these bedroom seating ideas, you can create a retreat within a retreat

A bedroom with a bench by the bed
(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio. Photo credit Chad Mellon)

Including a seating area in your bedroom is the perfect way to create a calm and restful moment. It makes for a wonderful place to catch up on reading, napping, or having a conversation with a loved one.

Consider transforming an open corner, wall space, or even the area in front of the bed into a mini lounge space for your waking hours. You don't need to go all out though. If the space is limited, an armchair, a stool, chaise, or even a chair can provide all the seating you need. 

Take a look at these modern bedroom ideas that include opportunities for seating of all kinds. Warning: you may never want to leave your bedroom again!

8 bedroom seating ideas for reading, napping and daydreaming

1. Put a corner to use with a curved seating

A bedroom with curved seating around the corner

(Image credit: K Interiors. Photo credit Bess Friday)

If your idea of leisure at home is reading or listening to music, a seat tucked in a quiet corner near a good lighting source may be all you need. In your master bedroom, find a spot that can fit a compact seat or a chaise. If the dimensions of the space are odd, you can even customize a seater to fit in the area. 

A curving design can be helpful. Usually, a sofa or a lounger encourages you to put your feet up to kick-start that relaxation. Add an LED bulb that has a desirable glow with a warm aesthetic, and is a good reading light.

'The turret in this primary bedroom called for a unique seating plan,' says Kristen Peña, founder of K Interiors. 'We designed a custom curved sofa that is not only beautiful but incredibly comfortable and cozy. Nothing better than curling up on the alpaca boucle sofa with a hook as the sun rays flood in.'

2. Add whimsy with a window seat

A bedroom with seating by the window

(Image credit: Amy Sklar Design. Photo credit Amy Bartlam)

If you are fortunate to have an amazing view, arrange your chairs to take advantage of the sights, or consider a built-in window seat

A bay window seating is the epitome of relaxation. Add a lamp for light in the evenings, perhaps a small table to set a book or drink on, and a throw for those chilly nights. Enjoy sunrises and sunsets while seated comfortably in your bedroom.

'I adore multiple places to sit in a bedroom,' says Amy Sklar, founder of Amy Sklar Design. 'The window seat in this traditional Pasadena home is a cozy little spot to snuggle or read in, and the vintage mid-century chair offers a more loungey vibe so you can stretch out with the addition of a pull-up footrest.'

3. Or with a swing 

A bedroom with a swing next to the bed

(Image credit: Living with Lolo. Photo credit Life Created)

Here's a novel idea, why not include a swing chair in your bedroom design? Not only will this type of chair, usually made from rattan, give your space a boho bedroom twist, but it can add a serious focal point for your space. 

The other advantage of a swing chair? Though they do take up a fair amount of your bedroom's real estate space-wise, they look anything but bulky, making them a good choice for a small bedroom you want to look bigger. 

4. Bring in a bench for storage and seating

A bedroom with a bench by the bed

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio. Photo credit Chad Mellon)

A bench can make lounging easy, as it's right by the bed. It can also be used as a storage opportunity; perhaps a place for extra pillows, blankets, or a one where you keep a pile of clothes as you sort through them.

If a bench isn't what you're looking for, a cozy daybed or chaise can be the ideal bedroom furniture for reading or naps. 

'In a small bedroom it's a good idea to minimize the amount of furniture to maximize the floor space,' says Lindy Galloway, founder, and chief creative officer at Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop. 'Opt for beautiful pieces that are functional rather than just stylish. Nightstands with multiple drawers and even storage beds will maximize the storage space. A small bench at the foot of your bed can offer extra seating when there isn't room for an extra armchair seating area.'

5. A small stool can be moved around in the room

A bedroom with a small stool by the mirror

(Image credit: Mary Patton. Photo credit Molly Culver)

If you're looking for effective small bedroom ideas, then a stool is one to consider when it comes to seating. Tiny yet effective and full of uses, the stool offers up seating opportunities, a dressing room accessory, or can be even be moved around in the house. It takes up barely any space, and is flexible, movable, and full of functionality. 

6. Create a tiny work area with a chair and table

A red printed rug inside a muted bedroom

(Image credit: Design by Lena ZuFarova. Photo by Evgeniy Kulibaba)

Setting up a work desk with a table and a chair in a corner of the room can be extremely useful. Not only does this offer a perching opportunity but also creates a big or small bedroom office

Bring in designs that complement the room's theme. A carved table and chair, along with a coordinating rug can help add personality to your space. A rug can separate the sleeping quarters from the sitting area, but still, allow the room to function as a cohesive space.

7. Add style and comfort with an armchair

A bedroom with a tan colored armrest

(Image credit: Studio Zung)

If space allows, an armchair is the perfect addition to a bedroom. Think about your bedroom layout, and the best place to add a seating area to your room. In a smaller bedroom, this may be in the corner of the room, facing the bed, while in a larger floorplan, you can create a separate seating area at the end of the bed.

8. A statement seater can lift the mood of the room

A bedroom with a red painted wall and a tall standing mirror

(Image credit: Utkan Gunerkan)

If you want to inject personality into your bedroom or make a statement, go for an accent piece that speaks of rich materiality, color, or function. Take this chair for instance. Made from dried willow branches, it not only looks eye-catching but is also comfortable to sit on and even nap on. 

'For this bedroom of Puerto Vallarta house, we chose this incredible armchair from the movie set of 2018's Why Him to make a statement,' says architect Utkan Gunerkan.

What furniture should be there in a bedroom?

A neutral bedroom with rustic patterned rug and wall hanging

(Image credit: Greece Sotheby’s International Realty)

This depends on the size of your bedroom. But in terms of standard bedroom layouts, a bed (with a headboard), two nightstands on either side, a mirror and a dresser, are essential. Over and above that, you can add bedroom seating with an armchair, a pouf, built-in seating, a sofa, or even a bench. 

Make sure you do not overcrowd your bedroom with too much furniture and leave enough circulation space around the room. Bring in a stool if you're looking for seating that can be taken out or tucked away in the room. 

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